Thursday, October 28, 2010

They should've just stopped at 1

I just finished watching the Titanic II. I don't know if it's out in the cinemas yet or is already out (I don't go to the cinema that often lol) but let me tell you something about this movie. IT SUCKS. Every crappy angle, every crappy scene, every crappy actors SUCK.

Let me give you a brief review of what this movie was all about.

It started off with this weird surfer guy paddling his way to the middle of the ocean in the south pole or something. Yes, there were ice bergs all around him and do you know what he was doing all along with his surfing board in the middle of the freezing ocean? HE WAS WAITING FOR THE ICE BERGS TO FALL DOWN OR WHATEVER AND CREATE A BIG MOFOING WAVE SO THAT HE CAN SURF! WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF.

Whatever happened to surfing in Hawaii? Iceberg surfing? Reall? Blergh.

So then while he was waiting for the second iceberg to fall he noticed that something was amiss because I   I didn't want to remember why because the movie was so lame forgot what and suddenly a lot of ice berg (or were they called glacier? I don't know I got B for my Geography ._.)  starts falling at the same time and he was freaked out because there was this gigantic huge tsunami wave coming at him so he started to paddle back but he drowned I think. Not that it matters because he wasn't hot anyway. Hahaha.

The next scene showed that someone had alerted the US coast guard who's really just this old guy and he went on a helicopter to see the glacier stuff with another guy called Snide. Or something. And when he arrived, there was a researcher (I didn't really remembered the characters name BECAUSE THE MOVIE WAS SO NOT WORTH REMEMBERING) who is a young women and the woman told him something about the thinning of the glacier and how it's gonna collapse in no time LIKE WTF IF THE GLACIER IS GONNA COLLAPSE THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL FREAKING STANDING ON IT? I don't get this movie. Seriously. So then the most predictable thing happened which is the glacier starts to crack here and there and they were both running to the helicopter and the women slipped and the old guy helped her back up yada yada yada and then they were saved TADAAA. Meh.

Meanwhile, there was this ship called the Titanic II which is about to make it's first sail or something. It looks like the sunk Titanic I think and people were waving at each other and here comes the heroin! She's a nurse on board with her friend. And then before going on that ship her father (the old man) called her and told her how he doesn't want her to go that ship because of safety concerns or whatever. But OF COURSE she said everything is gonna be ok and he shouldn't be worrying. After that she boarded the ship and on the way she met her ex who is apparently the one who made the ship (he's some multimillionaire I think) and they exchanged awkward hi's and I din't remember what happened after that.

You know the really annoying part is that whenever the camera shows the ship as a whole, I mean from a fling bird's angle or something the ship LOOKED SO FAKE. IT'S TEXTURE, IT'S MOVEMENT, THE OCEAN AND EVEN THE MOON! Everything looked like it was like cartoonized which is really unprofessional. Take it from me, comparing this movie to the original Titanic would be like comparing Twilight to Harry Potter. It's impossible because one is just so friggin awesome and the other is completely and utterly rubbish.

So then the old guy has the HQ of the coast guard alert every single ship there is on the atlantic ocean about the upcoming mega tsunami thing and naturally the people in the Titanic II would freak out and tell everybody to go to the lower deck so that they can board the life boat. The only thing awesome about this movie is it's life boat. It looks like a frickin submarine! Cool, I know. And the way it was released will make you go like, "Woah cool."

But that's it. Even the splashing of the water when the boat is released looks fake -_-


So because the captain of the shop made an announcement and told everybody to get a life jacket and this is not a drill, everybody started freaking out (like REALLY REALLY freaking out wtf. Ok I know it's natural to freak out but just run la. What the hell are you screaming your lungs out for?) and they started running and bumping into each other and every three seconds the camera would focus on people tripping and falling for no reason -_-  Ok they WERE going up the stairs but there weren't many people on that stairs ok it's impossible to trip down just like that! And their tripping looks fake, as everything else is in this movie. Bleh.

So then everybody got on the lifeboat and then the nurse wanted to go and get her friend who's in the infirmary because she MAY BE injured! Oh, how surprising -___- And then came her ex (the owner of the stupid boat) and he told her to get on the safety boat but she said she wanted to look for her friend and OF COURSE he went to look with her and when they found her she was injured and trapped under some big machine and they taped a credit card to her neck to put pressure on the wound. WHAT THE HELL. So then the three of them tried to find their way out and because the door to the stairs are locked(?) they had to take the elevator(??). Ok this has crossed the line. How can doors to STAIRS be locked in an emergency and EVERYBODY knows you shouldn't go on elevators if there's a blast ok. It's fricking common sense people.

