Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hari terakhir tahun 2009

Mesti mahu post juga something seperti tahun lepas dan tahun lepas punya lepas supaya tiga tahun ada post yang bertarikh 31 december!

ya aku tahu aku hebat.

dan cantik.

dan comel.

hastalavistah 2009, hai cik abang 2010.

p/s: dengan harapan ada boyfriend pada tahun 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The limit has been reached

These past three weeks have been so hectic that the only thing I wanna do now is go home and stay there until the end of they year.

or preferably forever.

I don't think I've gotten used to this kind of stress since I was a lazy mofo in school and all. I seriously think that I have somehow reached my limits and right now all I want is mak and ayah. I miss them sooo badly :(

This was just like how I felt during the first month of PLKN. I felt so terrible. I thought of mak and ayah for every second of every minute of the day. I was so miserable. But thank god lat was there. I actually owe a lot to her you know. I'm very lucky to get thrown in the same camp as my bestfriend. I love you lat :D

I'm thinking of persuading mak to bawak me to some spa where I can get a kickass massage while inhaling aromatherapy scents(?)

That is indeed, heaven on earth.

Oh and I just HAVE to show you this. Lee showed it to me weeks ago and I sort of forgot to paste it here.

Behold, Twilight saga fans.

Screw Bella. I love my twinkies.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Number one : I should stop being a lazy mofo.

I think if I were to write down a list of what I should stop doing it would be endless.

well okay, I'll try.

2. I should stop waking half an hour before class starts and skip breakfast (eventhough it's only a cup of hot chocolate with oats) and behave like some retarded ass in class.

no I think the retarded part is likely to happen if I drink glucose before going to class or two cups of nescafe the night before.

i iz hypah.

3. I should stop carelessly spending my money and say "SOMEONE STOLE MY MONEHHH!!" the next time I look into my purse.

just a little reminder to myself since this has happened before. I still think my RM30 was stolen by something. The possibility of SOMEONE doing it is just..wrong to even be considered. I trust my dormmates n_n (have to insert gay emoticon to show never ending trust)

4.I should stop allowing my eyes to go wild whenever I walk through block B1 and B2.

It's sort of embarrassing to see someone trying to pull up their pants while keeping on their towels so that their underwear won't show at the same time.

5.I should stop taking this course for granted.

I think BEN is not different than bioscience. apart from the part where you don't learn bioshit chemistryshit and physicshit of course. the method of studying is just the same really. I know I have to work really hard (cliche gila buhbee) and get a kickass cgpa.

but all of it won;t come true without EFFORT. which I happen to extremely lack.

I'm screwed.

6.I should stop analyzing people when they sleep and judge them after it.

This is just one of those plain brain-not-engaged moments.

7.I should stop thinking how the hell I would spend my money so that I won't be flat broke at the end of the week. and actually DO something about the damn thing.

I have very poor money management. I think I need to marry an accountant. In nilai, there's a lot of hot econs student.

It's not that hard to put two and two together.

8. I should stop hating people because I am not them.

Yes, I am one of THOSE people. Nobody's perfect (ayat cliche gila buhbee II) after all.

9. I should stop thinking that I would die if I ever ran out of money and it's not time to go back home yet.

Remember that your parents can always transfer money to your bank account. Plus, whatever are you friends for? :D

10. I should stop thinking like a five year old.

But I shall never stop acting like one.

I love myself.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The scattered emotions

I cant' think straight. Thoughts are racing through my mind like speeding bullets, set to kill. As it collides with every inch of my brain I felt a sharp tingle. I can't stop thinking. But I don't even know what am I thinking about. It's just a big giant blur inside my brain. I can't think clearly. I don't even know this feeling that I'm experiencing.

It's all a big humongous gigantic blur.

A blur.

If this is what I'm supposed to be good at, then why am I not satisfied with the outcome? I feel bad for all those people who had high hopes for me. This is only the start and I feel as if I've shattered their hopes into half.

I don't want shitty marks. I want to be the one on top. I have made the effort. But why do I feel like my effort isn't paying off? Was I using the wrong method?

I feel like I've lost something. I don't want that smile to falter. The smile that had so much kept my spirits up. The smile I long for. The smile I adore looking at. The smile that makes me smile from ear to ear. The smile that says "I'm proud of you."

I don't want that smile I love so much to morph into a frown. I don't want the curve to be drawn vice versa. I don't want it. I don't.

From this moment on I'm going to promise myself that I will do whatever it takes to keep that smile on that face. I will do anything in my power, everything I'm capable of doing to keep that smile on. Witness readers, my vow to myself. And I ask for your good conscience to remind me of what I have said here and now.

Remind me of the smile. Remind me of the explicit meaning that the particular smile gives. Remind me, please remind me.

Such hectic this week had been and it's only Monday. Such emotion that a paper can trigger. Such disappointment can be felt by person from the gift of sight. Such a powerful feeling a person can experience from an effort so blatantly done.

I shall not be something I loathe, but I shall loathe myself if I could not be something.

My emotions are still running wild. Save me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Because the sight of you elevates me from reality.

Exam has finally, finally, ENDED.

thankyou thankyou thankyou MEE for studying with me throughout the whole friggin exam. no, wait.

for pushing me to study harder, stronger and better(?)

okay what the hell.

well anyways thanks mee for making sure I studied enough.

tengkyu tengkyu tengkyu tengkyu tengkyu :D

After arabic today I went to Giant with Mee and Amilin. I was so hongreh and was so in the mood for kfc's fat fat chicken and was so HONGREHH (again).

and I couldn't resist spending RM25 for a pair of the most perfect black baggy pants ever and a red shirt.


the pants were so cheap! RM10 a piece like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

and the red shirt looks like the one Sasa bought from Giordano. and it was only rm15! like what the hell what the hell watahelll.

I love shopping at giant. well technically it's the stores outside. but giant have really nice pajama pants. all pink and frilly. i wanted to buy one but it was wayy over my budget. rm18. see how broke i currently am -_-

can't wait to go back hooome this thursday! or friday. dang im having that shafawi test on thursday from 4 to 6pm like what lah I wannna go back on thursdayyy.

and plus it only contributes like 5 marks. i think my perfect 10/10 leadtrain mark can cover that up HAHA.

I wanna change my layout. this is getting so boring. dark pink like ew why did i ever agree to this layout in the first place.

Mee did show me a website full of cute layouts but I'm still hesitating. lecehla nak cari cbox balik. and nak edit-edit the colums. god god god malasnyaaa.

maybe I'll do it when I get home. Imisshome Imisshome Imisshome.

I am so pissed that they went to wet world shah alam without waiting for me! im just a week late from home jeeeeeez. I shall make them go there for a second time next week. Haha.

Wonder how my mid semesters marks are gonna look like.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Absent minded, for the time being.

This has to be the most boring weekend ever.

Picture this,

stuck in this padang jarak padang tekukur nilai with nothing but a few uninteresting shops at nilai square ( not even a mall! ) and exams for THREE DAYS IN A ROW!

wohoo yay me.

linguistic was not so bad after all. well, I still haven't got my marks yet so yeah I have the right to say that haha. The only mark that I've gotten so far is IRK which is 17.5/20.

not bad for someone who registered almost a month late eh?


well anyways gotta go study FIM for tomorrow. and arabic the day after. erghhh -_-

*logs in facebook*

Sunday, December 20, 2009


My weight has seen a drastic drop from 48kg to 45kg. damn. rasa macam nak pergi overseas 3 bulan lagi. baru kau tahu lapar tak lapar.

haha over gila kata sabah oversea. but betullah kan in a way. it's over the south chine pacific sea. or some sea.

classes starts tomorrow. and oh exams too.

exams should be banned really, so we can save the trees.

no more exam paper production!

boykot indah kiat.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today I..

So I was scrolling through Lee's list of blog when I suddenly saw the words 'DAMN AIKA!' as Azie's latest post and being the curious S I was I opened it.


Serious weh that was the main reason I put up the poop picture but I hadn't thought of someone being in that precise position, a position I imagined that someone would be in when I posted it.

Sorry for the, uh, unappetizing post Azie :D

But I so totally had a real laugh.

Well anyways have you guys ever heard about a movie called Joe's Apartment? The movie about this loser-like guy who shares his apartment with 4o thousand COCKROACHES?

Like c'mon dude, COCKROACHES?!

I was quivering throughout the whole movie maaan there were dancing and singing-in0an-opera-kind-of-way cockroaches and everything. And plus the apartment that Joe lives in is a total dumpster with half-eaten tacos and pizza boxes and opened peanut butter jars. It's no wonder there are 40 thousand cockroaches living with him.

But the fact that they have the knowledge of speech(perghh ayat linguistic) is sort of cool you know, when you have a cockroach that talks then you'd probably wouldn't wanna bash the hell ouf of them as much. Plus they look kind of cute at the end of the movie.

