Friday, December 31, 2010

On the last day

Looks like I won't be seeing the fireworks this year too. Great. Not that I've ever seen the firework display before. It just seems nice to look at with a group of friends.

So anyways today is a busy day because something-I-can't-mention is happening and is taking place at my house. Meme told me Rasulullah cakap tak baik sebarkan this thing that is gonna happen. Take a guess lol. And tomorrow there will be a big celebration for my Tok Mama who is going to turn 80 this year or something. Dua hari berturut-turut rumah kau penuh orang. Bayangkan Mak jadi neat freak dua hari berturut-turut. Yerghhhh

Today is the last day of 2010 like wtf time flies so fast weh. Some of my friends are freaked out on the prospect of turning 20 because it's such a huge number ._. I think 20 sounds like a sensible, I'm-gonna-get-married-in-five-years age. Lol I hope. But I don't really care about turning twenty. I'm still five on the inside. Hihi. Plus I like being a little older. It makes me feel like very..grown up. And that also means another forever alone year for me. Yay -_-

5 more years till I get married 5 more years baybeeee!

Oh and sudah-sudahla buat new year resolution tu. Bukannya kau berusaha nak mencapai resolution kau pun. Setiap tahun benda sama je dalam list. Buat sebab semua orang buat. Lol cepat betul succumb dekat peer pressure. Dahlah tahun baru bukan Islam pulak tu. Ish ish ish.

So anyways dah 5 tahun berturut-turut aku ada post on the 31st of December :B Haha sukeee.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rants III

If you were given another chance at life, would you do it differently?

You know, I can't really answer this question. Because there are some parts of me that I love and some that I hate. But the parts that I hate makes the part that I love. I mean, without the parts that I hate doing what they had done, I wouldn't have the parts that I love. It's all one big complicated cycle. But whatever. Nobody gets what I'm trying to say most of the time anyways.

So I was supposed to go to the library today because I'm bored out of my wits because I just feel very alone in this small compartment of mine because I am alone because my roommates went to godknowswhere they were gone by the time I woke up. So here I am in front of the laptop trying to live a life but failing, miserably. I mean, who lives a life in front of a laptop. People go outside and socialize and have fun okay, that's what living a life is all about. I wanted to go to the library to borrow a few books so that I wouldn't be so bored. As nice as it is to have internet here, it would've been nicer to have a broadband as well.

But because I am always fucking broke, I can't afford a broadband. And a couple of other things as well. I hate having to depend on my parents for money I HATE IT. They wouldn't let me work and I hate that too. I'm 19 so I should know how to take care of myself. I have my principals and my beliefs so seriously, they shouldn't be worried about me mixing with the wrong group of people (which is what they were obsessing about whenever I told them I wanted to work) or whatever. I had learned my lesson from before and I'm not stupid enough to do the same mistake twice without any realization that I am doing it.

I am so stressed out that even surfing the nest is pissing me off. I don't know, I'm just not contented yet. With anything. Emotionally, financially, mentally. I'm not happy with myself. And that sucks because I can't remember the last time I was happy with myself and with what I had. People always say that you won't get the things you want but you'll get the ones you need NOW I NEED A FUCKING BROADBAND HOW COME I DON'T HAVE ONE YET HUH. I must be so pissed to have the f-word come out loud in public. My sisters would flip, they always do.

When I say fucking accompanied by an adjective, it's to emphasize the adjective. Not just random cursing. And I find fricking or friggin not satisfactory enough so when I am in the mood and I feel like saying what I want to say, I used fucking instead. Plus I read the paper a few months back saying how they had done research which shows that if you curse when you're in pain, it'll make you feel better. Psychology's weird like that. But it works for me and that is all I care about. And not just physical pain too, I think it works on emotional pain as well. Although I don't really know why am I in pain but saying the f-word followed by 'it all' really does make me feel better.

And don't judge me on the f-word. People have this kind of mentality where everyone who curses are sluts and whores and cheap bitches. I know, I had that kind of mentality before too but I've grown out of it because the level of immaturity didn't fit me very well. I'll be 20 next year so I think I pretty much have the right to say whatever I want to say without judgmental glares or pointing fingers in my face. It's just a part of who I am. The neutral part. Because I don't hate cursing and I absolutely don't like it. It's like a quick getaway for me.

I am so stressed out and pissed off I can't even think straight anymore. I think I'll go listen to my iPod now.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ze Main Kampus

Wow it must've bee almost two weeks since my last post. So anyways, it's quite nice here in Gombak. Lots of places to eat, ok accomodation (although I do miss being in the same room as my dormmates ._.), and most importantly,  A LOT OF GUYS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. And I've kind of gotten the hang of where is where and how to get to that where so everything is pretty much okay.

But I'm still not used to walking that good what 200,300m to class? Dekat Nilai the classes are like 3 minutes from my room okay. So yes, although my Mahallah is the nearest one to my Kuliyyah, I still feel that it's a long walk. I'm just relieved that I tak sampai classes panting and gasping for air and being sweaty all over. I mean, people from Mahallah Sumayyah prolly would because their Mahallah is SO BLOODY FAR INSIDE. Most of my dormmates got accommodated there and I had spent a night in Sasa's room so yes, I would know lol.

And I'm taking only about 5 subjects this semester with 13.5 contact hours. People always tell me it's too sikit but I know my limit and how much I can carry so I'd say that 5 subjects are just fine for me. Plus I'm also taking the Halaqah I class and the Library Skill class and on my CRS it looks as if I'm taking 7 subjects lol.

My subjects are; Bahasa Melayu Lanjutan (wtf right kena learn BM all over again. I just hope KOMSAS is not included), Poetry, Linguistics, Intensive Writing and Intro to Mass Com. So far I've met all my lecturer except the one for Lingu because she's supposedly not in yet and classes will commence on the 20th which is next week.