Oh and remember in Titanic 1 when the captain of the ship stayed back and drowned or something? That really looked noble because.. I don't know, everything just looks right in the original movie ok. So anyways the director decided that the captain in this movie must die a noble death too, hence the big blast that killed him. So not noble -_-

Back to the storyline, so then the three of them took the elevator and when that blast happened they were stuck. But then the guy took the axe from the emergency box on the elevator and hacked the upper part of the elevator and the three of them went out and climbed some stairs. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THE GUY SLIPPED THE AXE ON HIS BACK LIKE IT WAS A SAMURAI SWORD OR SOMETHING? I mean, talking about safety precautions. What if he slipped and fell flat on his back? Wouldn't he be really injured with a FRIGGIN AXE on his back? God, the people who made this movie had zero common sense I tell ya.

So then the came across this door but it was like half jammed or something so the guy tried to open it with his axe but it's really hard to do and he told the nurse to quickly try and get through it and the nurse was stuck halfway because there wasn't that much space and she couldn't fully go through the door and the axe is like breaking into two and the the nurse's friend HAD TO ACCIDENTALLY launch herself between the doors so she died when the axe broke into two an the guy was able to get through the door because her body was like stuck between the closing door or whatever. So cliche right THEY HAD TO KILL THE WOUNDED ONE bleh.

And then the movie got so boring that I wasn't even bothered to remember what happened. Yada yada yada and they reached the diving facility room and then they opened the locker and GUESS WHAT? THERE WAS ONLY ONE DIVING EQUIPMENT OHMYGOD THIS IS A BIG TURN OF EVENTS! WHAT IS THE HERO GONNA DO? WILL HE DROWN HEROICALLY?


So being the hero he gave the girl the diving equipment because the boat is sinking and they'll be submerged in water. And then the water started rising and the FINALLY DROWNED! But it's kind of sad that the girl had to watch the guy drown. Sobs. But whatever.

Meanwhile, the old guy didn;t realize he was an OLD GUY so he put on diving equipments and jumped into the ocean to look for his daughter, the nurse because he was the one who told her to go to the diving equipment room and stuff and not into the safety boats because he said they were some sort of death trap? Beats me. And then he MIRACULOUSLY FOUND HER putting aside the fact the the ship was so damn big. HOW AWESOME! And then he got his daughter out of the locker and they swam to the surface, bringing dead rich guy with them. So on a safety raft the nurse tried to revive dead guy but DUUHH he was dead. During this scene I swore that if they dead guy comes back to life I AM GONNA THROW MY LAPTOP OUT OF THE FRICKIN WINDOW!

And The End.

Wtf right. Seriously, don't watch this movie -_- Titanic was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more awesome than this piece of trash. And it's not like I have very high standards. Bleh/

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Of dorms and dormmates.

You know what's the best thing about staying in a dorm with another 20 people?


God I miss my dormmates. I miss how we used eat together, showered together (but in different cubicles), watched movies together and screamed together, played silly games together, check out people on facebook together, order Mcdonalds together. Doing everything together basically. It was like having 20 awesome sisters! PJ didn't have dorms. They had little itty bitty rooms. 4 people to 1 room. And it gets kind of boring because the room is really small and you don't get much space to yourself. Unless you're on your own bed. Even the study table is actually to small for 2 people to share. So usually when my roomate used the table I would just study on my bed. And sleep 3 seconds later. Really, don't study on your bed ._.

But of course, because I have really really nice roomates we took turns using the study table. I miss my roomates ._. When I got transferred to Nilai she gave me the little teddy bear that she used to hang on her bag because she couldn't find time to go out and but something for me :') I actually like hand-me-down gifts better than bought ones ( although if you WANT to buy it, I don't really mind :B) because it's like an honor to receive a gift that was someone's favourite..thing, you know? It's like that person trusted you enough to take good care of their belongings. I like that feeling :)

So anyways, from what I heard there won't be any dormitories in Gombak. Sigh. I would've loved being in the same dorm as my dormmates again. It's back to PJ in gombak. A room with 4 people. But the best part is you got a lot of space to yourself. Unlike the small crummy rooms at PJ. Blergh.

I hope we don't drift apart guys. Remember the awesome sisterhood bond that we shared. Remember how happy we were being around each other. Remember the moments we spent together. Remember us :')

Sasa, Qilah, Mee, Fey, Hana, Darina, Sha, Naz, Nazoo, Tira, Qis. See you guys in Gombak! ♥

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Because I feel like writing. I JUST DO OKAY HEESSHH

Adakah anda tahu apa itu rindu? Rindu adalah bila anda sen-

Hmm aku pun taktahu nak define rindu sebenarnya. Apahaltah tetiba nak define rindu.