But that doesn't mean I've taken a sudden liking to cockroaches, EUWW. I'd still bash them with rolled nespapers and spray them with ridsect(mortein?) everytime I see them.

After all, all is fair in love and war.

Okay I don't know what that's gotta do with anything but still, it's cool to have a saying for everything isnt' it? I'm gonna start sounding like the wise old owl who knows everything. Or something.

On another completely unrelated matter, my internet was being stupid the whole day so I got absolutely NOTHING, NADA, NIL, ZERO, ZILCH thing to do except sim-ing and sleeping.

While I was sim-ing I suddenly remembered that I had to take some picture of my sim family because I wanted to show Azie how my sim husband (who also, somehow ended up looking a bit like my ex) looked like.

But I forgot where it's automatically saved. Hmm.

Okay got it.

Behold, my humble home from top view. Because they only gave me like 18000 simoleon (or was it 15000 simoleon?) I had to settle down with this teeny little house. Now that my son, Jacob Crawford (I'm Aika Crawford and my husband is Chace Crawford hikhik) is a big boy and doesn't sleep in his cot anymore, I need to buy another bed. But the problem is, there's no more space in the room -_-

maybe I could somehow squeeze it in the living room.

And this is my dear husband dozing with our son in his crib. He was still a baby then. I think this was taken yesterday. You never realize how fast your kids grow. One minute he was still still i his crib crying over a dirty diaper and the next minute he already knows how to prepare his own breakfast!

My husband, showin some loooove to our baby. Isn't he such a responsible and adorable young daddy? Oh god that's so sexy.

DOES HE NOT LOOK LIKE MY EX? Or I'm just exaggerating a bit over what my unconscious mind has created. Or he does look like my ex, but just a tad hotter version of him. Wow, that's hot.

You know, this could probably happen in the future.

A husband who is HOT and COOKS. How lucky can you get?

The hot husband cooking picture s'gonna wraps up this post. Now you see why I like playing sims. I can finally be, wear and act like my alter ego(?) in that world. Like I have a need for an alter ego. I can't even manage my own self properly. Heh.

Monday, December 14, 2009

To them, I will always be a joke.

I think it's time I write something to get the poop picture out of the way. It bugs me every time I open this blog. Being greeted by a picture of a very long poop isn't exactly inviting you know.

HAHA tell that to yourself.

Okay whatever.

I'm planning to go back to Nilai this Wednesday with Mee so that we can totally 100% concentrate on the other four killer subjects that we're having for exams right after the mid break. Seeing to that I don't wanna flunk anything again, I'll just have to concentrate really effing hard on my studies an SCCCOOORREEEEEEEEEEEEE.

well, according to me that is.

Friday, December 11, 2009

This has to be the most disgusting thing I've ever posted.

First of all, sorry for the really disturbing graphical image up here.
but it's sort of necessary for this post :D
behold, The Poop List.
1. Ghost Poopie-The kind where you feel the Poopie come out, but there's no poopie in the toilet.
2. Clean Poopie-The kind where you poopie it out, see it in the toilet, but there is nothing on the toilet paper.

3. Wet Poopie-The kind where you wipe your butt fifty times and it still feels unwiped, so you have to put some toilet paper between your butt and your underwear so you don't runie them with a stain.

4. Second Wave Poopie-The kind that happens when you're done poopie-ing and you've pulled your pants up to your knees, and you realize you have to poopie some more.

5. Turtle Poopie-The kind of poopie that pops out a little and goes back in a few times before it finallly comes out

6. Pop-a-Vein-in-your-Forehead-Poopie-The kind where you strain so much to get it out, you practically have a stroke.
7. Lincoln Log Poopie-The kind of Poopie that is so huge you're afraid to flush without first breaking it into little pieces with the plunger.

8. Gas-sy Poopie-The kind where it's so noisy, everyone within earshot is giggling!

9. Drinker Poopie-The kind of Poopie you have the morning after a long night of drinking. It's most noticeable trait is the skid marks on the bottom of the toilet.

10. Corn Poopie(Self explanatory)

11. Gee-I-Wish-I-Could-Poop Poopie-The kind where you want to Poopie, but all you do is it on the toilet and fart a few times.

12. Spinal Tap Poopie-That's the kind when it hurts so badly coming out, you swear it was leaving you sideways.

13. Wet Cheeks Poopie (The Power Dump)-The kind that comes out of your butt so fast, your butt cheeks get spashed with water.

14. Liquid Poopie-The kind where yellowish-brown liquid shoots you of your butt and spashes all over the toilet bowl.

15. Mexican Poopie-The kind that smells so bad your nose burns.

16. Upper Class Poopie-The kind of Poopie that doesn't smell.

17. The Suprise Poopie-You are not even at the toilet, because you are sure you are about to fart, but, OOPS---a Poopie!

18. The Dangling Poopie-This Poopie refuses to drop into the toilet even though you know you are done poopie-ing. You just pray that a shake or two will cut it loose.
poops can be really interesting, no?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When adults lose their manners

Shitty councelor. She didn't even told me that she was going to cancel our firt one hour session today. When I see her next week I'm gonna give her a piece of my mind. Sheeeeesh.

Do you know how excrutiatingly painful it can be waking up at 8 am when your class actually starts at 10 am? And it's was all because some durbrain didn't even bother to tell you that your sessionhas been canceled due to her attending come dumb course in dumb genting.

God, this is extremely pissing.


Are you aware of how much of a difference an hour of sleep can do to you?

I guess you don't.

Because learning doesn't only happen in the classroom

Things learnt in the past 24 hours :

1. Don't drink two cups of nescafe (rich or regular doesn't matter) in a span of 5 hours.

Unless you want your piss to end up looking and smelling like a pale yellow colored nescafe. The smell of the piss and nescafe alas, cannot be distinguished. Save you taste a drop of the piss and a drop of the real nescafe.

You may also want to avoid doing this this because your head will feel like it's constantly vibrating and as if it might vibrate more aggresively every second and finally shoot off of your neck leaving you, a head shorter.

You might also feel very disoriented when it's 6 in the morning and finally time to sleep because your eyes will feel very heavy but your brain will continue to be alert, working its's ass (if it has one) off.

So in short, just stick to a cup of nescafe in case you ever intend to pull an all nighter.


trust me, i know.

2. 2 hours of sleep CANNOT POSSIBLY substitute the usual 16 hours of sleep you're used to getting everyday.

sleeping at 6.15 in the morning and waking up at two hours and fifteen minutes later IS NOT a habit to be practised in case you're interested in leading a healthy lifestyle.

I'd recommend sticking to the standard 8 hours of sleep regime to avoid any future complications, physically or mentally.

3. Its Brentley, NOT Bertley.

Damn you Mr. Mallard (inside joke for everyone who took the poetry exam a few hours ago)

4. Chicken is not supposed to be eaten on a daily basis.

Toasts, as it happens, make really good, not to mention cheap, lunch.

5. Stop wearing your darned extremely worned out pair of gladiators to class everyday.

You're bound to slip and fall, IN PUBLIC. (include 'watching cute guy' to add to swelling humiliation)

6. It is beyond awesome to have your classmate for almost all of your classes (but one) as your dormmate.

I can finally stay up and ACTUALLY study (with occasional peeks at facebook every 2 or 3 minutes) until 6 am. Before this, the only reason I stayed up late at night was because I was busy online doing god knows what.


7. Wearing a T-shirt with the words I'm Alone printed on it doesn't make you feel less lonely.

This one hardly needs an embellishment.

8. Healthy competition is actually good for your spirit(?)

Well, minus the two cups of nescafe and being sleep-deprived for one whole friggin night.

9. It's nice to find out, once or twice in every month, that you don't have a baby swimming around in your vagina. Or your womb. Wherever babies hang out in the tummy really.

Thank god for periods. Minus the period pains and sporadic leakings. Dang that's irritating.

10. It won't harm you to make new friends. But just remember to cherish the old ones just as well.

I miss you guys in PJ :')

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Being bestfriend-less.

I hate the fact that you've changed a whole lot since we first started becoming friends.

I hate the fact that that i don't receive as many messages from you as i used to during high school.

and I really hate the fact that you're suddenly morphing into someone i don't even know a tick about in a really short period of time.

I hate it. I hate it all.

