Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your ex lover's dead

A beautiful dance for a beautiful song. This has been my most favorite dance for this season yet.

Seriously guys, go watch it. The performance can suck you into it. This dance did plenty of justice to the song :)


Exfoliating your face the dirt cheap way

I was browsing the internet when I suddenly got the urge to find home-made exfoliating recipes online.

And most recipes I found just stated that baking soda (NOT baking powder) can act as a pretty good exfoliator. So i thought what the heck. It's not like I has anything better to do anyway. And I proceeded to raid the kitchen for baking soda AND apple cider vinegar (this one will be used as the toner. I'll tell you later)

The first step is to put baking soda in a small container(?) (In my case I used only 3/4 of a tbs spoon) and a few drops of water to make a mixture. DO NOT put too much water because a liquid exfoliator doesn't really do you any good. And then when the mixture is sort of like molten, apply it on your face, part by part with a circling motion. Just gently okay because baking soda can be irritating to the skin.

And I don't recommend this to people who have very very sensitive skin yo. It can cause inflammation and burning.

So after applying it, wait for like 30 seconds before washing it off with cold water. After that, PAT it dry with a towel and feel the smoothness of yah skin baybeeeehh!

As for the apple cider vinegar, pour a small amount into a small container (are there small containers?) and dilute it with a few drops of water. It would prolly be a good idea to have a 1:1 ratio you know. Like, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of water. And then you dab a cotton wool in the mixture and dab it all around your face (the vinegar will smell like !@#$%^&* mind you) rinse off after approximately 10 minutes and PAT your face dry AGAIN.


Does it not feel like baby's bottom? :D

However, I wouldn't recommend doing this everyday because exfoliation IS removing your old skin cells to make way for the new ones and if you exfoliate (using this regimen) on a daily basis you might start to develop skin problems and that kind of, er, stuff.

I really felt my skin being baby bottom soft after I rinsed the ACV off my face. It was like running your fingers on the surface of an eggshell.

So try it! :D

P/S: If your skins get irritated don't blame me ah. I stated somewhere up there that it's not for EVERY skin type in the world. In other words, try it at your own risk ;)

The one closed eye

He was her rock. He was there when she hit rock bottom. He helped her get back to her feet. He helped her go through it as if everything hasn't changed in the least bit. She knew that it wouldn't ever be the same. But it was his words. His words had made her so alive. His soothing whispered words kept her going. He was everything she needed at that moment. He was there.

But alas, nothing was meant to last for an eternity. Flowers that were once so refreshing to look at, wilted in a few mere moments. Trust that was built for a lifetime, shatters with just one word. And so does their supposedly eternal bond. She always knew this day would come. This day would finally come knocking on her front door with silent threats that she was going to be left to fend for herself. She was going to lose her rock. She knows it. But what she was not aware of, is how it would present itself.

Nevertheless, she went on being an ignorant fool. She was not fond of preparing for what is to come. Being herself, it was only normal for her to enjoy the welcomed ruckus at that precise moment. For she sees no need to assume of things to come, however good nor bad they may be for her. She does not believe in packing an umbrella when she witnesses that the sky is still clear, the sun still shining selflessly, the birds still flew and the bees still buzz. To her, it was not favorable to do so.

Little did she knew that she was going to deeply regret her past actions of unawareness. That fine morning she woke up with the most radiant curve, done by her lips, for he will be popping in for breakfast. How many days has it been? Or perhaps weeks since she last saw his inveigling face pressing against my window. Deep in thoughts as she slipped on her slippers, she proceeded to skip contentedly downstairs. She did everything she could to make the sitting room look presentable because she remember he once commented on how he liked the fact that her house was always neat and tidy whenever he swung by.

Even supposing it was only breakfast, she went all out and set up a feast especially for him because she had the image of him smacking his lips in delight and satisfaction at her cooking the last time he had dinner here committed to her memory. Bacons, eggs, porridge, english muffins, toasts and such other were put on the table and arranged according to his favorite one, which she made sure was within reach of his long, tanned, muscular hands. She was making coffee when she heard a faint knock on her wooden door.

At once, her face lit up. She patted her hand dry on the frilly apron she was wearing and quickly placed the pot on the table before creaking her way to the door. Why, he's never been this early! She thought as she put on her best smile and opened the door with one swing.

