Wednesday, June 11, 2008


im gonna be on hiatus until spm ends.
do wish me luck evryone.
and thnkyou for stalking my blog all ths time lol.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


today was:

prekse oke?
xnak mkan ke?
xbfast lgi.
nak g mane?
xnak bli pape?
tdi bgon awal.
+math pena pas x?hehe.
xde duetlaa.mcm org tuu.

SIL :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


*screams and dies*

on another unrelated matter,i drank starbucks for the first time today and i feel like im getting a migrain dooh.SUNGGUH BANYAK KAFEIN.i only fnished half of my chocolate cream chip.pus i bot the large one.which really urges me to puke.amy's was the WORST.hazelnut smethng.the smell alone was EURGHHH.why is everyone like,practically worshipping starbucks?bcause its classe?SO NOT TRUE.okay maybe it is classy.but ima give 1/10 on the beverages.hahaa take tht starbucks worshippers!

i didnt kno today was agong's blardy brthday.SO THE STUPID TUITION CENTE WAS wtf nobody told me!nobody told US to be,amy,bqis,ainie and azer all came today being superbly rajen students lol.but azer went up and as i and amy were on our way to starbucks he shouted,

azer: woot!hrini xde tuition ke?
me: hah?asal xde?
azer: prfection ttop doh.
me: drg g lunch kot.
azer: gril pn ttop la.
me: hah?bia betek?
azer: ko g atas cek sndiri.
me: wehoo!amy kite bole lepak starbucks smpai 530!
amy: yeahhh!enjoyy.

well the convo went smtng like tht lah.icudnt rmmber the exact words.sungguh tidak baik sekali pusat tuition cud they not bloody tell us tht today IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY?stupid really doesnt live up to its name.sheeshh.

Friday, June 6, 2008


why oh why is evryone making such a big deal about the summer splash thngy?i had a lot of people asking me whether im going and i thnk tht they are most probably blind.HELLO PEOPLE IMA FULL TIME HEADSCARF WEARER.what has gotten into u tht made u thnk im gonna be going to some stupid full of nearly naked chicks and dudes function?yes offending as it may seems.i find ths thngy very stupid and time wasting.can anybody please tell me wht is the point of going to sunway lagoon in ur beach wear to join a bunch of scantily clad chicks who look as if they had fashion sense dating from the stone age?i really cant see ur point thre.and gigs.YESS one more thng tht im really confused about.WHAT IS OH SO GREAT ABOUT GIGS?a local band performs,and?is it really that exciting to jump around like a monkey in public?tht behavior deeply disgusts me.might as well be raised by a family of chimps.then i wudnt wonder so much.hahaa.

oh back to the splash thngy.i wud really appreciate it if someone wud come forward and tell evryone the benefits of ths summer splash.u get to wear ur beach wear in public.yeay?then u wudnt be so different from the whores in jalan haji taib eh?go ahead and say im shallow minded,go ahead and make fun of me for not being 'sporting'.i know whts best for myself and i wud NEVER EVER go to such place or such function.its not ALL that anyways.just bcause roxy and seventeen's innit u make it sound like its SOOO COOL.grow up lah people.huh.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ahh ahh

i rediscovered one of my favorite songs just now.mario vasquez-gallery.rings any bell?heh yeah he was one of the peeps in AI.nice song,nice vocals and most importantly,HE'S HELLOVA GUY.*grins*

the songs really deep actually.its about this girl who,okay i thnk u already know how it went.buang masa tulis saja liao.hee.

and guess what?i went BOWLING ysterday and i BEAT meme and tyah BIGTIMEE!haha.lin was an expert doohh.she went bowling a lot of times already so no wonder lah she won.on the other hand,yesterday was MY FIRST macam hebatlah dpt second kann.gagaga.lin's marks was lebih dua than mine onee.sama hebat!heh.

then we went and watched superhero moviee!THE MOVIE WAS SO FUNNY DOOOHH.i liked the slogan,"with great power comes hot bitches".seriously,HAHAA.drake bell was the main actor OMGGG.*faints* he jus cudnt get any hotter cudnt he.wth his dragonfly spandex suit and evrythng.DAMN thats hot!erk i sound so pervertish.okay okay enuf.

ahh schools gonna start in like 5 days.BOOORINGG.and we'll get our exam marks.DEAADDD.