My BM lecturer ROCKS I TELL YOU. He's in his 30s and likes to make faces and doesn't look garang at all. I've only spent an hour with him and I really really like him already :D And so is my poetry lecturer, Kak TJ. I think she's almost in her 40s but she insisted on us calling her Kak TJ WHICH IS REALLY COOL. She's half german so she looks really pretty and of course her english is gilbabs. Seriously, all my lecturer are awesomazing as far as I can tell. I asked a senior of mine from school about the lecturer choices I've made and she said they were all A-okay which is good news because I wouldn't wanna be stuck with somebody I can't really stand for 4 months.

So anyways everything is okay as I see it. Although lunch at Evoke is pretty expensive ._. I've eaten Nasik Bujang like 3 nights in a row now. It's just that, that is the only dish that comes to mine when I think of dinner every night. Plus they only cost me like RM1.80 which is cheap sebab nasik die tarok sumpah banyak gile.

Mee went home just now because she doesn't have to go to some stupid camp because her name didn't pop up during Taaruf Week's SLEU briefing but MY NAME FRICKIN DID. I MEAN, HOW UNFAIR IS THAT? There I was minding my own business while some lady promoted SLEU (it stands for student languange enhancement unit I think) on the stage and suddenly she got to the part where apparently, they had randomly selected 6 people from each kuliyyah for some camp in Port Dickson AND THERE MY NAME WAS, NUMBER 1 AS THE PERSON CHOSEN FROM THE KULIYYAH OF ISLAMIC REVEALED KNOWLEDGE AND HUMAN SCIENCES. How lucky can I get right.

So while everybody gets to go home this week, I have to go to this dumb camp because if not they're gonna send some kind of letter to my Kuliyyah saying whatever. STILL. Urghhhhhhhh. I'm just going because I don't have to pay for it, free food and because it was stated in the contract that they made me sign that there would be 'mixed gender' activites. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok tipu I'm not that desperate. But it would be nice to have a few more male acquintances around campus. As of now I only have like what, three? Syafiq, Hasif and budak-budak alamin that I say hi to when we bump into each other. Which makes it 5. Whatever. I suck at making guy friends ok. So sue me.

Ok I think I better stop now because I haven't showered yet. The water here is ICY COLD I swear on cookie crumbs it's like taking s cold shower on the top of Mount Everest. TAK TIPU. Now I know why people don;t shower during winter. CEH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok I'm off to my winter shower. See yeah.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Semalam aku tidur rumah abang aku kat Shah Alam. Lin la punye plan ni. Mula-mula aku malas gila cam FFFFUUUUUU nak ikut sebab lagi 2 hari nak pegi Gombak and aku belum pack apa satu haram dahlah bilik semak dahlah almari pun lebih kurang semaknye plus dalam beg peti aku ada baju-baju lama yang aku dah taknak so nak kena fikir pulak nak tarok mana baju-baju tu. Hoh banyak kerja jugak packing ni.

Plus semalam aku pergi Giant nak beli toiletries sebab toiletries memang wajib kena beli DUH. Aku beli sabun Ginvera dengan spa scrub(?) perisa(??) lavender sebab sabun tu adalah sabun paling bes dalam dunia tambah-tambah kalau kau pakai dengan benda spongy-spongy tu macam PERGHH AKULAH MANUSIA YANG PALING BERSIH LAGI SUCI DI DUNIA YANG FANA INI! Serious, tak tipu. Tapi kena pakai dengan spongy-spongy die skali baru rasa bersih. Kalau kau pakai sabun tu ala carte rasa macam tak sabun pun.

Berus gigi pulak (apa ni beli berus gigi ape pon nak cerite) aku beli jenama systema sebab Lin cakap berus die adalah sangat nipis dan boleh masuk sehingga ke urat-urat gigi kau. Aku pun percaye dah beli jelah sebab aku tak pernah pergi jumpa dentist dan lin ada pengalaman memakai braces dan berjumpa dentist setiap bulan jadi mungkin kata-kata lin adalah boleh dipercayai. Tapi aku pelik la aku berus gigi sejak kecik tak pernah tinggal (kecuali masa skolah rendah lol malas gila berus gigi sampai kena pukul dengan mak) kenapa sampai dah umur 19 ni gigi aku tak puth-putih lagi? Aku suka tengok gigi orang yang betul-betul putih tapi mungkin they had veneers on their teeth so, er, nevermind. Aku pernah cuba nak try apa eh yang colgate punye produk tu? Simply White? Aku macam dah nak terconfusekan dengan simplysiti. Hahahahahahha. Tapi lepastu ada kawan aku cakap kalau gigi kuning(mild) tu mungkin sebab genetik. So aku give up.

Lepastu aku juga beli *glances at plastic bag full of toiletries* spongy-spongy, dynamo and a few other things not really worth mentioning here.

Ohh, hari semalamnye pulak aku pergi OU nak cari kasut kelas dengan beg kelas sebab beg polkadot aku macam dah sangat buruk sobs sobs aku sangat sayangkan beg itu. Tapi apakan daya, life must go on. So anyways aku memang dah ada idea kasut apa aku nak sebab Tiyah cakap kat sana nanti mesti banyak berjalan (ke die sorang yang banyak jalan sebab mahallah die jauh dari kuliyyah hahahahagahgaa) so aku macam nak kasut vans yang canvas, lace up deck shoe tu sebab macam ideal gile aku taktau kenape tapi memang macam ideal habis ah.

But then I wasn't sure OU ada ke tak kedai vans sebab aku macam tak pernah nampak pun padahal OU tu aku dah boleh jadi tour guide kot hahahahahh. And the night before aku ada baca blog Kiko ada satu post die ni pasal how bad she wanted this kind of kasut and she mentioned that dekat Cotton On ada and so I went to Cotton On and I bought a grey pair! Mak aku tengok she was like, "Hang nak pakai kasut NI pi keleh?" So I was like, "Mak, mase sekolah dulu Tikah pakai baju kurung dengan kasut ape?" and she went, "Tapi tu mase sekolah fgrejkehrfuewgkerget" I win. Hahahahaha.

Tapi kasut aku macam perempuan sikit kot. And lace die putih so aku nak cari lace hitam supaya tak cepat kotor plus lace putih nampak macam kasut sekolah sangat hegehegehgehge.