At the sight of his big wide alluring smile, she lunged at him with such intense emotion that she did not realize the moment he swiftly planted a 12-inch carver knife in her right abdomen. The sharp pain went through her body like the flowing of electricity. She was shocked. Shocked beyond belief that she failed to utter any words to express her sentiment at that instant. She gaped at him while feeling the bleeding wound with her right hand. Why? Why are you doing this to me? Before she can even articulate the words he violently pulled the knife that he embedded on her abdomen and plunged it into her again and again until her torso resembled nothing like a torso would've. She took one last astonished look at him and whimpered a soft "Whhhh.." at the disheveled look he had on his face.

And she was alive no more.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Marriage. And stuff

I'm getting obsessed with marriage lately. And I think it'll only end when I finally DO get married. So yes, as expected, today's post will be about MY WEDDING DAY!

Yes, I have done something like this before. (Lee's tag. Remember) But then I felt that I didn't let out(?) all my wants for my own wedding on that tag. So let's do it again! I think this one primarily going to be about the, uh, wedding gown and that kind of stuff. Very girly indeed.

For my wedding I don't want to wear those rented-wedding-outfits-which-will-look-awkward-on-me-no-doubt which like everybody is doing.

I wanna wear a gown. LITERALLY. And I'm gonna find a way to somehow make it look er, muslimah.

These are a big NO NO for me.


But these, on the other hand, can make my mouth water like a drainage pipe.

I'm considering this kind of dress, BIGTIME. And the bride looks so pretty too :) Purple does seem nice. But I think I want the theme color to be expensive-looking brownish gold. YumYum. But of course I'll be adding a big mofoing tiara on my head and my hijab will have to cover what is suppose to covered. But this gorgeous dress can be a basic idea. He He.

I SO WANNA WEAR THIS ABAYA DURING MY AKAD CEREMONY. IT HAS GLOWING AND RADIANT SPELT ALL OVER! And the website where I found this gorgeous fairy white abaya is actually SELLING them too. I soooo wanna wear this one! It's so pretty I wanna cry. Sobs.

OOOHHHH THIS ONE IS SO AWESOME I COULD DIE IN AWE STARING AT IT. But of course I can't wear it just like that because my muscular(?) arms will show and all. There's always a way to muslimahify(wtf) these kind of dresses, er, right?

This one is pretty cute too. But it's not really my style though. And she's not really covering what's supposed to be covered, so yeah.

Note to Husband to be : Can I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have at least three different wedding dresses? *bats eyelashes*

And now we go on to the shoes part! Yes. ShoeS. Or maybe not. Akad nikah will prolly be in a mosque so it would be stupid to wear shoes. Maybe I'll just buy a cute pair of siler sequined flats instead. Yes yes that can be arranged. I really like what Bam's sister wore during her akad ceremony (top to toe). Her flats are soooo cute!

One of the reasons why I want my husband to be taller than me is so that I could still wear heels and he wouldn't look shorter hence, no awkwardness. I don't like how Katie Holmes look freakishly taller than Tom Cruise when she wore heels. And when they walk together it looks just..wrong.

Bring in the heels baybee!

Pre-note: I'm not ever ever ever ever wearing wedges or kitten heels. I want my wedding heels to be a full 2.5-3 inch heels. NO PLATFORMS.

This one is so simple and elegant! And the heels are not sky high too. I'll definitely consider a similar pair when I shop for my wedding shoes.

I love the diamante details on this pair! Looks very weddingy. I wonder if this is dyeable.

I WILL DEFINITELY WEAR A SIMILAR PAIR FOR MY WEDDING RECEPTION. (Eventhough my feet looks ugly in white. Heck, my whole body looks ugly in white. The brown curse :|)

as for the flats,


Although this one would look very, uh, adult-like. But it's so formal. Yeurgh.

The next thing on my list is a wedding hijab!

I absolutely don't wanna wear tudung bawal on my wedding day. It just doesn't have the..X factor(?) of wedding hijabs.

Instead of the usual wedding hijabs, why not try these?

THE PINK ONE IS SO DAMN FINE. But the others are not really, you know, covering. I wonder where I can find a head thing like the pink hijabi has on her head.