I used to think that we would keep on being the best of friends, the closets buddies, the inseparable pals forever. and i meant, FOR EVER.

but instead you had to go and ruin it all, by changing.

change change change.

have you never considered how i would feel when i was told that you had a boyfriend AFTER you broke up with him?

have you ever considered how i would feel knowing it from someone i have never met my entire life? a total stranger?

have you ever considered my feelings at all, for that matter?

i've been refusing to believe the fact that you would rather lie to me than face my disapproval of your relationship.

but now, i'm starting to get the grip of reality.

but im still infuriated that the only reason you didn't bloody tell me about your boyfriend was because you said i'd be mad at you.

i can't believe you simply lied to me. i just, cant.

i thought best friends were supposed to tell each other everything.

i thought we were supposed to share every single shit in our lives with each other.

i thought we were sisters.

but then i was proven wrong.

you couldn't have ever felt how hurt i was feeling at that time. i told you EVERY SINGLE SHIT that ever happened to me. i never hid anything from you.

you had a boyfriend. and i never knew about him. at least not from you anyway.

i knew that we had faced personal difficulties trying to keep up with each others life since we separated two years ago. we weren't in the same school anymore. we weren't in the same class anymore. we weren't sitting next to each other anymore.

when i knew you and i were going to the same college i was so very happy. needless to say, i was thrilled at the prospect of getting to see you everyday, spending breaks together, gossiping about guys as we did when we were in high school.

but i hadn't anticipated what would become of you and me.

now i know that school life and college life are two wholly different things. we wouldn't have time to hang around with one another because both of us would be really busy with our own workloads.

now i know.

i just wanted to tell you that you can't imagine how devastated i was when i knew that you hadn't shared with me the most basic things in our friendship.

now you see how little things are are usually taken for granted can probably be the cause of the end of our friendship.

i'm aware of the number of guys you have in your phonebook. but you told me they were all friends. and i believed you. like a stupid, trusting, curious less being i did what i've done.

i bloody bloody trusted you.

can you feel how betrayed i felt when i was told about it? can you? can you?

maybe you won't be reading this in the near future because i know that you rarely open my blog. but when you do, i want you to know that it'll be really hard to forgive you for the pain you've caused, the unconscious betrayal that you've succeeded in doing.

this isn't an immature post, this is my blog.

Friday, December 4, 2009

To the twilight saga fans.

winner of the most epic movie poster of the yeaarrrr.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I can't decide whether latin or french is the sexier language.

Wow I now have 303 posts since december 2007.

it reminds me of 3OH!3. that's a cute name for a band don't you think?

but the song is quite perverted though. huda hates them to bits :D

except when the had a duet with katy perry. althought the video was sort of explicit, the song was really good. that's maybe beacuse i just so totally adore katy perry.

i'd really like to go see her if she ever comes to malaysia. but yeah, concerts are prohibited.

lucky me.

well it's not like i like going to concerts anyway(and it's not as if i've ever been to one -_-) the atmosphere is just so..crazy. people screaming and fainting and hyperventilating(?) and sweating (gross) and jumping around. so, NOT my type of place.

although i do like screaming, hyperventilating, and jumping around. but i like it better if done alone. NOT with a group of total strangers.


i don't like how im incapable of spending my time with my old friends and my new friends. that's why we got into that stupid fight anyway. it's been a year now. and things have taken a turn for the best. i really really miss them.

i hate it how some people are so totally unpredictable.

like you baby, just like you.

one minute you're okay, and the other minute you've suddenly morphed into this horrible monster i don't even know a tick about.

you stupid, stupid piece of meat.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Because I wonder, a lot.

I just realized that i accidently made another blogger account using my hotmail e-mail.

suppose i typed my hotmail instead of my yahoo and walaahhh!

a new account.

a new blank account.

like i needed two blogger accounts right now.

this one's barely managable.

well the expected(?) happened. lin gave me her laptop. but i hadn't bring myself to register it at the mahalah office for the darn sugly sticker, and the it departement for the wifi access. so right now im still living off other people's laptop.

i wonder why people call laptops lappy. is it like a petname. since when do people have petname for gadgets anyways. should i name my phone?

im thinking of piggy.


okay so back to what i was initially trying to say, my second week at nilai went quite okay i guess. i had to say, how i see it, nilai is just like al-amin.

minus the dresscode, the unfamiliar faces, the non-existance of assembly and a whole lot others really.

but basically, it's just like al-amin.

i wonder why so many al-amin students 'tragically' wind up in of the factors being it's closer to home?


i met a lot, and i mean A LOT of ex alaminian. and i did things that are supposedly unimaginable to me a few years ago.

like talking to auzaie in a very very civilized conversation.

lee was right. alaminians are starting to socialize with one another.

it's mostly thanks to facebook.

where you can comment craps and like pictures and posts and write notes(whatever are blogs for) et cetera et cetera.

facebook is THE social networking site.

like, you never see alaminians socializing in myspace or friendster or myrakan(god, why do i have to bring this up) no?

choosy, perhaps.

i think i need to brush up on my writing skills. no essays means no brainstorming. although the occasional 'weh-tolong-aku-buat-homework-english-ni' from my doormates do help a bit.

and i still don't understand why we have to learn BMW.

no, not the car.Basic Research Method & Writing Report.

it, suck, balls.

and no i wont hesitate to curse on this significant subject.

oh and i just found out that one of my classmate slept with his other classmates.

i wonder how on earth could he had done it without thinking of his parents.

i miss mine.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Jadinya aku telah ditag oleh luki luki.bagus jugak ada orang tag leats i have something to blog abaout kan.heh.

masih terasa keawkwardan ditag(?)

ya jadi mulalah.

)Beside your lips,where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
i think its best if i leave this question unanswered -_-

2)How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

tahi.kelas pukul sepuluh heeeesh.

3)Who was the last person / people you took photo with?

nana and qutu.semalama tetiba nak camwhore apahal tah.

4) Would you consider yourself spoiled?
60% spoiled.hahaaa.woi takdelah spoiled sangat duduk sabah tiga bulan waaaat.okay fine so what kalau mak aku datang tengok pon blek blek.

5)What are you listening now?
lily allen - f you.tajuk mcm ganas tapi lagu mcm nursery rhymes -_-

6)Do you want someone to be dead?
oh banyaaaaaaaaaaaaak.

7) What does your last text message say?

tak ingat dan henset jauh so malas nak amek.

8) What are you thinking right now?
about the big plan tomorrow.heeeh.

9) Do you want someone to be with you right now?
nehh.cukuplah dgn dormmates yang rock rock belaka.

10) What was the time you went to bed last night?
about 3am.baiknya aku berjaga buat outline untuk writing class kau mee :D

11) Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?

hoh baru beli kat kedai tepi giant tadi.a statement tee with the words 'im alone' written on it.pathetic i know.haha.

12) Is someone on your mind right now?
tak hongreh.

13) Who was the last person who text you?

i think it was latoyah sepang.but i forgot what she said

it is just me or does this post somehow sounds really formal.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two to the o to the one to the two.

tadi aku pegi tengok 2012 kat sunway pelamid.


disini akan disertakan sedikit spoiler untuk kalau anda belum tengok dan merancang untuk tengok serta jenis irritating yang emo bila orang bagitau what happened dalam cerita yang korang nak tengok padahal korang belum tengok lagi sila jangan baca.

amusing scenes:

1. Masa tamara gave yuri The Finger because she managed to get on the madalaka big ship and he didnt when he was the one who abandoned them at the snowy mountainy in the first place.PAWNED YURIII.

2. Every scene which has sasha innit.THAT WAS ONE HOT PILOT.

why did he have to diieee T_T

3. When adrian's dad went out of the door on the cruise ship,turned around and saw the HUMOUNGGGOSSS 6535752e542873 feet wave inches from him.THAT WAS INDEED AN EPIC SCENE.

4. When charlie the crazy guy from yellowstone national park broadcasted for the last time on top of caldera mountain before it erupted and yelled "YOU HEARD IT FIRST FROM CHARRLIEEEEEEEE!!" while raising his hands to the sky before getting hit heads on by a burning lava-coated bigbig rock.epic scene number II.

5. That time when they flew over califronia while it sank(?).


7. The scene when satnam kisses his son for the last time with a madalaka big gigantic tsunami coming behind them made me cry.BLOODY ANHEUSER FOR NOT GIVING THEM FREE TICKETS TO THE BLOODY SHIP.anheuser has to be the !@#$%^&* of the movie.

8. All scenes involving nima.he was the cutest buddhist monk :D cute giler er er smpai rase nak cubit pipi die waarghhhh.

9. The scene when the dalai lama(?) just stood at his mountain place retreat while watching the himalayas being engulfed by gigantic waves.epic epic epic.

10. Another heart wrenching secen was when yuri fell to his death while jumping and holding up his son's feet to get him on the ship before the gate closes.a father's love has no boundaries :|

11. The last scene which shows earth having only africa as daratan.the rest are all sea sea and more seas o.O


berhenti baca sekarang dan pergi tengok cerita itu.

p/s:kebas punggung duduk dalam pawagam for nearly 3 hours straight -_-

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Monday, November 16, 2009

Whoever invented linguistics should be shot dead in the head,sliced into pieces and fed to the dogs.