Beg pun aku beli kat situ jugak sebab masa tengah cari warna kasut ideal tetibe ternampak beg paling cool yang aku pernah jumpa dan beg tu adalah exactly what I had in mind untuk beg kelas ok the color, the design SEMUANYA SEPERTI YANG AKU MAHUKAN! Jadi aku pun beli. Ish, mesti cool habis aku kat UIA nanti. Mak aku tak cakap banyak bila tengok beg aku she just went, "Beg apa ni?" which made me say "Beg ni in-thing tau mak. It's the IN-THAAANNNGGG." So instead she said, "Toksah dok in-thing in-thing. Blajaq je elok-elok." Mak slalu menamatkan perbualan seperti tu because honestly, who can argue with what's In and what's Out kan hahaagahgag.

Ok yang sebenarnya yang aku ingin tekankan dalam post ni adalah aku tidur rumah abang aku semalam iaitu yang merupakan Lin punye idea. Kitorang sampai rumah abang aku dalam pukul 6 macamtu lepastu abang aku bawak pergi satu tempat charity abenda tah dekat dengan rumah die ni sebab Naqib nak tengok kude wtf. Tempat ni macam agak cool la sebab die cam ade cafe, gym, horse stable (untuk orang yang naik kuda for recreational purposes or nak amek lessons) and yang paling penting sekali ADA TRAMPOLINE SIOT. Cafe die pulak adalah macam sangat cool. Kau makan minom je apa kau nak, and then kau bayar ikut keikhlasan hati kau nak bagi berapa kat charity. Abang aku la cerita ni, aku taktau die tipu ke tak tapi muke die serious je so must be true.

So anyways kitorang pon pergila tempat naik kuda tu sebab naik nak kuda and turns out that die takut nak naik sorang-sorang so aku kesian aku pun temanla die naik kude. Like wtf habis cool aku naik kude FOR RECREATIONAL PURPOSES KALAU NAIK KUDE YANG BERLARI TU NAMPAK COOL AR GAK. Tapi naik dengan budak kan, so takdela nampak loser sangat hahahahaha. Last skali aku naik kude was like 7,8 tahun lepas aku rasa.

 Nazif yang 24/7 tak dapat tangkap ape yang sedang berlaku di persekitarannye.
 "Tikah, nanti hang letak caption gambaq ni abang saye yang hensem tau." -__________-
 Orang pro naik kuda dengan attire yang sangat cool. Sobs.
 Satu stable budak ni nak jalan.
 Muka dendam sebab kena jadi loser naik kuda dengan cara yang tak cool. DAHLAH AKU SORANG KENA PAKAI HELMET SENGAL NI PULAK TU APAHAL NAQIB TAKYAH PAKAI HELMET PON.
 "Ye sabar bang saye belom stable lagi ni lek lu lek lu." Tangan atas peha aku tu tangan Naqib ok. And kurangajar helmet tu ada tulis 'Epic' aku rasa helmet tu nak perli aku. Serious.
 Hek eleh kau dah naik kuda buat muka masam lak AKU TENGAH BERKORBAN COOLNESS AKU KOT NAIK KUDA DENGAN KAU UNGRATEFUL PUNYA BUDAK! Aku pulak yang puas dapat naik kuda wtf.
 Tiyah teringin jugak nak naik kuda.
 Told ya.
 Tiyah lagi lame sebab ade gambar naik kuda dari jauh. Hahahahahahhaahah.
 Bebi yang tak sedar die tengah naik kude -_-
 Gamabr cliche habis 'Keluarga Saya dan Kuda'. Kakak ipar aku suka betul amek gamba camni ._.
 Ni counter kat cafe. Budak pakai spek yang jaga counter ni agak cute jugak. Hihihihihi.
 TRAMPOLINEEEE OMG OMG OMG. Aku rasa untuk budak-budak tapi time nak balik tu aku masuk jugak lompat 2,3 kali HAHAHAGAHGAHGA. Lepastu aku baru lompat sekejap Naqib jadi clumsy or maybe sebab aku berat sangat lalu jatuh and mase tu aku still melompat dengan penuh kegembiraan so either I accidentally jumped on his hand or he accidentally crushed his own damn hands lepastu die menangis lepastu abang aku ajak balik. Like, APA NI AKU TAK PUAS LAGI NAIK TRAMPOLINE.
 Terpaksa ambek gamba sendiri lagi sebab takde orang nak ambekkan. Sigh.
 Jat's attempt to actually smile while his picture is taken. Bravo -_-
 Aku tarok gambar ni sebab Lin selekeh. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.
 Ok la dah elok sikit.
Nama restoran yang kitorang makan malam tu. Aku nak makan TomYam sebenarnya tapi abang aku nak cepat sebab kitorang nak pergi iCity (tapi tak masuk pun sebab banyak gile kereta wtf plus abang aku kerja harini so macam tak appropriate la kalau balik lambat) so abang aku suruh order ala carte je and aku dah BORING GILA KOT ASYIK NASI GORENG NASI GORENG KAT NILAI MENGADAP NASIK GORENG KAT RUMAH NASIK GORENG KELUAR MAKAN PUN NASIK GORENG GAK MELEBIH AAA KAAAAAAAAAAANNN. Tapi aku terpaksa jugak order sebab sangat lapar ._. Aku order nasik goreng petai campur sotong. Tak sedap ._____________.

So anyways tu jelah aku nak cerita. Pergh dah lama jugak aku tak tulis panjang-panjang macamni. Disebabkan sekarang dah pukul 12.49 which means that it's already 7th of December, OMG ESOK MASUK GOMBAK OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Wish me luck :|

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Right. Great.

So I finally discovered what my eczema is called. Eczemas have different species(?) too okay. No, shit I'm making it sound like I have living microbes on my palm. Disturbing.

So anyways, it's the pompholyx eczema. If you love me and you care about me, google it up because the pictures are too graphic to be put on display here :(

HAHA like I care. Well, I do really but the pictures aren't THAT graphic so it would be okay to put it up here. Heck, I've had a picture of poop up on here before, why not an eczema-infested hand?

Ok I seriously need to stop making my hand sound disturbing.