Well this is the only picture of a covering wedding hijab that I manage to find. The rest are not so Islamic (neck showing, ear showing etc).

Check out this one,


Oh and I found this website based in the states that sells very modest wedding gowns. But it's a shame that they don;t include hijabs as well.

It's so pretty. Sobs.

It's so pretty . Sobs. II

It's so pretty. Sobs. III

It' so pretty. Sobs. IV

NOW you see why I wanna wear an actual wedding gown during my wedding reception? They're so pretty and puffy and gowny(?)

Sigh. I really can't wait to get married.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I would want in a husband

1. He MUST wear glasses.

I really don't know why but I have since as I can remember, bore a soft spot for guys with glasses. They look so..nerdy and somehow very irresistible at the same time. Plus guys with glasses look cute when they take their glasses off. Their eyes will be like small and squishy(?) and all, you know? So if you're reading this and you're wearing glasses (except Luqman. Euw) Hello there :D *raises eyebrow repeatedly in a very very flirty way*

2. He MUST be taller than I am.

Okay I know this may sound heightist(?) but don't you think I would look funny walking with a, um, well, fun-sized husband? a 170cm frame is quite unusual for a 19 year old (Arishah and Nazurah please do not brag about your abnormal heights here) so it would only be fair if I were to be married to someone who is slightly taller than me. I'm not asking for a 250cm tall guy yo. Just you know, a couple of cms taller would be nice. I want him to be tall enough so I can perfectly lean my head on his shoulder without looking awkward in anyway. AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! *melts*

3. He MUST not be as talkative or as retarded as I am.

Because heloooo, wouldn't our marriage be a little..disoriented if I were to marry a male versin of myself? Okay I know he would be very nice, sweet, caring and understanding (HIKHIK) but I guess I'd rather not do it. Because I am really enticed to the saying 'opposite attracts'. So if I married a male version of myself then who's going to, you know, put his foot down or something if I get carried away? (I honestly do not know what I mean by 'carried away') But if I have a husband that is the opposite of myself (well not COMPLETELY the opposite. Just a bit of here and there) then he wouldn't be so retarded and so he would have his common sense intact and can very well coordinate me. I think.

4. He MUST NOT be hot tempered.

I may have the patience of a Tibetan priest of something. BUT I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT TOLERATE HOT HEADED PEOPLE. Even if I look sweet and obeying on the outside but on the inside I am virtually tearing that person apart with my own bare hands. And a pair of very sharp rusty scissors. You know what they say....umm.I'm pretty sure they said something about this patience thing but I can't seem to remember what. Oh well.

5. He MUST love me for the lazy, stupid, annoying, slightly disoriented and exaggerated person that I am.

I mean, who doesn't want a husband like that? I hate marriages that are based on looks or material inheritance. They really are just fake marriages. They get married, have one hellova unnecessary lavish extravagant wedding and then they get divorced. Like WTF people? WTF? This kind of people ruins the whole beauty in marriage itself. I see marriage as a union of two people, a pure eternal bond that ties two people together for the rest of their miserable lives. Not some ceremony done so that a male and a female can have unlimited sex freely without being accused of being in close proximity. Marriage is just so much more than that. But somehow, people nowadays treat their marriages as insignificantly as they could. And I hate them for that. *stabs involved people in the gut*

Honestly speaking I wouldn't really mind if my husband turned out to not have the physical traits that I would've preferred on him. I could just shove a pair of glasses on his face and make him wear platforms all the time. So it wouldn't really be a problem. BUT the absence of no.3, 4 or 5 will not be tolerated. Either you have it, or we don't get married. It's pretty much simple really ;)

Friday, March 26, 2010

I want to haul ass to New Zealand and work at a farm.

Sometimes, I really really really really really really really EFFING HATE my *******.

"I am finished with you."

Why does it always end up like this? This is so unfair.

I really wish I was someone else right now. I hate being me.

The word justice is long gone from my life.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tampil Percaya Diri Dengan Kulit Hitam/Gelap Tampil Percaya Diri Dengan Kulit Hitam/Gelap!

