Friday, February 29, 2008


I just feel like blogging.i feel like theres so many thngs i wanna type.but when i strt typing,nothng whtsoever comes it.ouh THE IRONY.huh.

this week has been okay,if u count out the major embarresment i had on monday.u know the experiment thingy i was gonna do on monday.well,when i was about to go on stage,i stepped on my baju kurung's kaen n guess what happened?I FELL FLAT ON MY FACE IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE BLARDY was so fuckin embarresing i tell you.EVRYONE was laughing their ass off.n then when i was trying to open the small umbrella for the air preassure experiment,i pointed it the wrong way n it ended up my nose.AGAIN,IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL.i seriously feel like commiting suicide after the assembly.a few of the fucking insensitive boys were like yelling,"WOI MALU LA JATOH!".but i pretended not to hear them n i kept my cool until i reach class.i broke down upon reaching my chair.i was crying gile babi punye crying bcos i feel so embarresed to face teh whole school.i even considered changing schools lmao.but the teasings get lesser n lesser friday,which is today,ALMOST nobody ejek me anymore.oh i forgot to tell you,as a result from the fall,i currently have 3 vairy painful bruises on my right leg n a BIG FAT one on my left leg.i was walking like some kind of cripple on monday. O.O

the prefect interview was on wednesday.n i wasnt fucking i totally screwed up.i are a list of my mistakes:
  • i was wearing a brooch.(students are NOT allowed to wear brooches,whtsmore a prefect?)
  • i wasnt wearing an anak tudung.(whaaat,i havent wore it wince i was in form 2 nyehh.)
  • i was wearing eyeliner.(ive been wearing it since i was in form 3 HAHAHA.)
  • i wasnt prepared so i forgot the ikrar.(like damn,tht sashikala girl was so getting on my nerves wth her extra bossy attitude.ANNOYENG MUCH.)
  • i didnt lipat my tudung.(okay this is so unreasonable.the ckgu like,FORCED me to lipat my tudung which i havent done since i was STANDARD la ckgu?u have no right whtsoever to chnge my appearance okay?idc if i have to pay the price of not being a prefect.i STILL DOWAN TO LIPAT MY TUDUNG!!image-chnger.pfft.)
and so,i thnk there is a 000000.1% tht im going to be appointed ad a prefect.n u know wht?i dont thnk i wanna be a prefect born to break the rules,not to follow i wanna quite as the pengawas percubaan.the only thng is,im scared to my wits of the guru pengawas.she's like a lioness mah. -.-" so fucking garang.n if i tell her i wanna quite thres a VERY BIG possibility tht im gonna be scolded up to my ass.risky eh?ahh,i dunno whtodo. :X

today the march test strted!the papers for today are bahasa n gonna flunk bahasa,i KNEW it.but thres still hope on my english paper.this i know oso.teehee.

andd,my birthday is just 11 days away!i really dunno wht to ask for this year.i got a phone last year,and a trip to aussie the year before tht,and a phone 2 years ago.but this year,im so blur lah. O.O help me find wht to mintak dekat my parents anyone? :D

Sunday, February 24, 2008


i wonder whts so great about being tall.i AM tall n i dont feel great at all.i even feel weird n out of place sometimes bcos of my height.i am currently 170cm.whts tht,5'7 or 5'8?bahh.who cares.but still,i wanna be a wee shortahh.

tomorrow's mencapub day.YESS.hahaha.ckgu dina picked a few studs from my class n i got pickedd!next week is the,uhh,math n science week or smethng like tht.n we have to do weird experiments in FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL,during the assembly.i am so freaked out thnking tht im gonna mess up. O.O im paired wth balqis,boy is wth fadlee,azer wth fadhil,and ainie n ziera are the explainators(is thre such word?).we even get to skip like,3 classes last friday to test wether the experiments work or,how grreat is tatt? *lazy ass*