Remember I had this picture up in my eczema post before and joked about how my hand looked like this? Well, this is it. This is a severe case of the pompholyx eczema. Stupid, backstabbing joke. When you have this kind of eczema, you'll get blisters all over your hand and it'll hurt so bad that you won't be able to do anything with the infected hand. Tiyah had a fever a few days ago and when she recovered, blisters started sprouting(?) on her right hand. Her fingers look like the ones in this picture I KID YOU NOT. She even took a picture of it and I wanted to post it on here but she wouldn't allow me because it was too creepy :B So anyways my mom sort of freaked out and took her to see a doctor (mom rarely does that, TRUST ME) and she was given two courses of medicine. It's like you have to complete the first course of medicine before moving on the next. And not forgetting being aware of what you mustn't it so the blisters wouldn't come again.

Takboleh makan terung. sambal belacan, udang, sotong wtf wtf wtf udang dengan sotong takleh wtffffffff. But anyways, I'd say that I'm having a pretty minor case of pompholyx eczema because I only have a few blisters on my fingers and only one on my feet (yes, they can grow on your tapak kaki too) so I'm kind of limping everywhere right now because I can't let that stupid blister touch the floor or it would hurt. And my hands aren't infected that bad so I can still type. Tyah typed with one hand for like 3 days because the blisters won't go away. And she had to ask me to kupas her ikan and ayam for her masa makan please she can't eat using her hand. It was scary ._.

But mine is only a minor case so I'm still going to gobble down as much seafood and terung and belacan as I can because who knows, maybe one day my hand is going to resemble that creepy hand in the picture and all I can eat is porridge. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

I honestly hope that day wouldn't come.

Today, when I realized that I have the same type of eczema as my sister, I got a bit worried because I kept thinking what would happen it if got worse. I mean, WHO WOULD WANNA GET MARRIED TO A GIRL WITH A HANDFULL OF BLISTERS? HAHA LITERALLY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

But seriously. How am I supposed to cook, siang ikan, siang ayam (dear husband I hope you hate chicken),basuh sayur, bagi mandi anak WHEN I HAVE BLISTERS ON MY HAND ARRRGGGHHHH, Nobody's gonna want to be married to me. I'm gonna be forever alone. From the moment I saw that meme I KNEW it was trying to tell me something. This is such a tragic turn of events for me. I think I'm going to drown my sorrows in a rerun of the vampire diaries. Goodbye.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Oman National Day Thing

So anyways two days ago I went to watch Hair Reporter dekat OU hamagah bes gila serious bes serious serious sirius black besttttttt. Semua orang looked so grown up I remembered watching them so small dengan suara tak baligh lagi(?) tsk tsk tsk :')

And I bought yet another checkered kemeja dekat jusco the cutting was perfect because seriously susah gila ok nak cari baju yang falls mid-thigh so kalau jumpa and it's the perfect size you should just bayar without anymore hesitations. SERIOUSLY.

So anyways pictures from the Oman National Day thing.

 This guy scanned the machine under every single car yang nak park dekat basement. Looking for bombs I think.
 Ok it's either Oman's national day and Oman is actually called The Sultanate of Oman or it's really the Sultan of Oman's National Day(?) But whatever. FREE FOOD!

 Lin and Naqib in the toilet. I really like going in and out of the toilet. It's so clean and fancyy.
 Tiyah high -_- And I seriously think that all the food I'm eating is going to my cheeks. Seriously. Not in a gedik way ok ni bukan nak kata "alah pipi I makin tembamlah!", no. This is the acknowledgment of how big my cheeks have recently grew into.
 Naqib took the picture, hence the reason why it is blur and shaking -.-
 Pergh delighted habis muka dapat makan.
 Banyak betul orang-orang arab umur lebih kurang aku berjubah malam ni. Yang hensem pun ada♥
 Ada live orchestra lagi tu cool gila kaaaaaaaaannnn. Kuwait kedekut taknak hire live orchestra. Hahahaha.
 The biggest cake. There waren't that many cakes tapi yang bestnya they provided forks and knifes so that the guest boleh potong and rasa the cakes!
 Tiyah and Lin waiting for the shawarma.
 The shawarma! Cool gile die letak orange kat atas skali too so that the meat would serap the juices and the meat would have this tangy taste to it cool gile cool giel cool gile.
 One of the smalls tables yang ada in the hall.
 People awkwardly standing and networking.
 Ayah, cuba senyum sikittt.
 Gay habis muka kenyang weols.
 Setiap kali pun mesti ade cheesestick ni.

So tu je lah hahahahaha. Bes jugak pergi dengan Tiyah dengan Lin sebab ada orang nak amek gambar aku so takyahlah desperate sangat asyik amek gambar sendiri je hehegegehgege.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Awkward first vlog

Well actually I made this vlog like 2 months ago it's just that I didn't publish it right after because it was too awkward and I didn't really like how I sounded in the video which is like a mentally challenged chipmunk. Seriously. But then I saw Lee's first vlog in which she spoke english and I was thinking like hey, everybody has their first english speaking awkward vlog and seriously, who gets a perfect 10 the first time huh?

So I present to you fellow bloggers, my awkard first vlog. (and prolly my last HAHAHAHAH ok I haven't decided on that yet)

*thinks for another 30 minutes*

Ok seriously I don't know whether I should put this thing up because I am very very self-conscious of how I sound and how my eyes blink(wtf) in this video.

*spends another 30 minute rewatching video*

Oh god. I hope I'm doing the right thing by publicizing this awkward video. Although I don't really know how that's supposed to be the right thing to do, but whatever.

So okay here go ahead and be disgusted with me.

Just please don't deny that we once knew each other after seeing this. Sobs.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Debaran menanti saatnya tiba

So, wow 12 more days to Gombak. I don't know why I'm so freaked out on this. Maybe because it's a whole new environment and stuff. Haha not like I've never been to Gombak before. Masa darjah 6 dengan form 3 dulu kalau ade seminar ke, PUI ke, semuelah kat Gombak. Kuliyyah law tu aku dah khatam dah la. Kedai makan katmane, toilet katmane, kiosk katmane tapi sayangnye yang aku khatam adalah Kuliyyah law dan bukan KIRKHS T_T

Mungkinkah selok belok semua kuliyyah di UIA sama sahaja? HAHAHA. Harapan. Isk. Harap-harap aku akan hafal selok belok dan lokasi kelas dengan secepat mungkin. Yang paling kena cepat hafal adalah lokasi-lokasi kiosk di serata UIA dan juga lokasi tandas in case terpaksa menghadapa hari-hari dimana tudung adalah haram dari keluar bilik sampai masuk bilik balik.

