Monday, December 31, 2007


today i went to GIANT!my most favouriteee place to go wth mummy and daddy.haha.cus i can pick out anythng i want n the best part is,i DONT have to pay fer it of cours i spoiled myself by buying loads and loads of chocolatess.cadburies,kitkats,hersheys,mnms,vochelles,EVERYTHNG!u name it,i have it.hehe.well,in my defence it has been like 2 month since i went to giant wth mummy chula n pappi chula(petnames lol) soo its like A MUST fer me to buy CHOCOLATES!idk why but i just can stop reaching fer them at tht time.its like the god of chocolates has taken over myslef or sumthng.haha.crapp.well anyways i went home n gobbled down a few.(thres still more to eat!)
pfft i JUST LOVEE going 'shopping' at giant.when i walk in,its like the atmosphere surround me and 'calls' me too SWEET TOOTH LAND! come chocolates n candy bars taste so good tht like u wana have them in ur mouth evry mili second?(well not really.ud get sick of it eventually.but,well)n ive heard tht chocolated can make the eater indulge in happiness!or smethng like creates a happy feeling or so.n its PROVEN!when mom bugged me fer not revising today i just feel stress free baybee!its almost as if im high~ err but im pretty sure there warent drugs in the choc lol.but i AM kind of addicted to chocolates.hmm.are THERE DRUGS IN CHOCS?!!pfft.tht sounds silly.but u never know wht people put in food these days.porks are evrywhre.even in TOOTHPASTE(can u believe tht??)wht good does pork do anyways?make thngs taste better?eww.however yummy porks taste they still have weird squiggly worms in them.n it can make ya skin look ewwish when ur old.i mean,look at the nyonyas.they all have yuckish rashes or smetnhg.(no offence to the nyonyas haha)well wht more to write ths time?haah!ive finally publicized(is tht how yew spell it?)my blog so i guess i have to actually write smethng benefial for evryone to SEE and my last post.ohh i really like tht one!im amazed at how i can write about tht kind of thngs in REAL LONG lets talk about smethg terrifying.SCHOOL!yeas,crrect again!well it starts in 3 days n my shivering in the butts are getting worse and the badge is so fugly.its wirdly long n oval.yuck.hahaha.jat said its like the lakers logo or smethng.(weirdo) he even made up a song fer it.he is such a weird brother.and annoying.and irritating.but mostly,just i guess thts just how brothers supposed to be.who cares anyway.weird or not,i love him.(SUPER YUCKK)
well idk wht to write anmore.oh yeah.i cant on9 tht often now.cos schools gonna supposed to strt my revision or mum limited my on9 times.pfft.but dont mtter,cus i always go on9 'secretly' at nite if anythng cool/nice/freaky/yuckish hppens tmrw ill let it out here.till then,TAH-TAH.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

feel the pain.

i just feel lyk writing.i mean,typing.haha this is soo stupidddd.i MISS YOUU u piece of !@#$%!!i wish you were minee.mine to hug,mine to kisss,mine to do whtever i like.i wanna marry you! stupid cn ths be.but i just miss u soo bad.not tht ur gonna be reading this since thres like no possible way fer u to.but who cares,im gonna tell it to the world tonite.I LOVE YOU SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCHH.evrytime i see ur pctures i just felt the need to hug yew.AND NEVER let u go.oh god i thnk im feeling more miserble than ever.whys fate so cruel?why why and why oh art thou?yea yea im being stupidly emotional.but ths is just the way i get evrytime i feel like ths.well,before i strted blogging ill just doodle on a piece of paper n 10mins later ill feel okay.but i thnk blogging makes me feel A-okay fasterr!since i can writee about wht i feel instead of drawing it as always.hahahahahaha.whts to be of me wthout u nextyearr?arrgghh just tht tot of tht makes my head go spinning around a somehoe i thnk tht my sereblum is stuck.thts why i can tnk straight rite now n just type type n type till i feel bettaar.n WHY AM I NOT FEELING BETTER YET?!pleasee ohh please make me feel better bloggy.(yuck)whts the good of being a teenager in this era?it suckss i tell yew.the kids of my generation r getting takmalu-er n takmalu-er evry second.i totally agree wth evrythng lee writes in her blogs.about the covering,abot the myspace-ing,etc etc.i wishh i cn be like her.really,she's so strong facing this stupid era.whilst im stupidly struggling n still finding myself.who am i,what am i??i dont knoww.smetimes i thnk im no more thn just a failure.yeah thts bad thnking.i know u have to thnk positive bout urself,blablabla.but i cantt.cos i havent found a positive side of me.evrythngs just bad,bad,BAD.arghhh im so stressed up and hate it!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

The first post.

cool.ths is my 1st time blogging.n i wonder hows it gonna go.will i be a good blogger or a lousy one?haha.crapping,again.well i really dontkno wht to write.i wnna make ths a place to pour out my heart.a cyber diary?yeah,kinda.nthng fancy tho.just the normal so-so problems a teenager faces in her life.her sucky sucky life.whre smethng HAS to go wrong every 2minutes.pftt.well,wht to do.its fate.its all dtermined by what kids?FATE!yeaa 5 points for u!oh god im so bored i can write bout my bladder here.u wna kno whts going around in my brain?my Sijil Panggilan Maut next year.i wonder hows it lyk to study real friggin hard.haha.obviously ive never done it.i am such a lazy ass it smetimes amazes me whe i score quite well.mann i am such a crapper.well,nexyear im moving to a goverment skul.n i REALLY30000X wonder whts it gonna be like fer me.will i make frens?will i socialize?yeah ive NEVER studied in a goverment skul all my life.ive been studying in a private skul since i was its gonna be a little shocking fer me i guess.oh god wht if i DONT make frens?am i gonna be a loser thre?how am i gonna do in my studies?i am soo effin terrified thnking about this.aarrgghhh its almost driving me HYSTERICS!haha.being hysteria is nice i suppose.wth all the screaming n stuff.u get satisfied when uve finished.thre i go,crapping again.okay i dono wht to type nmore.ill update laterr.rite now i wana go myspace-ing!haha.till then,toodles.