i dont thnk im supposed to be chemistry notes arent finished yet n i have like,20 tonnes of exercises waiting to be done.I CANT COPE WITH HARD WORK.ARGHHHH.huih.okay okay.breath in,breath out.i thnk ill have to make a few targets for this year,SPM year:
  • finish all my homework in time(NO COPYING FROM FADHIL. xD)
  • REVISE all the lessons taught.(i wonder if i have enuf time..)
  • DO NOT waste time myspace-ing.(like im gonna do tht)
  • do ALL my revision books until the current chapters.(my brain will explode)
  • i will FORBIDE myself to much on junkfoods.(ARGHHHH!)
  • pay attention in class n stop thnking about CRUSHES.(mann this is gonna be the hardest.)
  • go to physics tuition to STUDY,not just to sit beside tht SOGILEBABENGHOTTGUY.(how can i not?)
  • make mummy and daddy happy and proud of me. :)
i soooo wanna make mummy n daddy happy n proud of me.since i seldom do there u go, a few resolutions of mine for this year.wish me luck on achieveing it. :D

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i need someone n i dont even know who tht person is.
MY superman perhaps?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


i dont wanna write anythng here anymore.bcos like,the whole world knows my url.ive chnged it three times already.i saw MY BROTHER reading my la.havent you heard the word privacy?shucks lah.huh.i hateeeee.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I finished my EST project!and i thnk it looks okay.a little too colourful but wtheheck lah. :D
plus teacher told us to make our project STAND IN THE CROWD.mine totally does lol.i spend a whole day gluing,cutting,colouring,crayoning.the hardest part was cutting the kotak bcos i wanna paste my kad sugar paper to smethng hard so it doesnt,err,wilt or smethng like that.and soo,i HAVE TO CUT A FREAKING BOX damn hard i tell youh.the box was so hard n it was so hard cutting it.get wht i mean?hahaha.lamee.this thing tht im making is like a hanging one.the one u usually see in protest where thres two sides n thres a rope connecting the person who wears them have to like,stuck his head between the two ropes n so the two sides of the cardborad hangs perfectly on his body!okay i suck at explaining but maybe ull understand better with picturess. :D

the one thts gonna be on the front.

i know i SUCK at drawing so please dont critise it. :|
i also know that its kind of senget n weird looking.
but who cares.hehehe. xD

the one thts gonna be on the back.
i lobeee the cption.found it on the net lol.
shhh. xD
told ya its a tad TOO colourful
but the more attractive it is,the BETTAH! :D

the ropes tht connects them.
wtf even the rope is calahfull. xD

and we're supposed to parade aroung the school wearing these hanging things.(of course wth our baju sukan inside.wht dya thnk we'll be naked on the inside?lmaoo) O.O
arrghh.but thres no escaping teachers vasuki's cluthches.she'll haunt u to hell if u dont fnish any work she gave you.ESPECIALLY this thng for the GREEN DAY.shuckss.i wanna bring a camera so i can show you how stupid i predict ill look on tht day,(which is on THIS wednesday.2 DAYS dead.dead.dead.)ouh well,wish me luck wth the GREEN DAY.cos ill be needing a lot of it. -.-"

Friday, February 15, 2008

can this post be untitled?

today was the 15th of february.the day after valentines day.bahaha.obviuously lah.why am i stating that. O.O

i feel as if im turning into my lazy ass,couch potato,stupid self again.and i dont wantuuu!i NEED CONSTANT motivation.but thres no one available 24/7 to motivate mee.dy's away.i have NOBODEH.sobs.okayla maybe im exaggerating.teehee.i have la i dunno wht to type den i go crapping.bahaha.

i miss that asshole.somehow.why why and why do i still feel like this?eventhough its been nearly a month since we made any contacts.i find myself constantly thnking of him.shuckss laa.potong steam betol.i wanna concentrate on my studiess.but its hardd. -.-" okayokay lets thnk positive.
STUDYING IS EASY.ADDMATHS IS A PIECE OF CAKE.YOU CAN ACE YOUR PHYSICS.YOU CAN DO CHEMISTRY WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED.BIOLOGY IS WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF.see,im motivating myself!but i dnt thnk its working.i NEED SOMEBODY TO MOTIVATE ME know who you are.or u dont.eitherway,i NEED yeww.come back lahh.*sigh*

i hate fridays.bcos class ends at 1220.i wanna have classes till 6pm can? xD today i got belanje-ed again!its azer's turn this time.tehee.ainie didnt came i was cheering him up by asking him to belanja me.arent i a good friend? :D i got 5 keropok lekorss.wootwoot!