So anyways aku still tak rasa berapa bersedia untuk masuk Gombak ni. Walaupun aku tak berapa pasti akan apakah yang patut sediakan diri untuk, tetapi aku yakin aku perlu sediakan diri untuk at least, something. OH TAARUF WEEK. Ramai orang kata Taaruf Week adalah disaster week. Aku tak sempat lalui Taaruf Week dekat PJ masa matrik dulu sebab balik PLKN lambat so aku tak tahu nak expect apa. Tapi yang good newsnya Taaruf Week di Gombak ni adalah boleh pakai tudung sendiri. Yang bad newsnya pula tudung itu mestilah berwarna putih. WASAP LA UIA DENGAN TUDUNG PUTIH NI?

Untuk orang yang tidak berapa mengenali aku, aku benci tudung putih. Serious. Tahap kebencian aku terhadap tudung putih adalah sama dengan tahap kebencian aku bila orang ambek the last piece of ikan/ayam/daging yang aku desperately nak semasa makan di apa-apa restoren. Ya, begitu tinggi sekali kebencian aku terhadap tudung putih bukan? Sebab-sebab aku benci tudung putih adalah seperti berikut;

1. Aku adalah seorang pemaia tudung bawal dan kebanyakan tudung bawal putih adalah jarang jadi adalah perlu untuk memakai inner di dalam jika tidak akan menampakkan rambut dan tengkuk kamu. Jadi disebabkan saya bukan seorang yang suka memakai serkup (serious aku sangat tak suka pakai serkup) dan inner = serkup jadi sebenarnya adalah amat tidak suka juga bila memakai inner. Tapi adalah perlu redha atas dasar menutup aurat.

2. Kompleksi muka aku yang kurang cerah gemilang adalah menyebabkan kelihatan sedikit seperti tahi cicak apabila memakai tudung putih. Tambah-tambah bila berpeluh kronik dan muka berminyak serta kelihatan sangat jelek dan pula itu memakai tudung putih. Hodoh kuasa 30983622765428 dah pasti tiada orang yang mahu mengurat aku semasa Taaruf Week kerana terlalu hodoh SOBS SOBS. Ladiva, silalah mengubah nasibku!

Walaupun Aqilah adalah pernah mengatakan muka aku kelihatan seperti orang yang baik dan suci semasa memakai tudung putih tetapi tidak lut pujian itu kerana baik dan suci bukanlah bersamaan dengan cantik. SOBS PATLIMA KALI. Lagipun tudung putih sangat cepat terkena kotoran dan sangat sensitif dengan debu-debu berterbangang jadi bagaimanakah untuk maintain tudung bersih sepanjang Taaruf Week? Harapan adalah UIA tiba-tiba menjadi cool dan memberi izin kepada semua pelajar untuk memakai tudung warna bebas sepanjang taaruf week. Tradisi tudung putih dan baju batik buruk UIA patut dihapuskan kerana memalukan pelajar. UNIVERSITI LUAR NEGARA MANA ADA TUDUNG PUTIH BAJU PUTIH NI SEBALIKNYA ADA SWEATSHIRT YANG SANGAT COOL OK KENAPA UIA TAK ADA SWEATSHIRT COOL SEPERTI UNIVERSITI-UNIVERSITI DI LUAR NEGARA KENAPA?!

Lee, baca dan ingatlah ini. Bila kau dah berjaya terbang ke salah satu universiti di US nanti bawa pulanglah satu sweatshirt cool untuk aku T_T kejutan coklat reese 8462286438 paket juga adalah sangat dialukan♥

Tapi UIA agak bagus kamu ya, kerana membenarkan pelajar memakai tudung putih mereka sendiri be it tudung bawal, pashmina, selendang, syria, sarung etc etc. Kerana jika kamu lakukan seperti yang telak kamu lakukan di PJ dahulu yakni memberikan semua orang tudung putih kain susah nak bentuk bidang ENAMPULUH, nescaya akan kita saksikan revolusi tudung oleh pelajar-pelajar UIA. Salah satu sebab aku bersyukur kerana tidak mengikuti Taaruf Week si PJ adalah sebab tudung yang susah mahu dibentuk ini. Lagipun itu bidang ENAMPULUH?! Bukanlah mahu mengatakan bahawa aku amat benci dan berasa jelek kepada tudung bidang enampuluh kerana kamu tahu kan, aku di sekolah dahulu pun bertudung labuh tetapi sayang kerana perangai macam haram walaupun bertudung labuh tapi takpa at least I had my fun tetapi sayangnya, aku bukanlah jenis orang yang apabila keluar sekolah pun tetap dengan tudung labuhku sebaliknya aku lebih selesa bertudung bawal bidang empatpuluhlima ataupun bertudung sarung ringkas sahaja.

Oleh sebab yang damikian adalah agak kekok jika aku ditakdirkan untuk memakai tudung bidang enampuluh kerana gaya apakah yang mungkin aku kenakan bersama tudung itu? Gaya straight kebawah adalah a big no-non kerana tudung akan mencecah lutut dan akan kelihatan aneh, percayalah. Gaya rama-rama mungkin acceptable kerana tidak mencecah lutut dan biasa digayakan oleh produk-produk berjaya al-amin unlike diriku sendiri tetapi yang mungkin paling kena adalah gaya lilitan di atas kepala untuk membuat tudung itu appear kecil sedikit dari saiznya yang sebenar dan masih didalam konteks menutup aurat.

Jadi harapan saya untuk Taaruf Week di UIA ini adalah semoga mendapat baju batik yang cantik dan muat dan baju sukan yang tidak nampak palat bila dipakai dan yang paling penting adalah dapat memakai tudung putih kepunyaan sendiri!

