Saturday, May 31, 2008


i thnk i walked a staggering 7km today.BLARDY HELL MY KAKI FEELS LIKE WANT TO TERCABOTT.oh and in case ur wondering,i didnt actually went walking at the park or jogging.i window shopped.hehee.okay heres the story;

i went to the curve wth amy today.we went at about 345.hailed a taxi,blablabla and thres the curve!the first thng we did was surprising fadlee.haha.ainie told us at tuition ysterday tht fadlee was wrking at some toy exhibition at the lower we saw the market gile toy thngy and spy-ishly trying to spot fadleeh.and there he was day dreaming.LOL.amy and i were like spies trying to avoid his eyes.then when he wasnt looking we stepped up beside him and i said "spek aku mane ye?" DOOOHH U SHUD SEE THE LOOK ON HIS FACE.its like angelina jolie and cameron diaz asked for his number.HAHAA.then we hyed and byed each off went amy n me conquering the curve,cineleisure,and the flea market between them.dudee the flea market was FULL of cute tees,nice dresses and oh-so-cool boxers!but the price were like, i didnt buy anythng.i only had like,rm60 on me mahh.had to save for the lowyatt trip.hehe.amy on the other hand,had rm100 she bot a superbbly cute pink flowered boxer and two tube tops.nicee.we had lunch at the scret recipe bcause i was in the mood for spaghetti and she was in the mood for noodle tom yum smethng went there,had lunch and continued window shopping!u can guess how much we've walked eh?amy was wearing HEELS.i can see how much she was suffering lol.thnk god i wore flats.but still,my legs hurt bcause when we were searching for a taxi to take us bak to sunway dmnsara,guess what?WE COULD NOT FIND ONE.we asked about 4-5 taxis and they were all like,"jalan jam jalan jam."so in the end we decided to WALK all the way from the curve to sunway damansara.and blardy hell THERE WAS NO TRAFFIC JAM AT ALL!jalan jam my ass lah stupid taxi drivers.i have the right to be pissed bcause my legs HURTTT and currently still are.idk when theyre gonna be okay.pfft.I WANT A LEG there such thing?hahaa.on our way bak we were honked at like,8-9 times.i thnk bcause amy was wearing smethng seductive LOL.and the honkers are all like old dudes and yuckish looking guys.soo we just keep walking and keep convincing each other like "dah dkat dahhh.dkat da tuu." eventho we were like a thousand miles away.hey,it raised our spirits okay.haha.towards the end we actually RAN bcause jat and amy's mom were already there and waiting.WHAT AN EXPERIENCE .but despite the leg torturing,it still was a nice WALKING day.hehe.

thnkyou for such a great day amy. :D

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


yeah maybe i do get jealous when i see couples SO BLOODY WHAT?maybe i do wanna feel how its like to be loved by the opposition AGAIN.maybe,just maybe.ahh.all my maybes never come true theres no use in worrying whether ill be returning to the dark side or not.

i admit it its REAL FUN being in the dark side.but somehow u just wont get satisfied for godknowswhat reasons.maybe its bcause all the funs are sourced from lust which is a very BADD BADD there.okay wtf am i talking about.i am conscious of th fact that i am making zero sense here.

boys are so much cant live wth em and..wait.thts just cant live wth em HAHAA.

Monday, May 26, 2008

uhuk uhuk

i am mentally sick.i need profesional help that i dont think ill sick sick sick of evrythngg.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

books books books

ten random reading facts about me:

  1. I only knew how to read when i was about 5 years old.
  2. Altho i was a late bloomer,i am now a speed reader.the only one in the family.*muka bangga dooohhh*
  3. i can finish a single page in less than 55 seconds.
  4. i can finish two 400-page novels in less than tow days.
  5. i finished harry potter's fifth book in 18 hours.
  6. i can read until 6 am the next day without feeling sleepy.
  7. i can read 5 novels,one after another without any time intervals.(see how crazy i am about books?)
  8. unbelievingly as it seems,i read pretty much every book that has come in contact with my hand however boring it may be.
  9. the thought of curling up in my bed and reading a new book excites me as shopping does.
  10. i read evrythng ranging from kid's 3 pages books to adult's 600 pages book.i am a book maniac.

Thursday, May 22, 2008



Sunday, May 18, 2008


why do i get so jealous of..evryone?ysterday i was wtching jesse mccartney(MY CELEB CRUSHHH) on mtv.u know in his new music video he was snogging this girl and i EVEN GET JEALOUSED bcos of that.i seriously need a psychiatrist.dangg

Friday, May 16, 2008

as i ponder my future.