So anyways I jailbreak-ed my own iTouch today using greenpois0n (it's really spelled like that ok) RC4 because apparently, that's the only jailbreaking tool that works on my device which is an iPod Touch 2G MB model firmware 4.1 . Seriously, if you've been scouting around the net for a jailbreaking device, the greenpois0n is a keeper. Although you might have to try it a few times before it actually gets through.

The first time I tried it crashed halfway and my iTouch won't turn on. Even iTunes won't detect it. Boy, was I creeped ._. But then I gave it another go (I had to put in on DFU mode like twice -_-) and tadaaa! Your device is now jailbroken. You can now go have fun downloading Mega Man.

HELL YESSSSS I FOUND MEGA MAN IN INSTALLOUS IS THAT NOT UBER COOL? I am so downloading it. Like c'mon guys it's megaman for god sake! I grew up dashing megaman around monsters on my gigantic monitor. Well, it was the family's computer really. No, make that my siblings lol. I don't remember my parents buying us a computer. The first computer was bought my my brother if I'm not mistaken. The only techy gadgets our parents bought us were our handphones. Really ._. Oh and maybe my sister's laptop when they started university. You get the point.

I remembered when Jat got his first game console. He must have been about 16 or 17. He got straight A's for his PMR hence the game console reward. And I remembered playing Street Fighter on it lol. I would always choose that guy with the expandable legs and arms and he would spit on the enemy :P Jat was always with Ryu and Lin was always with Ken. I can't recall Meme playing. Maybe she was too busy buried in her books hahaha. Tiyah, Chun Li? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok I really can't recall ._.

And when I was 12 Jat used his first salary or something to buy the PS1. and after that he and Lin shared their salary (-.-) to buy the PS2. Oh and I remembered beating my brother 12-2 when he challenged me to a game on, uh, was it Pro Evolution Soccer? God, I was so awesome then. But the next day he challenged me again and I lost 20-something I think ._. He said he went to the office and spent his day thinking of strategies on how he could beat me. wtf.

But hey, that's what brothers do -_-

So then they eventually got tired of the PS2 and Lin sold it and  used some of her own money to buy the Xbox 360. And there it is still in the room, doing a pretty good job at being a dust collector. Really. Nobody plays it anymore because Lin's busy working, Meme's always in Penang (like she would even touch the thing if she was home lol), Me and Tyah rarely come home and Jat has his own family to attend to. Although he does play some random soccer game on it from time to time. So he's the only one who's using it ._.

All in all, I really think Lin should sell her Xbox and get herself a brand new iPhone 4. LULZ.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Because I just feel like filling this post with pictures.

This will be a post with pictures but no captions.

K bye.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Apakah maksudnya jika kita asyik termimpikan the same guy over and over again? Dan mimpi ni bukanlah sesuatu yang menyumbang kepada peningkatan syahwat ok. Mimpi biasa, and then BAM! the same guy appears again. I've been dreaming of him for quite a few nights now that I'm starting to wonder if it means something. I know mimpi boleh jadi mainan syaitan, tapi just wondering if anybody knows if there is something else. Just wondering!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pulau Pinang Pulau Mutiara(?)

I'm going to Penang tomorrow. Well I'm going to Ipoh first really. My Andak broke her wrist semasa sedang menggalah(?) some buah in front of her house. And then tersepak batu and then jatuh and she sprained her wrist. On her dialysis hand. Poor Andak ._.

And since we're going to Ipoh and Penang is just like two hours away I practically begged Mak to make a stop at Penang BECAUSE I HAVEN'T BEEN THERE IN GODKNOWSHOWMANY YEARS AND I FREAKING MISS IT. I really miss my Penang kampung. Sigh. And the good food. And Monkey Beach oh God our whole extended family used to go there for an annual picnic every year. It's a secluded beach off the coast of Penang. No resorts, no anything. Just a nice unpolluted beach an a few monkeys. I loved that beach T_T

I miss the Ayer Itam house. Sebelah rumah makcik Ramlah yang garang gila HAHA AKU INGAT LAGI MAKCIK RUMAH SEBELAH TU. Dahlah anak-anak die suke cari gaduh dengan kitorang. Blek. Aku ingat this one time masatu Mak dengan Ayah pergi US dan kitorang 5 beradik telah ditinggalkan di rumah nenek aku di Ayer Itam (tragis gila) and then satu petang tu kitorang tengah main dengan anak makcik Ramlah ni la kot. Tetiba Tiyah gaduh dengan anak die and disebabkan Tiyah adelah seorang yang emo maka Tiyah telah menendang budak itu HAHA. Tapi lepastu ade anak die sorang pegi report kot. Pastu makcik Ramlah ni datang lalu tendang kakak aku herself HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BRUTAL GILA WO MAKCIK RAMLAH!