Ben qualifying test.two parts.50 marks.linguistic and literature.linguistic sucks.literature thank god.


i know i don't.


when people ask me things on tenses i blur out.just to show that even if you're quite good in something doesn't mean you know everything about it.


p/s : hasan looks weird with all those beard on his face.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The dead blog.

This blog is so dead.

nway updates.

1. I've finally started using a facial wash.the last time i used one was like 2 to 3 years ago.i tried ponds,clean and clear and every other facial washes on the shelve in guardian.but my pimples keep coming up.ainaa told me to go ask the doctor for a special one -_- but then i started using garnier.and so far it looks as if my skin and garnier are a match made in pimples and my skin arent so oily anymore.haha okay pehal macam tulis testimoni garnier.i think i'll start using garnier's other pruduct.

and just so you know,im not using garnier so that i can be two tones fairer or whatever the slogan(?) is.its just that i dont have a facial wash and i feel kind of left out when my friends are talking baout facial okay wth.


okay breath in.

2. I GOT BEN.enough said eh? :D

3.I didnt go back home for the weekends for almost 3 weeks.gila record.anyways im going back this week because it's gebu gebi's aqiqah.anyone wanna come msg me for my address(?)

for more updates,got to

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Illuminati Propaganda.

Tadi aku pergi ceramah dekat amf hall.the title was Qiyamah conjunction dengan star seeker's week.jangan tanya aku i really dont know what it means.heh heh.

mula-mula masuk memang dah macam ramai orang but i never thought that so many people would be attracted to watch it sampai duduk berisla dekat lantai and all.nasib baik roomate aku sangat bes dan telah menjaga tempat aku,temyam and mereyem atas kerusi yang empuk(NOT).

i figured that mesti title ceramah tu yang aroused the interest of all those people sampai sanggup berdiri for about almost two hours tu.yelah kan.QIYAMAH 2012.people must be wondering like betul ke hari kiamat will fall on the 21 of december 2012.and do you know that that exact day happens to be on friday?

kan ada hadith(or dalam not really sure -_-) yang pasal the day of judgement being on friday after asar.

so its only natural that people would be really freaked out apatah lagi keluar pulaaak movie yang titled 2012 tu.catchy gile die punye slogan(?) tu.


but then this ustaz,his name was ashari ibrahim kot.okay serious tak ingat name bapak die.tapi name die ashaari la.he was an ex student of uia.orang kelantan.tapi bes la die bagi ceramah.ade slides and videos so that we wont be he's a funny guy himself.

okay gila buat biodata ringkas ustaz.

okay sambung pasal ceramah.mula-mula he showed us the trailer of that particular movie.dahlah the speakers were blaring macam hapaka bertambah scary pulak movie tu.after we finished watching the trailer and smueorang were like whispering to their friends die pun sort of start lah talking about what the mayan(or maya) calenders of thousand years has predicted.

that the world will come to an end at 21/12/2012.

but can we trust this ancient calender?the calender that even those who wrote(?) it had died thousands of years ago?wiped of the earth without a single trace.

haha okay cara cakap macam musnah oleh kerana ribut taufan ke ape.i dont really know myself.

banyak rupanya yang aku taktau ni HAHAHAHA.

he left us to wonder whether to trust or to not trust and then he started talking about the the illuminati.

ustaz tu cakap illuminati ni is like the highest part of the israeli's society which consist of people whom are very very very very very very deh intelligent and considered like sacred.i think.macam christian popes kot.i think II.

they're a worldwide secret organization and they plan to establish a new government(sort of) called the New World Order(NWO) and they want this to be the only government in the world.its like taking over the ruling of the world.

god im explaining this in such basic english that it actually sounds ridiculous.its not like im able to write using difficult words english sudah berkarat because i havent used it for such a long english exam papers or anything that can make my brain go WOOOOOOOOHSSSHH at the thought of writing a 5-paged essay.

okay lari point.

back to the illuminati.they have a symbol.have you seen the symbol at the end of a 1$ note?notice theres a pyramid with an eye on top?

one which looks just like this,

tengok sekali adalah macam sangat familiar seperti di poster movie national treasure.penceramah tadi juga ada cakap pasal the weird words dekat pyramid tu but i forgot what it was o_O

nanti aku potostet notes membe sebelah aku akan jelaskan dengan lebuh terperinci okay.hahagahga.

he also gave a lot of websites on which you can find more information on the illuminati on.

yang tu pun on the next post okay.pukul tiga pagi agak laloq untuk berblog dengan sopan dan ilmiah.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The new mission statement.

Went out with temyam on friday.since lin had this microsoft thingy at klcc i figured i'd tag along rather than staying home being absolutely unreproductive.

plus it was temyam's birthday so somehow i felt obliged(?) to treat her to,uh,something.well it wasnt actually was two things haha.

i bought tickets for pandorum,the new movie which just came out last thursday.and it was THE THANG.the producers were the same as the ones who made resident evil so yeah memang ada makhluk-makhluk aneh bergigi tajam makan orang dan amat menjengkelkan dalam movie tersebut.

tapi seriously sangat best saya amat mengesyorkan supaya anda pergi tengok.if you like resident evil,you'll definitely love pandorum :)

rasa macam nak cerita the whole movie kat sini tapi macam spoil pulak baiklah takpayah cerita disini ya oki jika mahu tahu sila pergi tonton sendiri serious best tak rugi kalau rasa rugi saya sudi refund balik duit anda(?)

dahlah seat kitorang memang position yang paling puh puh peh peh ah dalam cinema tu.memang at the centre.baris tengah,tempat duduk tengah.and we were surrounded by couples EEEE JENGKEL GILA SEBELAH AKU COUPLE SEBELAH TEMYAM COUPLE HOH.

aku cukup tak suka duduk sebelah couple dalam cinema sebab aku rasa macam ikut sama bermaksiat -_-

masa aku tengok final destination 4 dengan lat dulu pun aku tukar tempat sebab sebelah aku couple aku tak sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

tapi agak bagus juga aku duduk sebelah couple haritu kerana aku dan temyam asyik membuat bising lalu mereka tidak dapat konsentret untuk melakukan maksiat(?) awek yang duduk sebelah temyam pun sampai fedap nak tukar tempat dengan boypren dia hahahahahahahapadanmukahahahahahah.

after the movie kitorang dah terketar-ketar kesejukan dan pundi kencing pun seperti sudah penuh dengan air sprite(?) lalu bergegas lah kami keluar melalui jalan keluar pawagam yang sangat panjang seperti endless entah mengapa itu pun.

sebaik sahaj keluar dari penggung wayang temyam telah menunjukkan simptom-simptom hipotermia yang kronik iaitu bibir menjadi pucat dan kuku menjadi biru.

serious ah pompuan ni dudok tengok wayang 2 jam dah kene hipotermia hahahhahahah agak kelakar disitu hahahahaha.

lalu duduklah kami diluar klcc sebentar mengusha orang-orang bekerja yang kelihatan sungguh hangsum gamaknya berpakaian kemeja lipat tangan sampai siku fuh fuh semarttnya tergoda sebentar duduk diluar.

after like 15mins masuklah balik kerana perut sudah bersimfoni menandakan sudah masuk waktu makan tengahari.lalu kerana kami ingin merasa masakan penang asli(?) kami pun pergilah ke the little penang kan itu ke name die hoh.temyam mengorder cakuetiau dan aku pula mengorder assssssssam laksssssssssa.air temyam sangat bosan iaitu eslementi dan airku sangat adventureous iaitu lime juice.agak murah juga makanan disitu ya well at least lagi murah dari nandos ataupun chillis eheh heh ehhehehe.

ya yang ini pun aku belanja T_T


hahahahaha okay tak mengungkit hahahahaha.

dan hari-hari seterusnya aku lalui dengan penuh kebosanan kerana tidak keluar dan tidak tahu buat apa dirumah.

oh ya lupa pula selepas makan itu kami masih ada banyak masa lagi dan tidak tahu apa mahu buat lalu kami pun nekad untuk pergi masuk petro sains HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

tujuan utama(dusta):meningkatkan ilmu tentang sains memandangkan kami berdua adalah student biological science

tujuan utama(benar):telah mendapat khabar bahawa terdapat ramai mamat hothotheat bekerja sebagai volunteer di sana lalu ingin memastikan khabar dengan mata kepala sendiri.


satu di pelantar minyak(PUH YANG INI MELETOP PUNYA) dan satu di kawasan permainan kanak-kanak.

selain mempunya airmuka yang superrpanas,mereka juga kelihatan educated.ya memang seperti boleh dibuat calon suami.

tapi yalah,jangan menghakimi buku berdasakan kulitnya ya oki.

lalu aku pun bercita-cita jika yakni ada lagi cuti panjang nescaya aku akan datang bekerja di petrosains ini kerana gaji pun PUH MASYUK SEH lagi juga terdapat mamat-mamat panassss meletop disini wah indahnya enviromen kerja saya.