oh yeah,n i ask fadhil how was the chocolate muffin bcos i heard from fadlee(who was also given a muffin by balqis) tht the muffins taste like !@#$%.and it was confirmed!bahaha.sorrylah i got you a taksedap muffin.nextime i buy you gardenia's orange flavoured muffin okeh? :D

im in the mood for a steak.ezi's steak.ahh so dangg yummylah.but so expensive also. -.-"
i wan a steakk!whoever gets me steak will get a reward from me!love forever~ wtf im so lame.bahaha.

have i told you how i HATE jaga-ing the canteen.the students are like so banyak its not like they'll listen to prefects osoh.haihs.students in this school have no respect for prefects whtsoever.melissa has been babbling about tht since like,3 weeks ago.n i totally agree wth her.whts so hard to join the que lah wey.lazy arses. :|

anddd,myspace is getting boring.maybe bcos u rarely go online anymore.but who cares lah.i do. i dont even know wht i care about any's a mess.darnnit.


i HATE period cramps.why do we have to experience pain when the meanstruating starts?

Thursday, February 14, 2008


i HATE having flu.its like ive lost one of my senses(of cos lahh).i cant smell,i cant taste.i currently using a vicks inhaler n my nose is burningg.n i thnk its somehow swollen.even if its not obvious.but it hurtss.someone take away my nose pain,please? :D

a random song,

its raining its pouring,
the old man is snoring,
he went to bed n bumped his head,
n cudnt get up in the morning.

i dnt know why i typed just feels rite.hahaha.ahh i just fnished sneezing 4 times in a flu is getting worsee bcos i cant stop drinking cold waterr.teehee.

i want my phoneee.BOOHOO i dont have a phone anymoree.okay okay ive gotten used to it.but i really really miss having a phone.i feel like im cut off from my frens when i dont have a phone. O.O dontcare lah.wait another 9 months then i can overuse my phone again.HIPHIPHURRAY! :D

seriously im supposed to be doing exercises on9.bahaha.but im in no such i blog lah.blogging is improves your writing ability. xD

i havent gone shopping for a while.bcos im not allowed to go out and bcos im broke.i NEED to shop lah.wait till my brthdays here.ill be getting MONEH$$ from my parents,my brotherr n my sister in law.ill TOTALLEH go on a shopping spree then.and finish all the money in one day!hahaha! *evil shopaholic laugh*

okay lets shift moods LOL.the photography session was so cool!each class had 3 snaps.n the cameraman's like so hott lah.i cant stop glancing at him once in a while.hehehe. *gatal face*
our last shot was somewhat an informal one.for me,mel n balqis tht is.hehe.balqis asked the hot dude, "yang last shot ni boleh pose tak?" n the hott dude was like, "suke hati korg laa." but i thnk ths cnversation was only heard by me,mel n balqis bcos we were the only ones who posed lmaoo.
we did a not-very-sensual-but-still-promiscuous-looking pose.(inspired from mel xD) i had my hand on mel's shoulder,mel has her hand on mine n balqis was striking a pose tht looked as if she was half hugging mel from behind n half facing front.a really weird pose. :D the three of us were in the middle so i thnk it made a vairy nice+unique+pwetty shot.i hope.hehehe.

this post is so randomly running out of random ideas for this random

step step step step up!

one more thng,
can anybody take me to tha cinemah? :D

THE TRAILER.or preview.or clip.take ur pick lah.hahaha.