Lepastu Tiyah pun masuk rumah meraung ah kan -_-

Lepastu rumah Ayer Itam ni macam terpencil gila jauh kedalam ulu banat mana tah kene lalu jalan sempit yang satu kerete je boleh lalu lepastu rumah ni selang satu rumah (iaitu rumah makcik Ramlah) ada kubur lama kot ._. Scary gila. Tapi laman die macam lapang gilee nak melanun memang best ah rumah ni. Tambah-tambah kalau semua cousins aku ada kan. Perghh memang meriah gila. Mercun sana mercun sini pop-pop sana pop-pop sini lari bersepah lah main kejar-kejar panjat pokok rendang kat depan tu main masak-masak guna tanah semua aku dah buat.

Ok wtf main masak-masak guna tanah.

Tapi betul. Haha.

Lepastu dekat simpang kecik nak masuk rumah ni ada satu kedai makan cina ni. Oldies gila interior kedai makan tu. And that's the nearest kedai makan and it sells gula-gula toooo. So kitorang usually kalau dapat duit raya memang wajib ah pegi bel gula-gula kat situ. Tapi disebabkan aku masih kecik time tu maka selalulah Lin atau Jat yang temankan -.- And ada satu gula-gula ni memang favourite kitorang ah. Name gule-gule tu TAIK HIDUNG CINA.


Ok seriously aku taktau origin name taik hidung cine tu. Tapi sedap gile gule-gule tu rase cam asam-asam sikit. I wonder what the real taik hidung cina tastes like HOHOHOHO. Ok I did not just wonder that.

Ceh nak cerita esok pegi Penang terpanjang le pulok. I guess I just miss being a kid again :|

Monday, October 18, 2010

Book review : Aku Terima Nikahya

Mann, I have been obsessing about this book haven't I ._.

Well to start it off with, the content of the book differed from my early expectations of it. But in a very good way. It changed my perception on quite a few things things, not just the love part.

The book started with the Ustaz telling us how he met his wife and everything. It was really simple. He was of age and wanted to get married so he asked his married friend to find him a wife. And they did. And he agreed ._. I wish I could be like that you know. It's just like you're tawakkal-ing to Allah about who He has destined the love of your life to be. As long as she loves Allah as much as you do then you're all set to go. And the first time he saw his wife's face is during the bertunang ceremony. Wow.

So then it was decided that their engagement period was to be 2 years. And they went to Ireland (yeah both of them were studying in Ireland at that time or something) to continue with their own lives. His wife was studying to become a doctor and he was working as an Iman at a masjid I think. He's also really active in giving talks and stuffs. Although they were both in Ireland, but they weren't in the same place. To get from his place to hers would require him to embark on an 8 hour journey by train. Pheww.

What he wrote about this engagement part was very interesting. He made clear of how you should treat your fiancee and how you should communicate with her. Most people think that being engaged is like a ticket to do things that you're forbidden to do with your fiancee (or any ajnabi for that matter) like holding hands etc etc. because after all, you're only one teeny step way from marriage. But really, don't do that. Being engaged doesn't mean you can go berjoli with your fiance. You're still not married ok. Bear that in mind.

Oh but you are allowed to communicate with your fiancee. Like duhh, how else would you discuss marriage plans? Calls and messages are allowed. But do not go overboard. You know the limit. Stop when things start to feel funny. Ok I know she's gonna be your wife and everything BUT YOU'RE STILL NOT MARRIED TO HER YET. So jaga batas, ok. He even wrote about about some guy asking him, "Ustaz, berapa kali saya boleh call tunang saya?" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

Ok sebenarnya aku pun tertanya-tanya jugak pasal benda ni ._. Hihi.

So the Ustaz laughed and said something like, "Do you really think ada hadith or ayat Quran yang mention how many times you can call your fiance?" Then he said about knowing your limit and when to end the call. You can call just to ask her how she's doing. I mean, she's your fiance right f course you would wanna know how she's doing. Or if you wanna talk about wedding preparations and such. Tapi toksahle begayot 4,5,6 jam tengah-tengah malam. Tu bukan berbincang namenye -_-

And then he wrote about how his wife got pregnant during her housemanship period and how her colleagues told her that she's crazy because she's pregnant and stuffs. And during this time, although they were already married but they weren't living in the same place. The ustaz had to work someplace else and his wife was doing housemanship in some other place. Kesian gila ._.