ya dan sebab utama juga supaya tidak membuang masa melakukan kerja-kerja tidak berfaedah di rumah ya *cough cough*

jadi kawan-kawan,jika ada cuti panjang nani marilah kita bersama-sama pergi kerja di petrosains okay!supaya berjumpa dengan mamat hot dan berkahwin terus amin amin ya rabbal alamin.

tapi perlu juga menjaga pandangan mata dan hawa napsu baru lebih semarrt yeah.

esok lusa tasha datang kl jadi harap boleh keluar dan beradventur lagi ya bersama si pututuy itu pula :D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Updates #1

  1. I bought my first colored pair of pants.its pink,its carduoroy and i cant figure out how to wear it or what to pair it with.
  2. I bought my first pair of legging.not a 3/4 one though.and it sort of has those sekat-dekat-tumit things at the bottom.this i can figure out how to wear.under my jubah in case some snatch thief snatches my handbag and i feel like chasing him,i can just lift(?) my jubah and start the chase?smart eh?
  3. I have finally found the perfect black colored hobo handbag that i have been looking for sine i discovered the nessacity of a black colored hobo was on jusco.i am now a qualified and experienced bargain me people,it looks like it was bought from dorothy perkins,eheh.
  4. And i also bought my first striped selendang.but since i think that i bought the wrong size(when i belit it around my head it just seems the beliting will never stop.yes it's that big -_-) i havent figured out how to wear it the proper way.pairing it is no's a shade of red so it'll totally match my cotton baju kurung which has little itty bitty red flowers.
  5. Okay i know that i've bought a red chekcered bf shirt with lee months ago.but it's short sleeved and i really don't like wearing inners anymore.thankyou fatim for the influence.well,unless its a really really cute and nice sleveless dress ill give an exception.but for now i just like to wear sleveless tops with cardigans.i have like 7 cardigans so it's not hard to pair it with any random colored top.
  6. Well the point is i bought another bf shirt.its a long sleeved one and it's pink and grey checkered like when i saw it i KNEW i HAVE to have it.and it also falls mid dad wouldnt have a problem with it.sorry lee,i just had to move on to bigger and better things when oppurtunity comes knocking :D
  7. Plus tasha's coming to kl next week!it's been about four months since i last saw her.i hope lat will come along would be a bit awkward if it was just me and her.we were really close at camp but we both know when we start going our separate ways it would be really awkward when we meet up is awkward(?)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Because getting angry is punishing yourself with the mistakes of others.

Aku sangaaaaaaaaaaaattt palingggggggg pantaaangggg tak sukaaaaaaaaaa tak gemarrr tak hengeeennnnn(?) menyampaahhhhhhh bila ada orang kata

"ni mesti dah ade boyfriend niii"

"tipulah takde boyfriend"

"weh ko dengan sape sekarang?takde sape?tipu la wehhhh"


okayy memanglah kat luar aku nampak gatal gedik semacam terutama masa kejadian mus'ab(?) di rumah syakilah tadi HAHA OKAY MALU MALU tapi serious ahh takat-takat tu je lebeh sorrytakminat.

kadang-kadang aku tertanya pada diri sendiri adakah muka aku umpama muka gadis melayu tipikal yang semestinya sudah ada boyfriend?

mungkinkah kerana aku kelihatan seperti ada boyfriend tiada lelaki yang memberi respon semasa aku main kenyit2 mat-


percayalah masyarakat malaysia,saya tidak ada boyfriend.

terdapat beberapa faktor yang dikenalpasti telah menyumbang kepada fenomena(?) ini.antaranya perangai jengkel tidak senonoh yang bila lelaki tengok pun secara autometik akan terfikir "ew jengkel gile pompuan ni rase nak tenyeh je tumet kasot aku kat muke" dan juge suke melawan(?) kata.

ya aku memang suka berdebat bab-bab yang aku rasa aku boleh menang haha.sila jangan ajak berdebat hal isu semasa atau debat perdana tentang hal ehwal ekonomi islam memang jadah haram aku taktauuuuu.

hanya sebab aku pakai contact lense berwarna honey dan memakai bohemian dress tidak bermaksud aku sudah ada boyfriend TOLONG YA BUKA MINDA ITU WAHAI KELUARGA MASYARAKAT.

aaannndd esok diorang nak fly daaaaaaaaah.huu hiba gila dulu kita korek-korek tanah cari cacing(dongeng melayu asli) sama-sama sekarang korang nak fly daaaahhh.bye weh byeee.

kalau mak aku good mood pagi esok aku hantar korang okay :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Father.

Today,my father made history when he gave his EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD daughter a CURFEW.

cmon daaaaaaaaaaaad.eighteen year olds dont have curfews -_-

this was because he saw me on the computer at 1 in the morning two nights ago.ONE O'CLOCK IS NOTHING MAAAAN.i guess it would be too much to tell him that i rarely sleep at night dekat uia.

dekat uia,1 pagi macam still pukul 8 malam okay.meriah dengan tapak-tapak kaki yang menapak ke godknows where.dekat rumah pukul 9 dan gelap gelita.sungguh tak ada life orang-orang di rumah.hahaha.

so yeah.aku boleh online sampai pukul sebelas je sekarang.GO AND HAVE FUN ON FACEBOOK WITHOUT ME.heeeeeeeeeeeeesshh.

you should've saw the look on his face when he caught me on the computer at 5 in the morning when i was fifteen.his eyes were as big as volleyballs :D

dont worry daddy,youre still my number one man.hehe.

Getting help online.

I think my typing skills are becoming very shitty.

on first try i typed getiing hep oline instead of getting help online.

i am pathetic -_-

well today my parcel arrived.


a few days ago i saw a reaaaaaly cute burberry printed bf shirt that i would like to own.i think the website was

but anyways the name of the online shop was motte.sounds a bit like latte tho.eheh.

and when i opened the parcel,it..wasnt exactly like i had hoped was too short for mee T_T

the curse of being almost 170cm tall.pheeeeeeeeeeesshh.

i was so devastated besause i looked really awkward it in.i even tried to mix and match it with my other tops and make it a bf cardigan(what the hell) but it just looks so wrooong.

and its not refundable heeeeeessh.the cons of online shopping,i know.

and suddenly i remembered there was a site that selled goods that were bought online and never worn before,except for trying purposes that is.and so,my day is saved :D

thanks a lot shopping gazebo :)

and i hope someone WILL BUY EEET and sort of refund me the money back because i now have my eye on a long grey colored cardigan which only costs RM50!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.i saw one that looked exactly like that in topshop and it cost this is like a BIG bargain i dont a light grey cardi.i only have a dark grey one.and EVERYONE KNOWSS that a light grey cardi is a staple in your wardrobe.

so there :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Essence of Insanity.

So my three weeks final semester break just started last saturday.

and i have no idea how to fill it dengan penuh ill be free everyday,i think.

so siapa-siapa yang nak keluar TOLONGLAH TOLOOONG ajak saya okay?because i dont think i can last three home.doing nothing.except fb-ing.which can be addictive.

now what the hell should i post about.

oh okay i got one.

disebabkan tahap boringakutaktaunakbuatapacutilamagilasiaalllni,

i resulted to playing crazy planet and restaurant city in facebook like YES I DID.but as low as i would stoop i would not EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER play pet society OR farmville.

aku tak suka harvest moon,thus aku JUGA tak suka farmville sebab konsep dia sama.beli lembu jual lembu beli lembu jual lembu.


at least in restaurant city you get to buy bunny ears and buck-tooth yourself.altho the rabbit ears do cost a bomb -_-

ad i would like to end this post with a picture of my three month old nephew, SI BEBI GEBU GEBI GEBETT,

apa barang letak gamba naqib sekarangg hahahahahahahahaha.

Tak habis-habis dengan PLKN dia.