Isnt it tempting? :|

Valentines Day?

today is valentines day.14th february is valentines is valentines day.
AND i dont have a,
HOW COOL IS THAT?lol.i thnk its cooler to celebrate valentines wth ur is after all,about appreciating is isnt it?teehee.

i saw ainie n azer(the only couple in our class) exchanging chocolates.i was,of course staring in awe n jealousy bcos the situation was like,sooo sweeet!err.NOT tht i want a bf or anythng.but i did do smethng for valentines.i gave a chocolate muffin to fadhil!
amy pestered me into doing it and i was like,whtteheck.tht wud surely make fadlee satisfied.(he has since last week said that i had 'somethng' wth serious lahh.pfft.)it strted wth the woot2 thng as u may have read about.NOW fadlee calls fadhil woot2 n fadhil's weet2.ROFL.thnks to azer for the weet2 part."eh,ko kan woot2.kite pggel padel weet2 lah." den he hyperly goes."padel!aku pggil ko weet2 eh.sbb skandal ko dah woot2."THAT,is how it weird azer's brain the choco muffin to fadhil was funeee.first he saw amy's muffin.then he looked at me n suddenly ask,"mane mafin aku?" bcos before this amy ws like telling him,"padel!tka nak bgi ko smethng sempene valentines day."THNKYOU AMY FOR TELLING THE WHOLE CLASS.hahaha.when he asked tht,i handed him the muffin n(THIS IS THE BEST PART),fadlee saw us doing so and he was like SOO FREAKIN EXCITED n yelled "HUYOO!WOOT2 BGI MAFIN KAT WEET2!"i was laughing my ass off by then looking at fadlee's hyperr expression.mann today was so much fun.well monday was fun too.bcos i got belanja-ed! fadhil. xD he belanja-ed me 5kopok leko n a milo kotak.bcos i pestered him.LMAOO.well,i didnt REALLY pester him.i was just like,joking laa."eh bile ko nak blnje aku?" and he was like,"yela2 aku blnje ko hrini." WOOTS! :D so i got free milo n kopok leko on monday.i guess the muffin was kind of a thnkyou token lah.tehehe.

and the most surprising thing happened todayy!

im currently having flu fyi and i feel soo weak class i just like,melepek on the table n closed my eyes while inhaling the vicks inhaler.den fadlee saw me being all parah n he actually said,"ko ni.jgnla mkan aes bnyk sgt.kan dah seleseme."i was like,is this a nicer side of fadlee tht i have yet to see?woahh.i was so lembek i didnt reply his bebeling n i just stared at him and shrugged.then he continued,"kalo ko tido pon xpayah psang kipas kuat2.ko pakai je aircond." i managed a sengih n den went back to never knew tht fadlee was quite caring towards his friends.well,this just goes to show tht u shud neverr JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.hehe.

ANDD i won 2nd place in public speaking!and my team got 2nd place in the BM's forum thingy!i wonder if i have some kind of connection wth no2. O.O

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What happened totay,

fadlee calls me 'wootwoot' which is YES,a bit irritating.but i dont mind much lah.just wootwoot wut.bahaha.ainie said "eh,cute ape wootwoot.mcm bunyi brung hntu!" -.-"

it strted when meor saw my comment to fadhil(they say i have a scandal wth wtf.haha.) in which i typed two words only,WOOTWOOT! so know u know whre the wootwoot-ing came from.meor kecohh. xD in class fadle was like,"wootwoot!pnjam gam.","wootwoot!nombo 7 ape?","wootwoot!aku nk dtg merisek ptang ni." fadlee is sooo full of craps.but he's REAL funny.u can laugh all day hearing never-heard-before things that he managed to make today,in est(I LOBEE EST) teacher vasuki called me,melissa n zul up front cos we're the only ones who raised our hands when she asked us "who knows what miming means?" and sooo,yes u guessed right!teacher suroh us do a little miming in front of the whole class.mel and i were giggling like crazy bcos mimers are like so funny n weird n neither of us can imagine ourself doing that kind of thing.soo teacher suroh us to stop laughing bcos she wants to give us the situation.