Apa-apa tips-tips untuk taaruf week dari senior-senior saya yang sudah berada di Gombak amatlah dialukan ya.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Makan free

Malam ni ada open house Oman dekat J W Marriot lagi. Sila berasa jeles. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

btw tahap malas nak update adalah sangat kronik. Nak tulis pun dah macam awkward. Berapa hari dah aku tak update, seminggu? Fuuhh. Nanti masuk gombak jadi rajin balik kot CEH. So okelah nak pergi kerobek almari cari baju apa nak pakai hikhik. Lin dengan Tyah pun ikut wtf semangat gila nak makan free kat hotel Lin siap cakap kat bos die yang die nak balik kerje awal harini HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Ok nak siap, byeee.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rants II

I'm currently re-watching(what?) Boys Over Flowers again. Well, it's not like I've watched it a million times anyways, this is just the second time. And this is mostly because I haven't gotten my season 2 of Vampire Diaries from Lin's colleague (haha very random. But seriously that guy is like our movie and series supplier since we're too lazy to download all those stuffs ourselves) and the only interesting series I have in my laptop is Boys Over Flowers.

I've written a long synopsis on it here when I watched it for the first time. And seriously, these korean series always makes you come back for more. Their fantasy themed storyline is really engaging and makes you want to finish the series in one day flat. I just love how the storyline is highly illogical and it is very unlikely that all those things that happened to the heroine will happen to me.

I can turn the reasons of unlikeliness into a list.

- My father doesn't have a laundry shop and my mother does not work at the bath house. So how the hell can I go and send clean laundries at some posh school? Plus most posh schools have laundry services. Why would they send their laundry to my father's shop really? And it's not like I know how to write a bike so how else would I send the laundries? And like my father would let me go riding a bicycle to send clean laundries to posh schools. Getting his permission to go out is hard enough already.

-I don't know how to swim. So on what scholarship would they admit me into that posh school (if there is one in Malaysia) if I were to save a bullied student from jumping off a building? A writing scholarship? Meh. It's not like I'm THAT brilliant with my words. And if I'm not there on a swimming scholarship then how would the hero mess around with me? By sending viruses into my specifically-used-for-writing laptop? That is not romantic and nerdy. And the hero should be uber hot and romantic and not nerdy. He should mess around with me by dumping trash into my swimming and releasing ducks in the pool whenever I have my swimming practice. But I can't swim. So yeah.

-My parents aren't that relaxed and laid-back. Over their dead body would they ever let me go on a randomly planned trip overseas with a hot guy who is also heir to the most successful company in the country. Even if Lee were to tag along and end  up being an item with the hot guy's also hot friend. Seriously, there is no way in the world my parents would do that. Even if the guy had said that he will take full responsibility for whatever might happen to me. No way, na'ah. My parents wouldn't even let me go on a date with him for that matter. Or let him spend the night in our house, in the same room as I am sleeping. So you can see how I simply cannot relate my life with Jan Di's.

- I have this I-don't-touch-non-mahram-guys policy. It's a principle I live by. Well, most of my friends do too anyways. And if this is my principle then how would the hot guy carry me in his arms when I nearly died of being bullied and nurse my wounds and hold my hands and kiss my forehead and hold me in his arms when I'm sad? HOW WOULD HE DO ALL THOSE IF I DON'T EVEN WANT HIM TOUCHING ME?!! Ok I'm not saying that I have to abandon this principle at all costs or I have made a bad choice by living by this principle but you get it right?

And the list goes on and on and on.

But despite the mountain of differences I have with the heroine, I find myself smiling throughout this whole series because however illogical and fantasy-themes it may be, I still like watching the story line being enacted and the how the plot unfolds because it's just nice seeing the hardships they go through for their love. It's just really cute and I like watching cute series and seeing myself in the heroin's actual spot. It's what most girls do when they watch this kind of series or read romantic novels. Trust me lol. So I've just finished watching the fourth episode. 21 more to go!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bengang la aku tu

Kalau 2.30, cakap 2.30. Kalau kau rasa kau belum siap lagi web tu, belum buat final checking, TAKPAYAHLA CAKAP 2.30 BANGANG. Kau tau tak system kau macam haram. Aku taktau ape pekerje kau buat. Seriously aku rasa diorang semue makan gaji bute. Pergi kerje tengok Glee ramai-ramai dekat laptop ye? Lepastu kerje satu ape tak jalan. Inilah yang dikatakan management system HARAMMMMM.

Seriously aku benci gile uia ni pune system. Cakap tak pernah serupa bikin. Tak pernah accurate. Tak profesional langsung. Bukan kau proclaim diri kau sebagain universiti bertaraf antarabangsa ke? Kenape standard macam lagi rendah dari third world country? And I'm not just pissed about this. There are other things too. Uia buat kerja lembab nak mampus. Kenapa hal yang simple pun kau kene bawak-bawak sampai almost a year untuk nak selesaikan? SEBAB KAU LEMBAB! LEMABB SERBA SERBI. HUH AKU PANTANG BETUL BENDA MACAMNI JADI. NAK PROCRASTINATE PUN BERAGAK LA.

Menyusahkan orang kau tau tak. Cuba letak diri kau dekat tempat kitorang. Kau suka tak kalau kitorang buat camtu? Tak kaaaaaaaaan? Kalau tak suka takyahla buat kat orang. Menyampah.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hi. I'm at my brother's house in Shah Alam. I've been here since yesterday because saja want to teman my kakak ipar because my brother will be in Sabah for two weeks starting last week because of work.

Wah banyaknya because.

So anyways there's not really anything much one can do around here. It's just like being home. Seriously. Putting aside the fact that mum and dad are not here and I can wake up at any time I want HAHAHAHA, it's just like being home. And Naqib's being really annoying. He would punch me and kick me randomly whenever he walks past me AND IT HURTS OK. I'm stick thin and he's chubby for a four year old. I think the bruises that randomly appear on my body once in a while is because of his punches. And maybe Nazif's constant tripping with me as the safety landing mat. Blergh, nephews.