HOOOOH finally cikgu jack uploaded a few photos on his blog.i was waiting for these sebab cikgu jack ada kamera besar gabak gabai so kualiti gambat mesti WOOH WOOH punya.
i think this was masa nak flying fox kot.sebelah kanan aku tu albe(okay name die noralbaniah and orang lain panggil alba tapi aku saje suke panggil albe hahahahaha) and yang sebelah kiri aku tu sikin.she taught me how to speak bajau :D

aaaand yang comel tersepot tersenyum kat belakang aku tu ah ying!katil dia sebelah katil aku okay haha.warden blok kitorang suke mengamuk tak tentu pasal.haritu adelaa budak sabah dengan semenanjung gaduh.and then cikgu ni dapat tau die pun masuk ah dorm.time tu lagi 5 menit nak ade rollcall solat maghrib -_-

die masuk-masuk je she started counting "1..2..3.." and bile nak dekat sampai 20 baru kitorang perasan yang she'll stop counting when all the door members(?) dah ade dalam dorm.and the last number will be the amount of push ups we'll need to do as a side punishement.

cikgu ni memang sadis sket -----_____------

so kelam kabut aahh kitorang berlari gi blok lain nak cari members sampai yang tengah shower po tekocoh-kocoh klua pakai tuale rambot basah air meleleh-leleh atas lantai.the scene was so..chaotic weh.haha.


and the final count was fifty.



bawah katil yang berhabuk berambut bergod-knows-what-the-hell-is-under-there tu cikgu suruh kitorang masuk.dalam hati masing-masing memang dah SHIT SHIT SHIT DAHLAH AKU BARU MANDI PAKAI PARFUM BEDAK CANTIK WANGI-WANGI SHIT SHIT.

lepas kitorang dah mencecet-cecet lari masuk bawah katil she pun started lah what her tujuan coming to the dorm that petang.

memang kuat gileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tahap petir panah kilat storm ribut hurricane katrina ah suare die smpai blog depan and blog belakang kitorang sunyi sepi je.


and kitorang yang bawah katil tu pun menyambutlah dengan suare yang dull, "pahaaaaaaaam"

and then she would say "PAHAM KAPALA OTAK KAU!!!!"

and the questioning and the kapala-oatk-kau thingy happened over and over and over again.aku dah sengeh-sengeh main muke dah dengan ah ying bawah katil tu.and everytime she said kapala otak kau we would ajuk her :D

this happened like 2 days before we went home.masatu memang ah asa membuak buak gileeeeee nak balik.but after that she cooled down and joked with us macam biase.

thats the weird part die cool down memang like ZAAAAAAAAPP!

so now you can see how much a picture means to can bring back memories,bad ones or good ones.

sebenarnya aku nak cerita pasal ah ying je tai termemlalut pulak sampai that fateful evening.hehehe.

kesimpulan post pukul 1 pagi ini,

i miss you ying ying :')

Monday, October 5, 2009

When life gives you a lemon,trade it with an apple.

Cubaan memblog dengan ilmiah satu dua tiga cubaan satu dua tiga.


cubaan gagal.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Because my ego says so.

I seriously do not know that wearing contact lenses can be so hard T_T


tadi aku pergi giant beli complete punye eye drop for cleaning out debris and protein build ups(?) while wearing the lenses.eye careeee.

but i dont really mind tho.all these contact lense caring can perhaps turn me into someone who would actually give a damn about herself.


aaand kalau sibok nak tau jugak im wearing honey colored contact lenses!*lompat gedik setempat*

setiap kali pakai rasa diri sangat comel jadi oh macam kena pakai all the time tapi tak boleh sebab nak tdur petang mesti tanggal kalau tak nanti kena corneal(?) ulcer boleh bute bagai uh uh wadeheeeel.

it looks something like this,

i really like it because i think the color matches(?) my my skin and my eyes nampak sama je hahagahgahaga wth.

sekarang-sekarang ni rasa cam sangat malas nak update tulis pun craps je sigh.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The unchanging commitments.

Ada satu lagu ni kaaaan kalau denga dengan feeling lele lele yang betul boleh menyebabkan genanlinang airmata yang eksstrim.

tak kiralah pike pasal bopren curang ke,kawan-kawan lama ke,markah exam yang macam jsdkergergskger kee.

tak kira lah,tak kira.

haritu aku nampak rai,aku pun dengan haiperrnya jeritlaa,


okay menyesal tego haritu,HAHA.

rai pun was like "ehh bye tkoz BYEEEE"

haha sumpah aku cam "PAHAL NEEEEEEEEEEEEHH"

pastu die tunjok offer letter from al-azhar,faculty dentistry(?)

and aku pun cam


macam apeni apeni semue nak flyy ni apeniiiiiiiiiii.weii kite rehat same-same mase sekolah dulu,mengumpat same-same,tido lele lele dalam kelas same-same,bengap time bio same-same(or yang tu aku sorang je) and banyak lagi bendeeeeeeee.

and suddenly you guys will be going overseas and tinggal aku to rot sorang-sorang here T_T


tapi serious la kan,macam sayu je bile fikir balik semue dah ade arah tuju masing-masing nak fly pegi sane pursue itu ini kat situ sini.

we used to go to school together for god's sakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.we used to spent 5 days a week together.we used to wear the same hideous uniform together.

and now it feels like we've suddenly grown up and yesterday was just something to remember our friendship by.


this feeling,I SOO TOTALLY HATE.

well guys,goodluck goodluck wherever you're going,whatever you'll be pursuing.especially yang nak pergi on the 7th of october nantiii.


oleh itu,id like you guys to hear this one song,

already gone by kelly clarkson

haha okay lagu ni sangat takde kaitan tapi sedaaaaaaaaaaap ah denga je okayy efgjrfgkwae.

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Selamat hari raya.Maaf zahir bain.Halal makan minum"

Haha dah raya kedua baru sibuk nak buat entri raya.

okay bukan nak cerita pasal raya pun.

okaylah cerita pasal raya.

apa nihhhh.

raya tahun ni okay ah.walaupun baju raya aku satu je heeeeeeeeesshhh.

pergi beraya rumah orang tadipun aku pakai baju raya tahun lepas.apa ni main recycle-recycle baju -_-

mom did bought kain lace untok buat baju lace kebaya(?) or kurung moden.tapi tak sempat nak buat uekgmfgkerger.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand this year has shown a steady escalation in my duit raya count HAHA.

in two days ive managed to get about RM300 from everyone yang dah layak bagi duit raya,heh.okaaaaaayy fineeee aku taulah ada orang yang mak bagi RM500,ayah bagi RM500 pakcik bagi like RM300 tu mesti korang cam "HEELEH TIGE RATOT JE PON NAK KECOH PEHAAAAAALLL"

tapi disebabkan i was raised to appreciate(ONE BIG EHEH) the value of money.RM300 seems an awful lot to me.gidit,gidit?

one thing i reaaaallly like about my aunt and uncles is that,the bigger you are,the MOOOOREEE you'll get.masa aku sekolah rendah dulu i only got RM10.but as i got into secondary school and now college it ascended to RM15,then RM20.


plus the one thousand something yang baru masuk account tu kan,


tapi yelah sekarang ekonomi meleset(?) jadi kena berjimat im going to put awa my duit raya for future case id REAAAAALLLYYY need to buy something in the future and my scholarship money is all used up,at least i'll have my backup moneh :D


okeh sila habis cerita pasal duit dan mula cerita pasal erti sebenar hari raya.

as always,i spent my first raya dekat rumah my aunt in bandar utama.since my grandad's death my granma has been staying with my aunt whose also her daughter lah kan.haha apa ni kampung belakang one utama.terasa sangat seperti anak metropolitan eryfgkwgekr.

bandar utama ni kampung(hoh) on my dad's mom's side is in langkap,ipoh.but we dont really go back there anymore since both of my grandparents on mom's side are dead.

sometimes i sort of missed tok and tok wan :')

plussssssssss the house is sodem big and sodem SKERRRRIII.dahlah like belakang tu ada dusun and tepi rumah ada telaga like memang kampung gila ah.SANGAT SANGAATT menakutkan ya uki.

andak(mom's sister) used to stay there.but since she works in ipoh commuting from langkap is very susahla bikos langkap is so sangat dekat ulu and macam tersisih dari civilization(?)

so she moved back to her own house in ipoh and the big sodem scary house was left deserted.sometimes on weekeends she comes back to clean it up.but sejak she terserempak dengan one sodembig python coming in thru the broken window she sort of ,uh,freaked out and sudah jarang-jarang pulang.

plus haritu andak hired this guy to clean up dusun dekat belakang tu.and then dah masuk maghrib pun he was still doing it when suddenly ada this one big tall lembaga appeared and screamed "BALIKLAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

since then nobody really cared aout the wellbeing of the house anymore.

i remembered it to be so lively when mom's siblings came back for hari raya.andak,atam,acu,pak cat,mak long,mak ngah ok yang lain tak ingat sangat adik beradik mak aku sembilan orang ah terlalu ramai untuk diingat eheheheheh.

and back then tok and tok wan was still alive :) tok wan passed away in 1998,when i was only 7 years old.i didnt really tell anybody but i sort of regretted not being able to spend more time with him.he was the most kind,loving and sangat baiikkkk grandad i have ever had.he used to tangkap and sembelih his home-bred ayam everytime we came back and suruh tok masak kari ayam la,sup ayam la.he was so old then,and stick thin.

there's one time when we came back masatu cuti sekolah kot.and when i salam tok wan i saw that his hand was full of cakar ayam.tok wan was bleeding on both hands from the scratch.and you know how sharp chicken's claws(?) can be.

he did all that so we could rasa freshly cooked ayam :|

tok passed away in 2004,when i was 13.i cried really hard when i got the news.somehow,i feel that i was wayyy closer to my grandparents on mom's side than on dad's side.

dad's dad,tok bapak passed away in 2002,when i was 11.yeah i cried.but not as parah as i did when tok passed away.i didnt really bond with tok bapak during the 11 years of my living.he wasnt much of a man with words.but i do remember that he grunted a lot.he died because of kidney failure.

after his death,i wasnt really disturbed by the fact that he was missing whenever family gatherings took place.maybe since we didnt really spend a lot of time together,i didnt really feel lost when he died.

now the only one left is tok mama.

and i hope ill be able to spend enough time with her while i that i wont regret it if the time comes for her to leave.

wooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh okay melalut sangat panjag cerita pasal atuk-atuk dan nenek-nenek.

but seriously la kan,cherish the times you have with your grandparents while you still can.they need you as much as you need them.

ya biklah rasanya patut berhenti sebelum mula memberi nasihat-nasihat yang mengkarung.

oohhh and btw,after final exam ada cuti three weeks before the next semester i was thinking of doing an open house somewhere around that make sure you'll be free okeh,i dont want my guest to only be three people and a dog,HEH.

enjoy your raya!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friend or foe?