"Memiliki kulit berwarna gelap, tak perlu berkecil hati. Karena jika Anda merawat dan melakukan tata rias yang tepat, wajah dengan kulit gelap justru akan memberi pesona yang luar biasa. Merias wajah sealami mungkin dan mendekati warna kulit asli akan menghasilkan warna kulit apik. Jangan sekali-kali mencoba mengubah warna kulit gelap untuk tampil menjadi putih sesaat, dengan menutup kulit wajah setebal mungkin dengan foundation atau bedak tebal. Langkah ini justru memberi kesan medok dan mengejutkan bagi yang melihatnya. Jadilah diri sendiri. Percayalah, kulit wajah berwarna gelap tetap memberi keindahan tersendiri.

1. Untuk alas bedak, agar kulit hitam terlihat lebih manis dan memberi pesona yang prima, mengarah pada warna kuning. Jika Anda menginginkan kulit lebih gelap, pilih alas bedak dengan dasar biru gelap. Sebaiknya hindari warna dasar berwarna merah, karena akan terlihaq seperti kulit terbakar.

2. Pemakaian blush-on, sebaiknya warna yang digunakan peach atau apricot. Tetapi jika kulit lebih gelap, pilih perona pipi warna agak keemasan sebagai dasar dan perona paduannya berwarna coklat pekat.

3. Pilihlah bedak dengan warna setingkat lebih gelap dari kulit atau setingkat lebih muda dari warna kulit. Sapukan pada seluruh wajah, telinga dan leher.

4. Baurkan eyeshadow dengan warna lembut seperti kuning muda, bronze dan chopper serta coklat pekat. Perpaduan warna tersebut memberi kesan wajah Anda terlihat fresh.

5. Langkah terakhir yang harus Anda lakukan, pemilihan lipstik yang mendekati warna kulit. Seperti coklat susu, pink lembut, plum gelap dan coklat pekat atau hanya lipgloss.
Merias wajah bukan berarti mengubah warna kulit, tetapi menutup kekurangan dan menonjolkan kelebihan pada wajah. Sebaiknya hindari pemakaian warna kontras pada perona mata, pipi dan bibir agar tidak terlihat seperti badut."


Why you should not use Google's language tool

This is just a random text I wrote to prove my point. I got this idea from Ange's blog :D

Ze English:
Greetings you people out there. I am so bored right now that I could take a bottle of apple cider vinegar and pour it onto my head while wearing a shower cap. Yes, I am that crazy and psychotic and I don't see why you should not be too. Being crazy and psychotic can sometimes be really fun I dare say. You must try it sometimes. But don't go overboard and perform really psychotic acts like bungee jumping down a 50m cliff using a 100m rope ladies and gentleman. Stay on the safe side. Remember that you have your family and imagine how upset and horrified they would be if they have to bury a son or daughter that pretty much resembles a scrambled egg.

Ze Arabic:
تحياتي لك الناس هناك. وأنا على ذلك بالملل الآن أنني أستطيع أن تأخذ زجاجة خل التفاح ، وسكبه على رأسي بينما يرتدي قلنسوة استحمام. نعم ، أنا الذي مجنون ونفسية وأنا لا أرى لماذا يجب أن لا يكون كبيرا جدا. يجري مجنون ونفسية قد تكون أحيانا حقا متعة أجرؤ على القول. عليك أن تحاول في بعض الأحيان. ولكن لا تسرف والقيام بأعمال حقا ذهانية مثل القفز إلى أسفل الهاوية 50m باستخدام حبل 100m سيداتي وسادتي. البقاء على الجانب الآمن. تذكر أن لديك عائلة وتخيل كيف بالضيق وروعت أنها ستكون اذا كان لديهم لدفن ابنه أو ابنته التي تشبه الى حد كبير مخفوقا.

Ze Engrish:
Greetings to you people out there. I am so bored now that I can take a bottle of apple cider vinegar, and pour it on my head while wearing a shower cap. Yes, I am the crazy, psychological, and I do not see why you should not be very large. Is going crazy and psychological can sometimes be really fun I would venture to say. You should try in some cases. But do not go overboard and doing really psychotic such as jumping to the bottom of a cliff using a 50m rope 100m ladies and gentlemen. Stay on the safe side. Remember that you have a family and to imagine how upset and appalled that it would be if they had to bury his son or daughter, which are very similar to scrambled egg.

Yes. I absolutely do not see why you should not be very large.