So then their first child was born and then the second shild and then the third child. And from this point onwards he discussed about how hard it is being parents. How you're always busy with your work. How you're not always there for your children when they need you the most. There was one topic where he wrote about how we can't separate children from cartoon. Like Barney. Barney is a big, huggable, warmth and loving dinosaur. And our children (our children wtf) loves Barney because he radiates love in all his actions. But most parents are always trying to separate their children from these kind of shows because they don't want their children to end up being delusional about Barney or something when Barney was really just a substitute for them when their parents were out working.

Barney radiates love. But what do their parents radiate? They don't spend enough time with their children until at one point their children have to depend on Barney for artificial love. And suddenly they come and take this artificial love away without giving any real love in return.

That part moved me deeply ._.

And the there was another topic about how we shouldn't raise our voice to our children (this is beginning to sound really weird). Children see their parents as their heros, their role models. So they would always want to copy what their parents do. Notice how abused children grow up being abusers, or worse, murderers? Yeah. He also said that we shouldn't scold our children because they'll grow and being pemarah. Now I know why Naqib always screams at us. Maybe we screamed at him too much while he was developing his character. Sigh.

You have to reason with children. Don;t just simply scold them and shove them away. You have to tell them nicely why they can't do this and that. Tell them. Children actually like to be treated like adults. So treat them like adults. Don;t patronize them too much. When they ask, you answer. Maybe by encouraging them to ask a lot of question while they were in pre-school would do a lot of good to them once they enter the real school.

Besides a big part on how to cope with children, he also wrote about men and women. If I was not mistaken, Al-Ghazali once said about how men have nine akal and one nafsu and how women have nine nafsu and one akal. There is actually an implicit meaning about that saying. It basically mean that men are more to logic and women are more to emotions. That's why men just don't get women. A woman would be all screaming if she found out that she has put on a couple of pounds because in her head, she might be thinking about what her friends would say when they see her, will she fit into the skinniest of her jeans and how dreadful it would be to give up muffins and ice cream so that she could diet. But men just don't think as much. When they see that they've put on a couple of pounds all they think about is, "Well, we'll all have pot bellies one day. So what the heck." Their minds are concentrated on logic, so there.

At least I think so because I'm not really a man so I don't really know how a man thinks ._.

And then there a part on how some people use their inability to hold on much longer without having sex as a reason to get married. Marriage is not all about sex. Yes, sorry I'm being to honest here but that's the reality. Some people just wanna get married so that they could have sex and it wouldn't be fornication because HEY, I'M MARRIED!

But really guys, if you couldn't even handle the pressure of having sex, how would you handle the bigger things that are yet to come once you get married? The challenges you'll face that makes you know that marriage isn't a big bed of roses. Even roses have their thorns. So what makes you think getting married is a good option?

The prophet said, kalau tak tahan dan tak mampu berkahwin, PUASA. Bukan pergi Chow Kit. Ish.

Then at the end of the book he emphasized about how difficult marriage actually is, but how easy it could be if the husband and wife is committed to their family as father and mother and to their selves as husband and wife. Every marriage will have it's own issues and stuff, you just gotta work it out as a family. Or so he said lol.

So yeah, it was a really good book. Not what I expected, but in a good way. But seriously, you should read it kalau gatal sangat nak kahwin, like me. Hihihi.

P/s: This isn't really a book review isn't it ._. it's more a combination of the content of the book and my opinion on the book. But whatever.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


So I was reading 'Aku Terima Nikahnya' in bed just now when Mak suddenly came in to ask me something. Then she saw what book I was reading and we had a little conversation.

Mak: Ceit. Bace buku aku terime nikahnye la tu. Gatai. *smirks*

Me: Bestlaaaa buku niii. Bukan pasai kawen semate-mate. *giggles*

Mak: (In a no-nonsense tone) Hang blajaq dulu, dapat degree, pi overseas buat master.

Me: Huuuuuuuuuuuuuu lamanyaaaaaaa (T_T)

Mak: Ye lah. Enjoy la dulu hidop hang sementara muda ni. Nant dah kawen terikat dengan suami, anak. Nanti takboleh nak buat apa. Tengok (insert somebody-who-is-tied-down-with-a-family's name). Boring betui hidop die. Nanti hampa tiga orang (Me, Tyah and Lin. Meme isn't included for private reasons lol) kerja, kumpoi duit lepehtu beli ticket plane pi holiday. Enjoy your youth.

So dari perbualan ini satu-satunya benda yang aku dapat simpulkan adalah apabila aku sudah bekerja nanti, Lin masih belum berkahwin.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Aku Terima Nikahya

I went to OU today after picking Tiyah up from LRT Taman Bahagia. Pemalas nak naik KTM, ceit -_-

So then we had lunch at Carls Junior and because Lin was being retarded she ordered two Chilli Cheese Fries. I MEAN TWO CHILLY CHEESE FRIES LIKE WHAT? DAHLAH BURGERS KAT SITU BESA GEDABAK MACAM HAPE AND THEN BELI DUE PULAK CHILLI CHEESE FRIES?