I went to Miss Selfridge two days ago and i saw this bebeh,

it was retailing at RM249 a piece.

i forgot i had RM250 on me.

so i went out of the shop with a VERRRYYY LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG face.

a few hours ago i went to check whether my scholarship maneh is in or not.

i am now RM1275 richer than i was this morning.

i am also giving a very serious consideration for the maxi dress.

to buy, or not to buy.

Because I'm idolizing you,baby.

Tadi aku rasa laparr.

ya,salah satu rasa yang sentiasa aku rasa.

lalu tiba-tiba aku teringat instant noodle yang junpyo makan dengan jandi dan gangsan dalam episod brapa tah.aku rasa instant noodle tu perisa kari.

lalu tiba-tiba rasa ingin makan instant noodle perisa kari.

pakai chopstick.

atas lid periuk.

seriousss wehh he ate instant noodle using a pair of chopsticks on the periuk masak instant noodle tu punya lid.

bila tengok semama lapar nescaya nampak cam 293847563872927367x lebih sedap dari makan dalam mangkuk free beli colgate.

and trust me la bebeh,memang berselera semacam ya uki bila makan begitu.

tak percaya cubalah!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lelaki atas bunga-bunga.

Malam semalam merupakan malam ke umpphh-teenth nya aku tidur pukul 430/500.

sebab utama adalah merupakan yang,

terjadinya adiksi kepada cerita korea yang bertajuk sepertidi atas,atau dalam bahasa inggerisnya boys over flowers dan bahasa jepunnya hana yori dango.

percayalah kata saya padi petang ini,jika anda belum tengok cerita ini bermaksud anda belum hidup(?).

ya oke sila abaikan ayat diatas.

summary ceritanya lebih kurang macamnilah,



ade sorang prempuan ni name die geum jandi.inilah watak utame perempuan.jandi ni bapak die kerje kedai laundrybaju and mak die jage public bath house ke apetah name.kat jepon ngn korea banyak bende tu yang ramai orang mandi ramai-ramai we can tell lah that she doesn't have much money.after school hours die kerje dekat satu porridge shop ni dengan bestfriend die,gaeul.

satu harii,jandi ni nak hanta laundry.dan alamat tuan punya laundry tu mengatekan yang jandi kene hanta laundry tu kat satu sekolah elit die shinhwa high school.skolah ni memang elit gle babeng ahh.kalo bapak ko ade syarikat kampeni ladang sendiri bagai je baru ko mampu nak masuk.memang KAYA GILAAAAA!

dekat cafeteris pun makanan dihidangkan macam makanan kat hotel jehfemfrgfaefkjrf.

so jandi pun carilah mamat yang die kene laundry tuu.cari-cari tetibe die nmpk ade crowd bekumpul kat bawah satu building ni.die pon pegila nak tengok what's the commotion all about.bile die pandang atas tengok-tengok ade one guy nak terjun bangunan.laki tu memang penuh berlumuran darah macam baru lepas kene belasah aaahhh.parah glo glo glo.

pastu jandi pun tengok laki tu macam kenal.rupe-rupenye laki tula tuan punye baju laundry yang die kene anta.die pon klamkabot ah naek atas bangunan tuu.

okeh dari sini aku macam lupe sikit.

i think die tanye laki tu asal nak buno diri.and then laki tu cakap sebab F4 la die xtahan kene buli lebih baik mati ah macamtu-macamtu laa.lepastu laki tu pun terjun!

and then jandi lari dengan penuh dramatisnye pegi tangkap bahu laki tu.soooo laki tu terselamatlah!

and then jandi dapat scholarship untuk belaja kat skolah elit tuuu.dahlaminah ni sengkek gile an.memang die rase out of place ah fes time masuk.and then mase masok tu adelah tige eko pompuan huduh gediknakmati ni suke macam buli ejek-ejek die ah sebab die miskin semue an.

okeh aku lupe lagi.

but i think jandi macam tanye la derang sape F4 and then derang cam tekejotglebabi jandi xtau sape F4 and then derang explen la F4 ni made of the most handsome hot hot and richest guys in the whole school.



tapi perangai rotten gila.except jihu.jihu ni pacam introvert sket.nice guy ah dalam cite ni.

lepastuuu F4 ni kalau derang sampai ke sekolah,semue plaja mesti bekerumun dgn pintu sekolah tu nak tengok derang masuk budan pompuan tejerit-jerit "EPPO!EPPO!" sebab orang korea taktau nak pronounce f kot HAHAGAHGA comel gak la.

and then satu hari ni masetu as usual ah F4 baru sampai and semue orang macam bekumpul kat pintu masuk skolah tu an,jandi pun ade skalo tapi kat blakang-blakang la.F4 ni kalau jalan junpyo memang slalu kat depan.since his the richestt(FILTHY RICH GLA ADE JET PERIBADI ADA PULAU HE HAS EBERITINGGGG) and hottest kot haha.masa derang tengha jalan masukk tu adalah sorang budak perempuan ni.berani giladia datang depan junpyo dengan muka takut-takut dia and offered him a cake.she said she baked it herself.lepastu junpyo amek ah kek tu.semuorang macam dah "OMG HE TOOK THE CAKE!BESTNYAAA!"

and then he splattered it on the girl's face.

serioussshit this guy has anger managemenet problems.his temper ahhhhh,hesssshh.

lepastu jandi saw that and she was so frickin pissed ah macam kesian gile budak pompuan tu an.die pon bediri ah depan F4 macamnak block jalan derang and give them a piece of her mind.

tapi she chickened out -_-

and then takpela ann.a few days later,jandi tengah jalan-jalan makan eskem dengan kawan die.ade ah die befriend sorang budak pompuan ni kat skolah tu.aku lupa nama budak tu apa.heh.mase jalan tu kawan die macam jalan dekat tembok pendek au.and then kaki terpelecok jatuh plak minah tu.landing baik punyaaaaaaaaaa atas kasut junpyo.

and her ice cream was all over his multimillion dollar pair of shoes.

muke junpyo mentain cool je tapi yang kawan jandi ni macam dah menggelabah gile uetfjdvwfugwkefhrfger ah aaan dala episod kek dulu tu sangat ngeri.die pon mintak maaf repeatedly non stop siap offer nak beli kasot baru lagi.

patu junpyo kate(ikot translation) "do you know that this pair of shoes was custom made from france?"

or something like that.

and then the girl pon macam dah glabah gile babeng taktau nak buat ape.

and at last jandi gathered her courage and backed her friend up.

jandi ni sejak denga pasal F4 memang die dah benci gileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.especially dengan junpyo ni sebab derang macam snobbish gilee dala gi skolah pakai kot bulu bagai tak pernah pakai uniform ann.

so she said something like "just forgive her's not like she did it on purpose or something." tapi when she said that still kecut-kecut lagii.

and then junpyo said,"ill forgive her.if you lick the ice cream off of my shoes"

like whatehellll maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann.

muka die sumpah arrogant macam hanjengg masa cakap tu.

jandi muke tekejut gila aaanhh.but then she started bending,macam betul die nak lick the ice cream off an.and then bile dah halfway down,she suddenly got up and stuck her ice cream on junpyo's face!


lepastu junpyo macam terjatuh kebelakang kerana impak ice cream kaaan.lepastu baik punya die maki junpyo sepuas hati dan menarik tangan kawannya untuk blah.

and then started the worst period of jandi's life.

the next morning she got a red card from the F4 in her locker.this card means that they're declaring war against bila one student dah dapat red card memang everybody is like given the right to bully that student sampai habis-habisan ah.sama ada bunuh diri sebab taktahan or transfer sekolah.

and memang teruk aaaaaaaahhh jandi kena sampai junpyo upah orang nak pergi rogol dia like boleh taaaaaaaak.kene baling telur and tepung kena baling tomato basikal dia kena bakar.