Ange's version ;

Ze english:
Greetings to you my delicious friend! I have been alive for twenty four years and pleasantly hope to continue so. i enjoy reading by candle-light, long walks on the beach and eating tofu while shaping my bonsai tree. I am now tied to wondrous islam. I used to follow the pope. my favourite afternoon snack is toast, which i eat while dipping my feet into a nice hot tub of bubbles and liquid (not always water). i also like to playfully run around corn fields, naked, while enjoying the warm rays of the sun on my earthly buttocks. i want to tell you more but i have to go and make a delicious dinner because my darling husband is yelling at me for food. i must make food now. Farewell darling!

Ze Arabic:
تحية لكم صديق لذيذ! لقد كنت على قيد الحياة لأربعة وعشرين عاما ، وسار على أمل أن تواصل ذلك. أنا استمتع في القراءة على ضوء الشموع ، ويسير لمسافات طويلة على الشاطئ وتناول التوفو حين تشكيل بلدي bonsai شجرة. أنا الآن ربط الإسلام الرائعة. كنت تتبع البابا. وجبة خفيفة بعد ظهر المفضلة هي الخبز المحمص ، والذي تناول الطعام في حين ينخفض الى قدمي جميلة الساخنة الحوض من فقاعات والسائلة (الماء ليس دائما). ط كما تدير هزلي حول حقول الذرة ، عارية ، في حين يتمتع الحارة أشعة الشمس على الأرض الأرداف. أريد أن أقول لك أكثر ولكن يتوجب علي الذهاب وتقديم عشاء لذيذ لأنه بلدي محبوب الزوج يصرخ في وجهي على الغذاء. ولا بد لي من تقديم الغذاء. وداع الثمينة

Ze Engrish:
Greetings to you friend Yummy! I have been alive for twenty-four years old, walked in the hope that it continue to do so. I enjoy reading in the light of candles and takes long walks on the beach The tofu until the formation of my bonsai tree. I am now linking Islam and buttons. I followed the Pope. The afternoon snack of choice is toast, and eat while falling to the feet of a beautiful hot tub of bubbles and liquid (water is not always). I also run a comic on the fields of corn, naked, while enjoy the warm sun on the ground buttocks. I want to say more, but you have to go and to make a delicious dinner that my husband loved to scream in my face and food. I must provide food. Farewell precious!

This could really be a fun online activity when you're bored out of your crap.

Bahasa budaya bangsa

I actually HATE speaking in English. Most people might not know this or might not have guessed. But yes. That is the ultimate truth. I HATE HAVING TO SPEAK IN ENGLISH.

Perhaps most people aren't aware of this because I usually blog in English, message in English and chat in English. But that's just about as far as I would go in using the English language as a communication tool. And eventhough I did represent my school in ENGLISH public speaking and ENGLISH debate, I still DO NOT like to speak in English.

Unless I really really have to.

Like during presentations, or asking questions in class (being a BEN student and all. But sometimes I do ask the questions in Malay :|) or in competitions. And also when I'm speaking to my non-Malay friends or my non-Malay classmates who can't really comprehend Malay. I will only and only speak English if I really really really really really have to.

Oh and one more thing.


I mean, what's the point really? You know how to speak Malay, I know how to speak Malay, so why the heck are we speaking in English to each other? I just feel really..dumb when I speak English to someone who IS A MALAY/KNOWS MALAY.

I know a lot of people do it though. Even in UIA. I'm not really condemning (But I really think I am, in a way) what they're doing but in my point of view it's just blatantly stupid. Like what are you trying to prove by jabbering away in English? That you can speak English fluently so people will be impressed? Hear it from me, nobody really gives a fig on that. Not me, at least. I can speak in English if I want to. I just don't see the point of doing it with fellow Malays.

Because yes, I would much more prefer to converse in Malay a hundred times more than in English. And I have my reasons for that. People who know me like REALLY know me would prolly know why.

So guys, if you're speaking to me as in the eye to eye speaking, PLEASE SPEAK IN BAHASA MELAYU. Or else I'll just look at you blankly like I don't know what the hell you're blabbering about.

I know some people might say that this is very unprofessional of me and by constantly speaking in English you would improve your communication skills for future use but like I said, it's not that I don't speak English AT ALL. I do speak the language. Just when it's necessary.