the situation was,


mel gets to be an old lady whose 'cuckoo' already.seriously i was laughing so hard cos i really cant imagine melissa being cuckoo-ish LOL.i get to be the old lady's gran daughter n guess whts zul's character?he gets to be a door!A FREAKIN DOOR FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!we laughed so heard we had tears in our eyesokay thts the here's wht happened.zul stood in the middle facing the door cos yeah,he's a DOOR.lmao lmao lamooo!so i went 'into' the door and strted sweeping and cleaning the house and evrythng.when ive fnshed,i put all the garbage into the plastik smpah n then i went out the DOOR and put the garbge bag at the corner of the classroom.then came melissa's part,the cuckoo grandmother!haha.she came in cuckoo-ishly and took the grbage bag.she went thru the door and opened the bag.then she strted to spread the grbage all over the room tht ive just cleaned!naughty naughty melissa. xD zul was so static n HEAVY as a door,me n mel have to practically tug his shirt so ththe 'opens'.wht a stubborn door lol.ogeh back to the miming.then after melissa has scattered the grbage,she ran out of the 'room' n went back into her room.then i walked back in the 'room' and pretended to be shocked when i saw tht grbage was scattered.n soo being a good grandaughter i cleaned the mess again.mind yew,all of this was done wthout a single sound coming from us.most of the sounds came from azer fadlee n balqis who were laughing like hyenas lmao.then after ive fnshed cleaning the 'room' for the 2nd time,i put the grbage back at the same place n then went into hiding to catch the 'garbage scatterer' LOL.then mel came tip-toe ing into the 'room' and i slowly followed she was strting to scatter the grbage again,i kinda pounced on her and she goes,"ARGGGGHHHHH!!!!" like a real scream!her voice came outlah.hahaha.(so much fer mimers xD).i guess she was really shocked when i pounced lol.then i 'scolded' her using sign laguages which looked stupid n fadlee was laughing like,"HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!" ehh so annoyinglah!haha.after tht then they all clapped and mrs vasuki asked the class, "who played their role paling real?"
THE WHOLE CLASS answered "ZUL!PINTU PINTU!" lol it was so damn funny lahh!seriously u shud have been there the ud laugh ur ass off like i did.hehe.then came the 2nd question,"do u understand what the acting was about?" then fadlee answered,"pintu yang berat!" LMFAOOO ROFLL!!!zul's face was like soo bengang lah.he looks as if he's chop off fadlee head n feed it to the dogs.

okay okay i know i suck as a narrator but seriousleh,the situation was dangg funny! :D

ohkeh my fingers are swollen alredeh.also inez wnts to read this post fast you go inez! xD

Monday, February 11, 2008


this is currently my favourite song. have a listen guys.i guarentee ull love it as much as i do. :)


Tried to take a picture
Of love
Didn't think I'd miss her
That much
I want to fill this new frame
But its empty

Tried to write a letter
In ink
Its been getting better
I think
I got a piece of paper
But its empty
Its empty

Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're empty

And I've even wondered
If we
Should be getting under
These sheets
We could lie in this bed
But its empty
Its empty

Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're empty

Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh

Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're empty

We're empty
We're empty

Or will we end up getting hurt
Is this love a myth
So tell me are you in for this
There's so much more than we can see
More than you
More than me
It takes two to believe!

Maybe it's our first mistake
And baby that's alright
It's crazy how we lost ourselves tonight
Maybe it's our first mistake
And baby that's alright
It's crazy how we lost ourselves tonight
There's a reason why they say that we should give it time
But time is not enough
And that's the reason why when you're young you fall in love

And that's the reason why
When you're young you fall in love [2x]

love it already? :D

Friday, February 8, 2008

no title can arh?

I went to ou wth meme,lin n tyah totayy.well basically just to buy a notepad,graph papers and pens.but i ended up buying a lot BORN a shopaholic.OYEAHH! :D
after we've fnshed buying our stuffs in popular we went to mcd kiosk for mcflurriess!YUMyumYUM,andd guess whts beside the kiosk?
YES!the know,the photo booth thngys.
so tyah was like, "eh hampa,jom tgkp gambaq nk?"
and we wre like, "jom ahh!"
lol it was so xciting bcos ive never went photo-boothing wth my sisters before.
its only the 4 of us.
so it was kinda easy to squish ourselves into the not-too-big booth.
here are some of the totally retarded pictures we took:

tyah my evil sister KINDLY placed a friggin cigar at my mouth.pfft.

from left;tka,lin,meme and tyah.
flower time? O.O

wtf thres a crown on my face. -.-"
look on the bright side!thres also shit on lin's head. xD

ANDD my most most favourite one..