So anyways that day I was having a conversation with Naqib about people being pissed and yelling at him. I told him people yelled because they love him (which is half-true. HAHAHAHA. Other times I just yell because I feel like yelling. Keji, I know) and then he asked, "Habis yang Aunty Kah selalu pegang Naqib kuat-kuat tu kenape?" and then I jokingly answered, "Oh tu sebab Aunty Kah nak tunjuk yang Aunty Kah sayang Naqib HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA." But his question actually strucked me deep in the heart.

See, I was frequently beaten by my mother when I was growing up. Mostly because of my really bad behavior. I've mentioned this before. So it's not possible that I take after my mother in this department. Naqib selalu tersentak bila aku menjerit. But then again he was being annoying or poking his big nose in places where he shouldn't be in the first place so I'm just doing my job as an aunt really. Hahaha. My patience with him is also ice-thin and I juts can't stand it when he's being an attention seeker. It's just so annoying. And it's not like I'm very good with fighting the urges to yell at him anyway. I think that's why he kind of hates me and is always randomly punching me. But whatever.

When I'm with Naqib my anger management really sucks. It's like I can't control my rage at all. Most of the time I just yell at him but when he does something that REALLY REALLY pisses me I would pinch him and sometimes squeeze his arms until he cries. Like what my mother used to do to me. But my mother was a lot more hard core of course. She used broomsticks and hangers and bulu ayams and her hand and her feet. Well, basically everything that's in sight. People would've called it child abuse. But it's just my mother's way of bringing us up and disciplining us. And I started to understand that when I got older.

I used to think that my mother doesn't love me whenever she beats me. I would always think that I was adopted and unwanted and my existence was just plainly uncalled for. And I would convince myself that I'm a worthless piece of shit. And the teasings I got at school doesn't help either. But as I grew older, I started to really understand the meaning of 'Mak pukul sebab mak sayang'. I used to always think that I was just an anger-venting tool to my mother. Nothing more. But then I got older and I started to think about what would happen if my mother hadn't do what she had done. What kind of human being would I be? What kinf of characteristics would I have? Would I still be me? Would I respect my parents just as much as I respect them now?

Regardless of how my mother had kind of treated me like a rag doll when I was younger, I had started to understand the purpose of that method of upbringing and I love her for what she has done.

So anyways, like they say ; Kalau sayang anak tangan-tangankan and kalau sayang kekasih tinggal-tinggalkan or something.

Seriously parents these day pamper their children like crazy I tell you. Kalau cikgu rotan siap pergi sekolah nak saman cikgu. Tu untuk the wellbeing of your children jugak. Kalau anak kau tak buat salah, cikgu takkan pukul punye. Takpayah nak manjakan sangat anak-anak kau tu. Nanti besar-besara tak reti nak be independent. Kau suka anak kau bergantung hidup kat kau sampai bila-bila? Unable to stand on their own two feet? Tapi takpayahlah sampai extreme sangat pegi dera anak kau hari-hari -_-

I think the escalation of the social problems these days is because some parents just couldn't be bothered. They don't care. They don't give a damn about what their children do under their own supervision. They've blinded themselves with what they want to see, not with whats is really happening in front of them. You have to realize the seriousness of the problems around you before you can take action. If you keep living in your own cocoon, how are you going to turn the wrongs into rights?

Raise your children right or they might just put you into a caretaking center for old people. And then you'll be regretting their upbringing but seriously, there wouldn't be anything you can do about it when the time comes. So yeah.
It's been 4 years and I thought I've gotten over it. But clearly I haven't. Please don't acknowledge me. Please don't remember me. Please don't say hi. Please.. just don't be aware of my existence. I'm begging you. Stop coming out of nowhere. Stop bringing back all the memories. Stop it. Please just stop all of it. It may not mean anything to you. But it hurts when the memories of yesterday comes rushing in once again, surrounding my head with what we used to have. It hurts when I start to hope again. It hurts when I have finally convinced myself that I am over you, just to have that confidence stripped away from me the moment you said hello.

 It's true when they say the first love is always the best love.

At least until you get a taste of something better than best. And you know what, I keep wondering if there is such thing as a love that is better from the best. But my wonders are often left unanswered. And I keep convincing myself again that yours was the best love I have ever had and probably the best I will ever get.

So please stop acknowledging me. I'm tired of getting hurt. As sick as I am being single, I don't want to go through the misery-filled days that I have once went through. 4 years is such a long time to get over somebody. I don't want to keep hoping and expecting that you'll come back. That you remembered what we used to be. That the feelings are still there for us to seize. I don't want all that anymore. I just want you to forget me. Forget that I ever existed. Forget that I was once, briefly, a part of your life. Forget everything. Is that too much to ask?

You see what mixed emotions can be triggered by just a 'Hi'? I'm a girl. This is what I do. I break. All the time. It may be because of you or because of something else. But I would honestly rather if it was because of something else. Please don't let it be you. I don't want you to be the reason anymore. You've had your time. You've made me miserable. You've reduced my feelings to shit. You've broken me. Now please don't do it all over again.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Have you ever heard of Ben Bradshaw? If you haven't, then click here.

But if you're a lazy mofo and you don't like waiting for seemingly uninteresting (although this one is as interesting as hell) videos to load, this is Ben.

 Lee specifically told me to put this one up HAHAHAHAHA.


Because Ben looks hot in it DUH. And prolly because girls usually have this thing for muscular arms. Or is it just me. What? It's sort of sexy okay. And there's nothing wrong with liking sexy, muscular arms. It's what women do. Meh.

So anyways Ben is this 23 year old hot very bloody hot handsome achingly good looking caucasian WHO SPEAKS FLUENT MALAY. Yes, you heard that right. He's hot, he's caucasian AND he speaks malay. I mean, HOW MUCH MORE PERFECT CAN A PERSON GET RIGHT? This guy, is like the epitome of the perfect guy. For a malay girl because he's hot, caucasian and speaks malay or course.

So Lee posted that video of him speaking malay on her wall and then I watched it and feel deeply in love with Ben as well because his malay is seriously good and because he's a hot caucasian. Well, it's mostly because he's a hot caucasian. The speaking malay part is just a bonus really. But the point is, HE IS HOT.