I just fail to see the use of having daily chats in English. I think that's just plain showing off. Kthxbai.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I can actually bake on my own. I wanna cry.

I was surprised that my chocolate chip scones turned out puhretty delicious. I'm not saying that it is indeed the most delicious thing in the whole world, but you know how ridiculously vain first time bakers can be. Ha Ha.

Let's do pictures.

My ugly-looking-but-yummy-tasting babies being baked. SOBS. You cannot imagine how proud I was after wrestling with the flour and milk and eggs and that stupid chocolate chip.

OH THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Do you wanna know what happened to them? They frickin melted and freakin formed a big lump of chunky milk chocolate. I was so friggen pissed becaue I wanted my scones to have bits and pieces of chocolate chips not big ugly lumps of chocolate!

But it ended up pretty okay. So technically these aren't really chocolate chip scones. They're chocolate chunk scones, I guess.

To hell with the name. The taste was divine! (I know that nobody's gonna praise me on such a dumb achievement so heck, why not praise myself. Ha Ha)

Naqib. A few seconds before he began to annoyingly chant "I wanna take some pictures. Give me the camera! I wanna take pictureessssss" for at least 10 minutes before I yelled at him to shut up. Yes I still cannot tolerate 3 year olds. Thuse, I can't be getting married in the near future can't I :|


And because the baking was taking so long I decided to snap random pictures of the house. The first picture, of course being the house opposite mine. I iz stalking yous.

I have a very stupid gate.

The hutan belakang rumah that's filled with giant spiders and roaches and God knows what else.

I COULDN'T RESIST TAKING A PICTURE OF NAZIF. He was looking all innocent in bibik's gendong(?) with his big bulging eyes and cute nose and small mouth LIKE HERRGHHH I COULD RIP HIM APART FOR BEING TOO CUTEEE.

Babies, I can tolerate.

And after taking a lot of shatty pictures my scones are finally baked!

Okay I know scones are supposed to be all thick and circly and stuff. But in the instruction that I had, the mixture was supposed to be layed out flat on a floured surface and sliced into 8 sections. Sort of like triangle scones. Which is way more retarded than cupcake-like scones. So mak gave me trays and had me put the mixture into the trays instead of slicing it into 8 awkward sections.

But hey, don't judge a scone by its shape!

See the chocolate bits? One bite is enough to make you high. Ha Ha Ha.

On the inside. The chocolate *cough* chunks *cough* meltzzzzzzz purfekli in your mouth.

Ans I can finally say that I LOVE BAKING.

Hello. I am Miss Bored.

Five things I was doing ten years ago:

At the age of nine, what I prolly did was:

*played with my first barbie doll. Definitely. It came with a friggen bedroom set! How could I say no?

*splashing the neighbor's car with a mixture of sand and water. I was a black sheep. Muahaha.

*Idolizing every inch of Johny Bravo and the Power Puff Girls. And Tomcat. Ad every other cartoon on Cartoon Network :D

*Having crushes all around the school. (This habit hasn't changed much, really)

*Didn't really give a fig on studies.

Five things on my to-do list:

*Khatam Quran tahun ni. Ya buruk gila perangai khatam Quran setahun sekali :|

*Finish at least 10 books before the new semester starts.

*Go shopping. For God knows what.

*Go on a holiday. I mean, pester my parents to take me on a holiday. I miss Brisbane :|

*Be a whole lot better Muslimah :) ( A looooooooooooooooong term goal)

Five snacks I like:

I think this list should really be longer than five. Like maybe '643576 snacks you like:'


*Cadbury chocolates. (I don't care what flavor)



*Ok i seriously cant stick to five. I give up.

Five things I would do if I was a millionaire:

*Buy myself a nice house and a nice car.

*Buy whatever my parents want. Oh and my siblings too I suppose.

*Pay for a world-tour for Mak and Ayah.


*And a new wardrobe for my bundle of new clothes.

Five places I have lived:

*Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

*Bandar Utama.

*Kota Damansara.

*Not yet known.

*Not yet known.

Five jobs I have had:

*A shop assistant (I think that was the title)





Cartoon Crush:

When I was 6 (or seven) I had the biggest crush on that guy from the Speed Racer cartoon on Cartoon Network. I would stare at him with so much..affection that I was surprised I had THAT much affection on me. Ha Ha ftw.