I look somewaht stupid doing a puffy face. :|
but who cares,the pictures perfect! :D

well i thnk thts all for todayy.(i just wanna show the pictures really.hehe)

Thursday, February 7, 2008


i have finally finished the damn essay.
i cant post it here since its too large n itll get out of shape n evrythng.
but if u wanna have a look at it,tell meh okay. :D


i thnk i have like,soo many thngs i wanna write in here but when i start writing,nothng whtsoever comes out.shucksss.
ouh wait.i thnk somethngs coming on to me..
ill babble about my first day everrr doing a spotcheck!

cool eyh.hahaha.well last tuesday balqis(i am somehow beginning to get vairyy close to balqis lol) ajak-ed me to join her bwat spotcheck dkat f3 cekal,3 aktif n 3 somethng.i can rmmber.theres like too many i went,just to see whts it like being on the prefect's side.the main purpose of ths spotcheck is to tgkap an indian prefect red handed since the discipline teacher gets sooo many complaints saying the indian guy like,brings his hp EVERY SINGLE DAY to school.but guess wht?we didnt found it.which was a totall letdown.aihh.but we did confiscate a LOT of thngs like deodorants,bracelets,pwetty pwetty bangles, and an mp3.soo we were going back to our class when encik kamar(the discipline teach) told us to do 5 cekal.and soo we did.
i searched the bags wth mel.just thoroghly cos the smell is like,EWW.and THEN,mel came up wth a bag,a plstic bag stuffed wth a sweaty tshirt and a tracksuit.melissa was soo against checking tht plastic bag out so i voluntereed to do it.heh.i didnt like,plunge my fingers into the back okay,just tekan2 from luar onlyy.SUDDENLY,i felt smethng hardlike at the bottom of the bag.followed by another hard smthng at the side of the i looked in and guess wht i saw?
A FRIGGIN PHONE AND TWO KOTAKS OF CIGARETTES.i was so shockedd i tell yew.i took em out and saw mel's mouth wide open(the shock apparently was transferred to mel ).so i took em to encik kamar n upon seeing the 2 kotaks of rokok,his voice boomed, "NI SIAPE PUNYE NI??"i ws like,"uhh.saye jumpe dlm beg ni ckgu.tktaw sape pnye."so i strted asking the boys,"sape pnye beg ni?"then they all like pointed to ths HOTTT guy and said it was his.i was thnking "eww.thres no use of hving a cutee face if ur lungs are not cute." wtf.haha.then encik kamar told the cute guy(nor afiq.or smthng)o follow him to the office.of course being busybodys me,mel and balqis followed them.teehee.wht i understood from the conversation was,HE WAS GONNA BE EXPELLED. O.O partly bcos of my finding the cigars.omg i was soo freaked out tht time cos i suddenly tot like,wht if he gangs up and beat me to death??arghhhh.but takesah la.i know god will protect me. :)

okay my fingers are soreee.but im still in the mood to write more.HAHAHA.not tht anybodys gonna read this since its too freakin long.but wttheheck. :D

umm,err.i dunno wht i wanna type about anymore le.haha.cakap lebeh budak ni. xD

ow yeah.i entered an essay writing competition themed 'TEACHERS'.and i havent strted yet.bahh.i have no idea ler.BLAME MY ENGLISH TEACHERR!she suruh me join teh competiton. -.-"

well i thnk thts enuf for gonna go strt on the essay!wish me luck bebeh.teehee.
tata peeps. :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

what am i supposed to put here?