And because both of them claimed that I ate only a bit of the first box they forced me to bring home the second one and finish it.



But whatever ._.

So then we went to MPH because we're champions at wasting our time and I bought Aku Terima Nikahnya LIKE OH EM JI I HAVE BEEN DYING TO READ THIS BOOK EVER SINCE I HEARD ABOUT IT. I hope it's not overrated like some books ._.

And after that we randomly went to hear a personal talk on breast cancer by this really nice middle aged caucasian women and we got ourselves a pink ribbon (I love these pink ribbons!) and a bookmark and a pamphlet each.

So that was it. I don't really know why I wrote this post o_o

This is my 500th post :D

You know the kind of people who appear all happy and bouncy in bubbly in facebook but when you meet them in real life they're just really shy and quiet and awkward.

I'm one of them.

Well, this only applies to people I've never met before lah. Around my friends I'll be my usual bubbly bouncy self. If you see me being retarded and stupid with my friends in facebook, then there's a big possibility that I really am retarded and stupid in real life. Really, you should ask Luqman. He would know lol.

This is how it is because I just feel like it's easier to convey my messages in black and white rather than say it out loud. Which is why I write better than I speak. I just feel more comfortable doing do because there wouldn't be any awkward silences, or misuse of words or awkward twitching or any uncomfortable feeling while speaking. And whoever says that written messages can't have tones should be shot and buried in a shallow grave. You actually can 'write' tones.

For example, if you want to wish somebody good luck.

"Dude, goodluck for your exam tomorrow! :) "

See? This message carries the meaning that you are wishing your friend well and you have no hidden agenda behind the wish. The smiley there also emphasizes your point of well wishing. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

But you have to be careful of how you use your smiley. Different smileys carry different meanings.

E.g : "Dude, goodluck for your exam tomorrow! >=[ "

I honestly don't know how to interpret that message.

"Dude, goodluck for your exam tomorrow! :D"

This message is similar to the first one.

"Dude goodluck for your exam tomorrow! XD"

This can mean two things. Whether you're just merely wishing your friend good luck. Or you're just really happy that he/she is having his/her's exam tomorrow (although that doesn't really make any sense).

So yes, be careful in using your smileys. You never know what meaning they could carry(?)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Khatulistiwa cleaning

Queer title? Blame Lee. Hahahahaha. So yesterday I posted a status on my facebook about how I'm going to do some spring cleaning because my wardrobe is a mess. I used spring cleaning just because it sounds awesome and very american HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Bute then Lee commented, "I think it's just 'cleaning'." or something so then I googled spring cleaning and it actually means house cleaning done during spring. And it's not like we have spring here in Malaysia so I easily came up with khatulistiwa cleaning because it sounds weird and is true at the same time.

But whatever.

So I came back from Nilai for my two months holiday like 3 weeks ago and I 'just happened' to notice how much of a mess my wardrobe is. (Kalau tak cuti panjang HAROMM nak notice sebab malas nak kemas hagahgahagahgag) Well, I'm not really the messy kind of person. I can be a, uh, crazy cleaner(?) sometimes but most of the times I just feel too lazy to fold my shirts or pants or whatever nicely so I ended up squishing them at the back of the wardrobe. Keji, I know :|

But hey, I'm 19 ok. That's what 19 year olds do. I think.

So yesterday night I decided to clean up my wardrobe and get rid of the clothes that I don't think I'll be wearing anymore. Like oversized dresses that look awkward on me, jeans that don't fit me no matter how hard I try to get into them or just everyday shirts that are too ugly to be worn.

So here is how my wardrobe looks like before the decluttering,

 Please do excuse the level of messiness. Now you see why I'm planning on cleaning it ._.

Baju-baju yag hanya dipakai pergi kenduri. Beria betul.


It looks as if a tornado just hit my room ._.

My completely empty wardrobe. Wah sedap mata memandang!

Weird bag my brother gave me for my EIGHTEENTH birthday. Yes ladies and gentleman, MY EIGHTEETH birthday. Maybe my brother still takes me for his 5 year old baby sister or something -.-

But whatever. It's the thoughts that count right? :)

 Birthday cards I've received from circa 2005 :')

One from Hasan in 2007 lol!

At least I think it was 2007.

