Friday, January 18, 2008


so i went to school today.AND i saw himm.ouh sobreee.pergh this sounds stupid but i missssss usha-ing him.hahaha.i dont miss him oke.just miss usha-ing him.cehh gle kaverr.hahahah.i got my peka's n my ujian lisan.malas mau cerita apa jadi.smethng tht has to do wth cgu wasitah.okay fine ill tell she n mum had a fight.a BIG one,mind yew.about th wafdul amin thngy,the cgu pmpuans went back a little eraly then we when i told mum bout this she was sooo pissed cus thres like,no female teachers n evrythng.wht if smethng hppens to us or so n so.theen when i went to get my ujian lisan from her,(damn my heart was beating like its has to pump 10billion litres of blood per second.tht feeling suckss i tell yew.then ah,she basoh me like crazy u kno.i was like,hey!my mum was the one ur fighting with.NOT ME okayy.god she made me so effin glad i wasnt in alamin anymore.then she said a lot of thngs bout mummy tht im not supposed to repeat here cus its not nice.
i was standing thre feeling soo damn stupid bcos she was yelling like a mad person n like ALL the teachers thre were staring and I WAS SO BLOODY EMBARRESED.and pissed of course.but i just kept my head down n didnt say a word cus she threatened tht she'd koyak my lisan paper if i menjawab or,WHAT THE HECK DID I DO?ur arguing wth my mum,THEN SAY WHAT U WANT TO MY MUM.not me.urgh i feel like i wanna curseeee herr.but i cant cos she's my so glad she's not teaching me anymore.she always says tht if we dont follow evrythng she says she wont berkati evrythng she had tought us.gile xikhlas mengaja.huh.i am so marah gile babeng right now so sorry if my words arent nice.
okay so lets shift to another topic.SCHOOL'S GETTING BETTER N BETTER!its almost great.hahaha.the TEACHERS are great.the students are strting to not feel miserable anymore.i really enjoy jokinh around wth them.especially amy n sally n shiken n nadhrah.not to frget balqis n melissa.n also tamila n okay so i enjoy socializing wth all of not very much into socializing wth the boys.not interested.but the crush thng is unavoidable.hahaha.
so idk wht to write anymoreee.+ im malas oredi marh.hahaha.ill update whenever i feel like it.babais.

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