tapi pompuan ni endure je all that and since she's so tough ganas comel junpyo pun starts to fall for herrr.


puh puh panjang gla dah lame aku tak post panjang macamni semput tangan.

but what i really like about this story was that how loyal,loving,devoted and sweet junpyo was.


serious ah kalau ada perempuan lain memang die xpandang langsung.when he got engaged pun die tak suke gile tunang die tu siap panggil pompuuan tu monkey lagi HAHA he was so totally in love with jandeyhh okay.

and the fact that he'll protect jandi no matter what is so very awesomazing :D

sangat sweet cerita itu.

now that's my type of guy.

saya tak mahu boyfriend.saya mahu future husband.faham?

okay okay aku tau it's just a story tapi i was REAAAALLLLYYY hoping there would a guy out there who'll be like junpyo,if not in every way,in most of his way.

okeh minus the temper.

soulmate oh soulmate bilakah gerangannya kita mahu bertentang mata?

kepada bakal suami silalah ingat ini,

TOLONG YA JADI SEPERTI JUNPYO.jangan kahwin sebab saya sangat cute(EHEH) atau sebab-sebab materialistik yang lain.

dan sila juga kata kepada saya sambil tersenyem,

"there's not a single thing that's cute about you"

sungguh saya akan bertambah cinta kepada awak lagi ya bakal suami.

the fact that you'll be willing to marry me without thinking of my looks makes you teh perfect suami for me,I LABYU MUAH MUAH!

i remembered when jandi asked junpyo a question,

"why me?why not someone else?im not pretty.i dont have much not why me?"

and you know ah what junpyo answered was so comelbutsadis at the same time,

"because im already good looking,rich and smart enough for the both of us.i just want you to be yourself"


dimana mahu cari suami seperti junpyo ya dimana :|

Monday, September 14, 2009

One third of triple X is not rocket science.

Haritu baru aku perasan bahawasanya bila aku senyum standby standby to have my picture taken,

ada dua bola bulat pekat mantop ketat padat muncul dekat pipi aku.


hahahahaha sapa tah yang cakap comel an hahahahhha.

nak cakap dimple lagilah bukan.ih ih.entahlah bila aku jumpa korang nanti dan aku tersenyum kegirangan korang pandai-pandai lah notice sendiri ye.


what the hell -_-

please bear the reminder dekat tepi ni in mind bila jumpa aku diluar okay.

and today i finally discovered that i was not pregnant.


ohh and tadi ada satu random number miscall aku.pahal tah sekarang dah jadi macam satu trend untuk random numbers memiscall aku setiap hari kaaan.

aku tengoklah number tu.bila tengok lama-lama baru perasan yang the number is exactly like mine.kecuali aku dekat belakang nombor satu yang ni kat belakang nombor dua.


pemilik nombor ni mesti jenis macam aku takda kerja test-test miscall nombor yang beza satu nombor kalau-kalau ada mamat hot yang pakai HEH EHEH HEH.

haritu lagi aku takda kerja aku test-test miscall nombor 0121222324 lalu menghantar mesej "hey,nice number you got there"


tapi sedih kerana mesej itu tak pernah dibalas mesti orang tu ingat aku stalker hegfwuergferuf.

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan aku dah dapat number pin kad bank muamalat lembap yuhu yuhu!

haritu aku pergi ah kat finance dpt nak selesaikan hal skoleshittyshit aku nii,and then kakak tu tanyalah number matrik and ic lalu aku pun bagilah maka keluarlah segala detail scholarship aku di skrin kempete itu.

satu je benda yang aku nampak,

Jumlah Untuk Dimasukkan : RM1950

bear in mind yang aku ini bukanlah pelajar tajaan petronas,jpa ataupun bnm.


mintak-mintak belanja akan diberi layanan kurang ah since i'll be using the money untuk makan seharian beli toiletries seharian beli topap bulanan beli tidbits harian dan pelbagai lagi barangan harian mingguan dan bulanan.

takat belanje donut 1/2 dozen tu bolehlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

oh and orang-orang yang aku owe birthday presents pun -_-

muamalat tolong jangan tolak apa-apa ya dari duit yang sangat banyak ini bapa saya kan dah pergai bayar yuran dulu dulu so dah setel kan yuran saya semua kan kan tolong ya mualamat tengkyu labyu muahmuah.

bulan remban habis lagi enam hari.

haritu madam chemistry aku bagi tazkirah di petang hari sebelum start kelas.

mula-mula dia tanya "berapa hari lagi kita puasa?"

laluu aku dengan semangatnakrayanya pun jeritlah "LAGI SEBELAS HARI!"

lepastu madam cakap "haritu madam dengar tazkirah kat manatah.cara kite nak ukur iman kita dengan bulan remdan ni lah.kalau kita sedih bulan ni nak habis maksudnya alhamdulillah iman kita okay.kalau kita happygembiraceria nak raya kena tengok baliklah tahap keimanan kite tu"


sepanjang kelas berlangsung aku senyap konsetret diam walaupun tak paham.

malu nya i ah ah malunya malunya puh puh malu malunya aw aw.

hari jumaat last kelas chemistry,masa dah habis buat our last experiment semua madan panggil ah yours truly(wth).

"do you still intend to chnage your course?"


"do you know that ben has up until four level of arabic?"

"yeaaaaaaaaaaahh(walaupun dalam hati mencarut-carut kenapa tak ada orang bagitahuuu)"

lalu madam pun berkata-kata lahh lagi tentang betapa sayangnya aku nak tinggalkan maisntream science di dan berpindah secara permanent ke art stream.madam juga menyuruh supaya banyak-banyak solat istikharah supaya Allah menunjukkan jalan yang benar samada biological science kah atau ENGLISHYANGKUCINTAKUSAYANG kah.

lepas habis cuti raya aku nak pergi ke kampus nilai untuk evaluatioin sama ada fit kah aku untuk ambil english atau tidak.


please dear God i dont wanna rot in bio science T_T

lagi nak tulis pasal apa lagi nii.

Friday, September 11, 2009

When luck is suddenly on your side.

As much as i would like to get married at the age of twenty five,

i have a feeling that it might be impossible -_-

i mean,theres a lot of people out there who are like wayy older than 25.

and NOT married.

so i was thinking,would i really be financially and emotionally(?) stable and eligible to get married at the age of twenty five?


if i graduated at have to find a job and kumpul money to fund the marriage right?and i was to get married at twenty five there would only be..two years.


plus there's thousands and thousand of fresh grads yang jobless.odds are,id probably end up being on of them.


andd something just hit me.

like straight in my face.

i dont know how to cook -_-

orang-orang selalu kata kalau nak ikat suami kena melalui perut(?).tapi tapi tapii aku dahlah taktahu masak nasik masak lauk masak masak kari masak yang kompliketet ni laah.

hebat-hebat pun goreng telor lah.tu pun kadang-kdang rentung.


nak belajar memasak bile pulak.macam leceh je nak kene hapal resepi-resepi tu petua basuh sayur ngan kunyit asam garam hidup setahun jagung SUSAHNYA LECEH LECEH HOT HOT HEAT HEATTT.

dahlah lesen pun tak ada.

rupa pun hudoh.

tak tahu masak.

perangai sehuduh rupa.


tak boleh harap.



inferiority complexnya :|

semalam aku baca balik blog bersawang lee yang post usang-usang tu sebab jemu di alam maya taktahu nak buat apa.

and i think she's made a strong point through her gatal-gatal kahwin posts.

you'll find the real meaning of marriage after the honeymoon phase ends.

NOT masa bercinta ilabyu ulabmi togede foreve baby ima stick witchuuuu.

nak kahwin tak nak nak kahwin tak nak nak kahwin tak nak.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tipulah kalau aku kata aku tak rindu korang.

Tadi aku tengah browse boy punya myspace page.adalah satu album dia ni.ternampak gambar dulu-dulu masa form 5.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

I wish for a husband,and none other than that.

I just finished watching 27 dresses.

and i think it was really sweet :D

although it has the same old plot that everybody can guess,but hey,that's the thing that kept us glued to the screen no?

and the fact that she has 27 different dresses is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

she was even a bridesmaid for an underwater wedding ceremony!

i wish one of my friends would wed in aquaria(?) or something.just not in shark-infested water.that would be like tying the death vows.


or maybe i should be the one who'll wed underwater!

jap akad nikah macamana nih.and where will the guests sit?i doubt mami would wanna mess u her makeup and her perfectly tailored garment by going underwater.

and i'll have to provide free waterproof makeup for everyone -_-

watching movies like this makes me wanna get married EVEN MOOOOOOOOOOREEE by the end of the day.

plus if my groom-to-be is gonna look like a mixture of james marsden,lucas till,chace crawford,matt long or whoever that's HOT.

and don't forget the beach-themed wedding.

"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two."
-St. Augustine