meme came home today.and she bought me a book.a nice,motivational,expensive book.titled FOLLOW YOUR HEART by ANDREW MATHEWS.its a really cool book.not the skematic type whch is just too boring to read.this one is like,umm,somehow nice to read lahh.n i lobee it altho ive just only fnished chapter one.teehee.seriously im vairy flattered tht meme even tot of buying me tht book.i dnt thnk she's everbot those kind of books fer anyone.well,wht are sisters for right? :D (to belanja you of course!)

well actually,i wanted the BEING A HAPPY TEEN book by the same author cos one of my frens said tht its like,the best book everr.but already bot me tht book.n im vairr thankful for it.THANK YOU MEME! :)

wednesday is,
im planning to go wtch a movie at ou wth amy n sally.but amy's like soo obsessed wth seeing her boyfriend so i thnk its just gonna be sally and me.dangg.maybe we can go spy on amy afterwards.hehe.hey thts not a bad idea.altho amy will SKIN US ALIVE if she knew wht we're doing.hahaha.well anyways,i hope mummy will grant me permission. :D

have i told you how much i love my school?
ouh yeah,i havent.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


today was the prefect prty.gila barbeng penat.i hve to jge the H.O.H.O(hop on hop off) checkpoint n its like in the middle of the parking lot and REALLY REALLY HOTOTOTT!i feel like a bacon being fried.haha.lame.

wel anyways,i went home wth balqis today.there was a total misunderstanding from ysterday.the resit balqis's sis gave us to do our kire2 on was the one she needed to enroll in uitm today! when balqis asked me whre the resit was,i told her its in my drawer at her mum send me home to fetch the resit.and of course,i didnt go back to sch after tht(obviously).

so thts just about wht happened today.

ouh yeah one more thng,i was jage-ing the checkpoint wth another 4 people.2 form 6 girls,a form 5 dude n a form 3 dude.the form 5 dude(his name is firdaus or smethng) WAS TOTALLY FUCKINGLY ANNOYING.he acts as if he's the leader n he fucking owns the checkpoint.commandng people to do this n seriously,WHAT THE FUCK LA.i am openly cursing bcos i am soooo pissed wth him.he acts like a stupid bossy snob.pfft i really felt like kicking his ASS when he practically yelled at me to wtch the participant's freaking feet.I KNOW WHT I HAVE TO DO JERK.whts ur right to yell at me huh?jerk,jerk,JERKKKK!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Today I

went to tesco wth balqis.not too hang out buy the prizes for the prefects party.then we came back to school loaded wth all the frickinly heavy plastics n strted to wrap the prizes.I REACHED HOME AT FIVE,like wtf.i reached home at five EVERY SINGLE DAY this week.i am soo today i kind of complained to mummy about the too-heavy responsibilities tht are getting burdened over me n how i thnk i cant manage my time well anymore.the only thng mummy said was MIND OVER MATTER.means tht if u put ur mind to it,u can do i followed mummys advice.i showered n the started to make the cards for the checkpoint tmorrow(the friggin explorace,im one of the facilitators.)i finished at about 9pm n AM CURRENTLY FEELING LIKE GLUING MYSELF TO MY BED USING FOREVER LASTING SUPERGLUE.dangg.

well,today was okay in sch.shikin dint came so im supposed to sit alone.but then i discovered tht hayati was also absent so i get to sit beside amy and sally,YAY!
amy n sally are like the greatest friends i have there.TOTALLY the best.they like, masuk wth me n evrythng.tht wht makes school soo cool.having SUPERB friends. :) crush talked to mee today! not very enthutiastic about ths or anythng.just kecoh-ing around.hehe.he said thnkyou cos i let him n fadlee copy my data for the peka.(some prefect huh,)and i was like,ouh okay.wthout even looking at him mind yew.i dont socialize wth the boys much.idk why.just not interested i guess.teehee.yeah rite.

tomorrows the prefect part.i hope evrythng goes according to plan.i have to wake up early again tomorrow.pfft.i thnk ive only got like 15 hours of sleep ths week which is like soo totally NOT enuf.ahh I WAN MORE TIME TO SLEEEP. -.-"