TV series which I used (and still do) to watch:



*How I Met Your Mother


*Spongebob Squarepants, for whom I have since forever held an unrequited love for.

I tag (tak suruh pun tapi saja nak tag haha) everybody who is bored and jobless enough to do it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I have a sucky life. Sometimes.

Tomorrow is going to be a couch king boring day. I've had enough of those really and it's only been a month!


After another two months, I would prolly be the most boring person in the world with no actual life save sitting in front of the laptop every single second of the day and clicking the refresh button on facebook. I would be a big failure to not have accomplished anything within this three whole months.

I did learn a bit of french BUT BUT BUT I just know less than 15 words really. God, I have to DO something. Most of my friends are working. At least they're getting $$$. And I'll be here. At home. Alone. With absolutely NOTHING NADA NIL ZILCH ZERO thing to do except to care for my two nephews (which I rarely accomplish), eat and be on facebook (again) all day long.

NOW tell me I'm not a failure.

Suddenly I can't wait for the semester to start. I want to go back to Nilai (I cannot believe I am saying this). Being at home doesn't work out really well for me. I'll just end up being an eyesore for everyone with my beyond-this-world laziness skills.

I am so not productive.

Can anyone suggest me ANYTHING to do within 2 months? I don't want silly and corny suggestions like "Go shopping!" or "Go hang out with your friends every day!" I WOULD do that. If I have the money. Which I obviously don't. I am running very very very very very low on money and I really want to find a job I really do.

But there are these two little tiny things that are standing in my way:

1) I don't have a car. Heck, I don't even have a legal license. And I don't actually have a spare car lying around on my porch. So, I cannot possibly DRIVE to work like everyone else.

2) I have overprotective parents who wouldn't let me work as salesgirls or cashiers. The most common reasons are "Think about the bad people you'll be getting involved with!" or "The environment is just not suitable for you" or "You're better off staying home and watching your nephews."

My life, can, suck.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ABBA - Dancing Queen

1.Put your iTunes,Windows Media player,etc on shuffle
2.for each question,press the next button to get your answer.
3.you must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds
4.tag 25 friends
5.Everyone tagged has to do the same thing
6.Have fun! :)

1- Someone says are you okay? you say :
Like only a woman can - Brian Mcfadden

2- How would you describe yourself?
Let it rock - Kevin Rudolf ft Lil' Wayne

3- What do you like in a guy or girl :
True - Ryan Cabrera (BETUL YA YANG INI)

4- How do you feel today :
Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas (-_-)

5- what is your life's purpose :
Jet - Look what you've done

6- What is your motto :
Love story - Taylor Swift

7- What do your friends think of you :
If you're not the one - Daniel Bedingfield (ftw)

8- What do your parents think of you :
Be with you - Akon (aaawwwwww)

9- What do you think about very often :
Luxurious - Gwen Stefani ft Slim Thug (YANG INI PUN BATUL YA)

10- what is 2+2 :
Don't trust me - 30H!3

11- What do you think of your best friend :
Hard - Rihanna ft Young Jeezy

12- What is your life story :
United State of Pop - DJ Earworm (OH YEAAAAAAAAAHHH)

13- What do you want to be when you grow up :

14- What do you think when you see the person you like :
Can't fight the moonlight - LeAnn Rimes (NI APAHAL SEMUA BETUL NI HAHAHA)

15- What will you dance at your wedding :
Imma be - Black Eyed Peas (rock gila wedding haku)

16- What song will be played at your funeral :
Stuck in my heart - C21

17- What is your hobby/interest :
Heartless - Kanye West (ftw)

18- What is your biggest fear :
Tip of my tongue - Kelly Clarkson

19- What is your biggest secret :
The bird and the worm - Owl City

20- What do you want right now :
Glamorous - Fergie ft Ludacris

21- What do you think of your friends :
If we ever meet again - Timbaland ft Katy Perry

22- what will you post this as :
Dancing Queen - ABBA

I was bored ok.

Hai. I'm a Jawi Peranakan. (I wish)

Tiba-tiba aku teringat yang nenek aku pernah cakap kitaorang keturunan Jawi Peranakan. Tapi masatu aku kecik lagi. So konpemlah sepatah haram pun aku tak paham sangat kan. Ni dah aku teringat ni aku pun google la.