WHY is it that evry single guy i have liked or have feelings for tend to have girlfriends?is it me or is it that im just a bad-lucker in these kind of things?susahlah mcm i even GOING to get married someday?maybe im destined to be gay and live happily ever after.YUCK.

i just found out that my HOT PHYSICS TUITION CRUSH HAS A GIRLFREND.that broke my heart BIGTIMEE.god i was soo into him.thnkgod lah i didnt fell in love wth him or deeply in love wth him already.but still,shucks lah.i thnk im destined to have bad luck in relationships.forever and ever and ever.eternally.ill never get married and live my golden ages with 44 cats.ill be the old lady who didnt get married bcos she was so naive and so to cover up her frustration she adopted 44 cats from the spca.what a sucky sucky life.

maybe its a sign tht i shud just give up on stuff like this.and maybe,just maybe when the right perosn comes along ill know how to appreciate him 100x more.maybe, just maybe.

god i still cant ditch the single taught that im gonna grow up to be a 60 year old virgin.
i wanna get marriedd.i wanna walk down the aisle.i wanna wear a wedding outfit thingy.i wanna hold a bouquet of flowers.i want the theme colour pinkk.i want to GET MARRIEDDD.

omg im getting obsessed.someone take my hand and pull me out from this shit?

i wanna dieeee.

he has a girlfrend.he has a girlfrend.he has a girlfrend.
*runs around,screams and drops dead*

wah hah!

exam lagi dua tiga hari habis WEHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
godd im so tired of sleeping at 2am evry night n waking up at 5 and going to school n sitting for the stupid exam im tired im tired IM TIREDD OF IT ALL.
im gonna be mentally ill.i knew it.

today got sjarah n math 1.dood sjarah rockss!the essay part was fried peanut HAHA.wee of course la.bcos i was cheating mcm org gila wth amy n bqis.bqis was SO obviously cheating!she bought in a full length note pad paper wth history notes ALL OVER IT.about the renaissance shit n evrythng.n we passed it between us three since we were sitting vair close to each other.and another of our banyak tactics was passing small folded notes thru pens.we folded a small sized paper as small as it cud get n we selt-ed it on the pen.see how tacticfull we are? :D

and yesterday lagi gila weii.bqis n amy actually SMS-ED EACH OTHER during agama exam!like wtfreak u guys gile hebat dooooh.the three of us were snickering n giggling like half mad bcos of what we were doing.mann its so easy to cheat lah.the teachers dont even look at yew.theyre too busy marking papers at the back.tch tch tch!now thts a profitable mistake.hehe.

next week got summore papers.ADDMATH.i know im dead.why the effing hell is +math so blarrdy hard?is it mean to be torturous?i feel genuinely stupid when i was answering paper two.i looked at amy n she mouthed,"CKGU NAK BUNUH KITA KAAA?"shes NOT exaggerating cos it was damnn hard.ahh well,im not gonna see anymore of it nextyear.BYEBYE ADDMATHS BYEBYE SCHOOL LIFEE IMA GROWN UP GIRL NOWW HAHAHA.okay tht didnt sound so grown up.teehee.

i didnt talk to her today.godd she's ticking me off wth her attitude.vair similiar to a sonofabitch.gelii dohh.i dont thnk i wanna talk to her anymore.go away lah u.kacau hidup gua saja.huh.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


after almost one month of no posts,HERE'S ONE TODAYY!

hehh today is one of the fabbest day ive had this year bcoss,MY HOT PHYSICS TUTION CRUSH TALKED TO MEEE.well,we didnt actually had a conversation.okay heres how it went,
its already 530 and our tuition was i was busy packing my stuff in the bag when sara suddenly asked me,"hey are u going to the mppj public speaking next month?" and soo i was so busy talking to sara and packing my things(MULTITASKING BABEHH) when i accidently reached for HIS calculator(he sits beside me evry single week tahu kaaaan) and i was putting it in my bag when i heard him say"calculator i..." AND THE WAY HE SAID WAS AS IF HE WAS ABOUT TO CRYY.OMG SOO BLARDYY COMEL MACAM GILE NAK MATI TAHU TAKKKK.wth his expression n evrythng.i grinned stupidly n said,"eh,sory soryyyy!" and that was it.hehe.i know lah he said like just two words to me,but its a start ritee.hehe.kecoh gila.but i was so happy i smiled all the way back i didnt actually did the happy happy smile.i just grinned stupidly as i did before.heckk what a greatt day babehh!

okay now wan cakap apa lagi?

godd i wanna ctalk abotu so much thngs but WHY OH WHY doesnt anythng come out when i start typing.pfftt.

haa,i just finished reading a malay novel.WAHSEY BEST MACAM NAK MAMPUS.its titled ungu karmila by ramlee awang murshid.damnn his novels are seriously A-rated.simply the best in msia.the plot,the storyline(storyline n plot sama la?) and the evrythngg just kept me glued to the novel altho i was having my chemistry n bio exam the next day.hehe.selambalaahh.

now talk about exam far i thnk okay lah.maybe bcos i actually studied insanely this year.last year masa periksa satu hapak pun wa tarak paham.and consequently i failedd evry single single so not joking oge.during my 1st sem exam last year,i had 9 G9's.i FREAKIN FAILED 9 subjects out of the 11 subjects.ini budak banyak pandai ooo.hehe.

but that was then.lets look ahead shall we?
ahh superb life.
when will you be here.