So then we liked his fanpage and added him on facebook (search Ben Bradshaw if you would like to add him as well BECAUSE HE IS JUST SO UBER HOT HOW CAN ANY GIRL RESIST ADDING HIM AAARRRGGGHHHH) and then he approved hence the start of our epic conversation with him with the occasional slips from strangers who are just jealous because Ben actually commented on our comments HAHAAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHA ok I need to stop being a bitch because maybe our conversatio was just too epic for their eyes. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

So I being myself and Lee being herself, decided that I should print screen it and show it to the world because BEN FRICKING COMMUNICATED WITH US OHMYGOD it's such an epic convo.

So here,

Ok please ignore what music I was listening to I was just feeling very nostalgic ._.

So in conclusion Ben is a very down-to-earth dude although his videos are rapidly circulating the net as we speak and he's sort of famous that's why having a convo with him is a big deal HEHEHEHEHEHHAHA. But seriously, very nice guy weh. AND OMG HE WANTS TO MEET ME AND LEE OMG OMG OMG *hyperventilates and dies*

We ♥ Ben.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tasik Berissss

Pada hari Jumaat yang lepas, saya bersama Mak dan Ayah telag pergi bercuti ke Kedah (I thought we were going to Penang ._.) kerana ayah mahu berjumpa dengan rakan-rakannya sewaktu zaman bujang dahulu dan oleh kerana Ayah adalah orang Pulau Pinang, maka logiklah jika dikatakan kebanyakan kawan-kawannya berketempatan(?) di sekitara Kedah dan Pulau Pinang.

Sekarang baru aku ingat kenapa aku benci buat karangan BM.

So anyways, we went to this really secluded place where that uncle's house is located. That place is called Sik wtf. Really, there are so many weirdly called places in Keday. Sik, Beris, Nami, Weng, Gurun. Adakah orang Kedah terdahulu terlalu malas untuk menamakan tempat-tempat disini? Hmm. So then we went to his house and had lunch there. TANAH RUMAH DIA BESAR GILA WO. Macam boleh buat mansion dalam cerita-cerita Mexico yang kerap ditayangkan di TV3 dulu-dulu. Tapi sekarang dok sibok tayang cite Indon. Hoh.

Lepastu rumah die macam macam di tengah-tengah hutan. HOHOHO. Ok exaggerate sikit. Takdalah hutan mana pun. Tapi macam kampung dalam erti kata sebenar la. Belakang rumah dia ada satu bukit yang dinamakan Bukit Enggang sebab ada banyak burung enggang. Figures. Tapi best gile uncle ni macam takpayah pergi market sebab kawasan rumah die mega luas so he plants whatever vegetable he wants and he also has this little pond tempat die bela ikan sungai and then the best part is he has this chicken coop with so many species(?) of chicken omg.

Ada ayam belanda, ayam selasih (yang ni cantik gila bulu die like dot dot hitam putih and then bentuk die macam burung Emu tapi kecik sikit), ayam gajah (OMG AYAM NI HAHAHAHA. It's like ayam biasa tapi 3x bigger.  BESAR GILA WEI), and ayam peru? Abendatah ayam peru tu aku pun taktau masa tengok tempat ayam tu die kate ayam peru menyorok hohohohoh. Ayam belanda die cam besar gile sketlagi jadi lembu.

And theeeennn, lepas round-round rumah die die bawak pergi tempat penginapan kitorang dekat Beris. Well actually dekat Tasik Beris. Macam Tasik Kenyir sikit tempat ni tapi macam tak ramai orang tau I think so very cantik serta tidak tercemar. Activities pun tak banyak sangat sebab tak commercialized kan tempat ni. River cruise semue tu takdela. Hoho. TAPI SERIOUS AH CANTIK GILAAAA. This is only place that I took pictures of sebab sangat cantik lalu telah paksa Mak untuk ambilkan gambar (walaupun angle gambar yang diambil oleh Mak adalah sangat keji T_T)

Sila tengok gambar dari bawah keatas kerana upload adalah jadi pelik lalu gambar bermula dari bawah.

 Emak yang sungguh gembira sekali dengan pemandangan tasik.
 Muka keji setelah duduk 5 jam dalam kereta lalu malas nak pakai tudung dengan elok kerana bila tidur dalam kereta dan bangun maka tudung adalah berupa sangat haram.
 Nun jauh disana kelihatan kawasan menternak ikan tilapia (talapia?) merah. Banyak sungguh ikan-ikan disitu. Jambatan kesana pula bergoyang-goyang dengan rakus sekali.
 Emak berposing di tangga turun ke jeti tasik.
 Emak saya dan anak bongsu emak saya yang bermuka keji. Emak adalah tidak puas hati kerana Ayah belum kemari melihat tasik yang indah lagi permai lagi.
 Ayah akhirnya turun dengan penuh gaya. Tepi itu adalah rumah penginapan kami yang agak best. Bersih pula itu.
 Suruh emak tolong ambil gambar konon-konon menikmati pemandangan tapi tak berapa jadi ._.
 Emak menikmati pemandangan daripada jeti kecil di tepi tasik.
 Disebabkan angle gambar yang emak ambil adalah keji, maka saya nekad mengambil gambar sendiri di tepi tasik dengan angin kuat tidak berapa sepoi bahasa.
 Emak saya berposing di jeti kecil berlatarbelakangkan ayah saya dan rakan-rakan.
 Emak saya berposing di pondok kecil sebelah tasik.
 Gambar hidung emak saya.
 Background die cantik gileee. Kalau bawak kemere kan bes ._.
 Macam Cameron Highland punya jalan kaaann. Minus the tasik. Hahaha.
 Ayah secara random memakai kopiah di dalam kereta.
Jalan nak pegi Tasik Beris. Macam Cameron Highland sikit pun ada.
 Cuaca pagi di Tasik Beris. Sungguh sejuk sehingga awan pun turun ke bawah(?)
 Goodbye Tasik Beris.

Jadi kesimpulannya tempat ini adalah sangat best sila pergi berkelah ke sini.