And this one was from Lee and Aini for my birthday in 2005 :D

This sobloodycantikbutneverworn dress that Lee gave me for my birthday last year. I wish somebody would invite me to a prom so i can wear this T_T

And don't even think of suggesting it to be worn during the AGD ok. Nanti nampak macam beria betul haku -_-

And after nearly two hours folding everything properly and putting everything in place, TADAAAAA!

Well, it's not really clean like REALLY REALLY EFFINGLY clean. But hey, at least it's not an eyesore :D

And I will end this post with that picture of my not-messy-but-not-that-organized-either wardrobe :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Majoring in English

Sometimes I wonder what will happen to me after I graduate. What would I do with an English Degree in hand? A lot of people say you can be a lot of things with it. But they never said what. I wanted to be a journalist before. Probably because I like writing and I hadn't really thought about what people would ask me to write if I ever succeeded in being a journalist. But then the newspapers here are sort of like really biased. So that doesn't really help. Unless I become a journalist for Harakah. Lol Ayah would be so proud.

So anyway, I'm thinking of becoming some sort of an ambassador. Mainly because it sounds fun right now and you get to travel overseas a lot. I know, short-term thinking. But seriously, I want a job that involves a lot of traveling. Then maybe I'll get really sick of traveling, I'll finally settle down with a husband and become a free-lance writer lol. I can take care of my growing kids and still have my own money! Sounds like a genious plan. For now. Some of my friends suggested being a tourist guide. But then I'll have to do my homework and dig historical facts about a particular monument and things like that. Bleh. Plus, I'm a girl. Tak bahaya ke for a girl to be a tour guide? Haha taknak tu cakap jela taknak.

Oh and in case I don't end up being an ambassador, I think I'll go find work as a translator God is that not cool. Maybe I'll translate Sophie Kinsella's books into Malay! HA HA NO THAT BOOK WOULD SOUND REALLY WRONG WITH AWKWARD SENTENCE STRUCTURES. Some books are best left as they are. Like Harry Potter. Harry Potter dan Batu Ajaib wtf?

Or I can be a news reporter woots! I'll be on TV every night cool gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I mean, I don't even have to memorize lines or anything. Just muster up some serious I-mean-business expression and read the electronic board that's in front of you or something. And the best part of it is that I'll get to look all serious while consulting random papers or fake-talking with my news reporter mate when the credit roles GOD I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT AND LOOK AWESOME. God I wanna be a news reporter now. But that means I won't have a chance of using my hard earned English knowledge ._. Unless I work for CNN or something OHMYGOD UBER COOL.

And then maybe I'll fall in love with a brave and handsome reporter and we'll end up getting married and we'll have 10 beautiful children together and we'll go for family picnics every weekend and people will be all envious seeing how happy we are AAAWWWWWW.

Or not.

OR MAYBE I CAN BE A WRITER FOR A BEAUTY MAGAZINE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH. That shit is wack. But what would I write about ._. Household tips? Lol shut up.

I don't think I can be an author as in a book author. Because my imagination is filled with crap and I might come up with something less appealing than Twilight lol. And I can't write chick flicks. Because most chick flicks are really unislamic and I don't wanna write stuff like that. I love reading it but reading and writing are just two really different things. It doesn't mean that you have to write according to whatever you read. Maybe I'll write something like Habiburrahman El-Shirazy but in English. Maybe I'll translate his works! Or mayeb somebody already did ._.

I wonder if there's any work that involves reading? Hmm, that would be easy lol. But please not a teacher please please pleaseeeee. I don't know why but I just can't see myself (or I just don't want to see myself) as a teacher. Because you know, I've been in school. And when I observe how the students behave and how to teacher handles theri shitty behavior I always think, "Boy, it must be difficult to be in her shoes." Really, my tolerance towards shittily behaved kids are zero and I might end up being in jail because of child abuse or something. *serious ass face*

Although my mum was a teacher, I just can't see myself following her footsteps. I know that being a teacher is a noble job and everything but I just can't find any passion in teaching ya know?

So yeah.

The problem of having an English degree is that it doesn't prepare you for a specific job in a specific field. Unlike engineers and architectures, an English major has to be creative in deciding what job he/she would want to apply for. What specific field he/she would like to be in. What specialty that he/she has that would make them sell-able for that particular field. Majoring in English is like majoring in something very general. You could be anything. From working for a newspaper company to working for an advertising company to being an editor or even a teacher or being involved in human resourcing. Whatever that is.

The point is, you can be anything with an English degree. You just have to use your left side of the brain and start thinking creatively. Develop your communication with other people, develop your specialty while you can. Because as soon as you enter the working world you would have to sell everything that you can do to gain a spot as an employee. The market(?) is getting very competitive ok. So be ready to sell yourself to your future employers.

