Tuesday, December 25, 2007

feel the pain.

i just feel lyk writing.i mean,typing.haha this is soo stupidddd.i MISS YOUU u piece of !@#$%!!i wish you were minee.mine to hug,mine to kisss,mine to do whtever i like.i wanna marry you!hahahah.how stupid cn ths be.but i just miss u soo bad.not tht ur gonna be reading this since thres like no possible way fer u to.but who cares,im gonna tell it to the world tonite.I LOVE YOU SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCHH.evrytime i see ur pctures i just felt the need to hug yew.AND NEVER let u go.oh god i thnk im feeling more miserble than ever.whys fate so cruel?why why and why oh art thou?yea yea im being stupidly emotional.but ths is just the way i get evrytime i feel like ths.well,before i strted blogging ill just doodle on a piece of paper n 10mins later ill feel okay.but i thnk blogging makes me feel A-okay fasterr!since i can writee about wht i feel instead of drawing it as always.hahahahahaha.whts to be of me wthout u nextyearr?arrgghh just tht tot of tht makes my head go spinning around a somehoe i thnk tht my sereblum is stuck.thts why i can tnk straight rite now n just type type n type till i feel bettaar.n WHY AM I NOT FEELING BETTER YET?!pleasee ohh please make me feel better bloggy.(yuck)whts the good of being a teenager in this era?it suckss i tell yew.the kids of my generation r getting takmalu-er n takmalu-er evry second.i totally agree wth evrythng lee writes in her blogs.about the covering,abot the myspace-ing,etc etc.i wishh i cn be like her.really,she's so strong facing this stupid era.whilst im stupidly struggling n still finding myself.who am i,what am i??i dont knoww.smetimes i thnk im no more thn just a failure.yeah thts bad thnking.i know u have to thnk positive bout urself,blablabla.but i cantt.cos i havent found a positive side of me.evrythngs just bad,bad,BAD.arghhh im so stressed up and hate it!!

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