Here I am advising people that they can be whatever they want to be with an English degree and still vague about what my future holds for me.

But like they say, you're writing your own story. So make sure it's a pretty darn good story!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aku selalu rasa macam ajal aku dah dekat. Sigh.

Monday, October 4, 2010


So I'll be going to Terengganu tomorrow and I'll be staying at Ayunie's for 6 whole days LIKE OH MY GOD MY FIRST TIME GOING TO A FRIEND WHO-DOES-NOT-LIVE-NEARBY'S HOUSE I AM SO EXCITED. I'm going with Mee and our flight will be tomorrow afternoon :D But balik naik bus la lemak ape pergi balik nak naik plane hahahahgagagahagahga.

So wish me a safe trip and hopefully I'll update this blog day by day to keep you updated(?) with our daily, uh, activities lol. It's not like anybody would wanna know but heck, I'll write about them anyway.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random things about yours truly

This is a vain post.

1. I can go on for a whole day without any proper meal. No breakfast, no lunch and no dinner. Just the occasional random snacks like roti dengan cheese ke, an apple ke, kerepek ke. And things like that. I guess that's just why I'm so skinny. Sigh.

2. I cannot sleep with only one pillow. I have to have at least two pillows to be able to sleep. But for a guaranteed good sleep, I usually use three. One for my head, one for me to hug and one for my legs to hug(?) I'm considering getting a bolster so that I won't have to sleep with 3 pillows but so hard la want to find nice bolster wan.

3. I don't like to talk when I eat. Ayunie told me one, "Aku perasan something kat kau. Kalau jumpe makanan kau terus senyap." Hohoho. Especially when I' really really hungry. I like to read books when I eat but I'm not such a big fan of talking WHILE eating lah when I'm not eating I'm usually unstoppable muahahahah.

4. The way I talk is easily influenced by people around me. My friends mostly. My most over used phrase right now is "Jangan sampai aku blablabla" and "Memang la blablabla".

5. I'm actually flattered when people ask me things like "Weh betul ke aku buat ni?" or "Yang ni maksud die ape eh?" because I know myself and I know that I'm not a walking dictionary or a waling english text book. It just happens that I know the answers to their questions. And prolly because I exempted my English Placement Test. And maybe because my grammar and sentence structure makes sense too. So most people tend to think that I'm the English Guru or something when I'm really not. I'm just like you guys, seriously :|

6. When I love somebody, I love them with all that I've got. But still can't beat Lee la. Hihi. When my ex dumped me when I was 15 (This is the one and only ex ok. After that no more no way), I cried my heart out and woke up with a swelled up pair of eyes. I hugged my towel when I slept because I was crying so hard. I also lost 3 kilos after the break up. I couldn't eat because I kept imagining him with that girl (who later turned to be an awesome friend to me :]) together every single miserable day. My days were empty without any texts from him. But when he does text to ask me how I was doing, I wouldn't reply because I wanted to show him that I was strong and that I can live without him. But I was wrong. It took me nearly 4 years to completely get over him. And this is a guy whom I only spent 5 months with, I've never went out with, never hold hands with (thank god I didn't), never called and rarely talks to me eye to eye at school or in class unless it's really really important. But he was really sweet in his own way, (although he can be quite a jerk most of the times) and I guess that's the thing that made it so hard for me to forget him. That's why I don't plan to fall for anyone until I'm ready to get married. I dread going through all that again. But then you came along. Sigh.

God that's a long one.

7. I have a very high metabolism rate. I guess that's why it's really hard for me to pass 45 kilos. I can eat like a pig when I'm real hungry. But the food keeps getting digested -.-

8. I hate sports. The only sport I'll play is, umm,  anything that doesn't involve running, jumping and me getting sweaty. Urghh I hate getting all sweaty and hot. I don't know how I survived the National Service, really. You have to stand straight up facing the son during the rollcalls and there's one time when everybody was late, they had us do push ups, SLOW-ASFRICKINHELL-LY under the hot scorching sun of Sandakan. I remembered looking like I had just taken a shower with my uniform on. Yurgh.

9. I only eat crunchy vegetables. Kangkung is my favourite followed by kacang botol and kacang panjang. I can tolerate Kailan and Kobis but I just really can't deal with sawi, bayam and those mushy kind of veggies. I mean, aren't vegetables SUPPOSED to be crunchy? What's up with the mushiness? Meh.

10. When I was 5, I purposely sliced off half of my eyelashes on both eyes with a scissor because I was stupid  godknowswhy really. My mum flipped when she found out because my eyelashes look really weird when viewed from sideways. It looked kind of terbantut. Thankgod they grew back.

I honestly have no idea why I made this list. Maybe I'm just vain like that.