And what I found out is actually quite interesting. Well for me lah. I don't know if it's interesting to you because I'm the JP (WAH DAH ADA NAMA MANJA!) here. Ha Ha.

Here's the intro. I copied it from a lot of websites. You don't have to read if you don't want to. I'm just interested in sharing my heritage with you :D

"Jawi Peranakan merupakan masyarakat kacukan India-Melayu. Masyarakat ini terbentuk di zaman Malaya British apabila saudagar India berkahwin dengan wanita Melayu tempatan. Masyarakat ini dikenali kerana status dan kekayaannya, selain kerana menerbitkan akhbar bahasa Melayu pertama, Jawi Peranakan.

Bagaimanapun, tidak banyak keturunan masyarakat ini yang tinggal hari ini di Malaysia dan Singapura. Kebanyakannya telah berasimilasi dengan bangsa Melayu dan dikenali kini sebagai Melayu. " - Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu.

This Jawi Peranakan is actually a race you know. Like if you were born Jawi Peranakan then in your surat beranak, under bangsa nanti it'll be Jawi Peranakan. Not Malay or Indian. Wow. I wish my surat beranak had that on. It would totally sound so much more cooler than just, you know, MALAY. Heh.

And this one is from another source,

"Menurut beliau, pembentukan kaum 'Jawi Peranakan' di Pulau Pinang adalah hasil daripada perkahwinan campur di antara lelaki India Muslim dengan wanita Melayu. Dengan wujudnya perkahwinan seumpama ini, lahirlah satu generasi campuran. Dari segi fizikal, generasi ini mempunyai rupa paras yang lebih cantik. Selain itu, kaum ini juga adalah lebih cerdas dari segi pelajaran. Dari segi hantaran, beliau menyatakan anak 'Mami Pulau Pinang' memang terkenal dengan harganya yang tinggi, seperti kata orang Pulau Pinang 'tak dak RM 5,000 jangan pinang anak Mami' " - E-malabari.net


Tapi bab cerdas dari segi pelajaran tu, uh, agak questionable jugak la. Kalau cerdas dari segi lain bukan Anak Mami ke?

Dan ya bakal suami. Sila kumpul RM5000 dahulu sebelum anda berfikir pun untuk mengahwini saya ok. IAMSOCOOLICANPEEINJOYRIGHTNOW.

I remembered my grandmother showing me a book on Jawi Peranakan but I forgot the title :| I also remembered seeing my great grandfather's face in there :D I knew it was him because my grandmother placed a picture of him on a table at my kampung (so-called) in Pinang. His mustache was very.. twirly. And he kind of looks like Ayah when you think about it o.O

Oh well. I'll ask her when I visit next time. This heritage thing really got me interested somehow. He He He.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Desole, mais je just can's stand not blogging. Ha Ha.

I'm learning french online right now. Ainaa gave me the idea when she came over today. She told me that she was learning french online and I was like what the heck, I still have two more months ahead of me. So why not do something productive?

Now I can speak quite a lot of french! Well, not that much really but it's still a lot compared to what I used to know. Heh.

From this moment on, my titles are all going to be in french! Muahahahaha. Or not.

Oh I just remembered that I wanted to show you a poem I wrote for our poetry exhibition last semester. It's very, very..jiwang.

The evidential proclamation of love,
she had heard it without trouble,
as he said it so verbally clear,
to the whistling windy air,
his face was like the golden,
sun burning for our selfish gain.

One man's lost is another's gain,
so to say the nature of love,
in it's way shining a golden,
luminous glimmer free of trouble,
i a misty night, in open air,
where entities are ever so clear.

She wishes to be frank and clear,
for the fact that she wasn't to gain,
his love like she had breathe the air,
as she senses his overwhelming love,
to spell not happiness, but trouble,
for she sees no prospect so golden.

Her heart was neither silver nor golden,
but she had made it very clear,
that they would only mean trouble,
if she were ever to feebly gain,
his unrequited mountain of love,
to obtain his share of fresh air.

He experienced shortness of air,
when she turned her head of golden,
so he asks, "Mademoiselle, what is love,
if a person had been so wickedly clear,
but still he is unable to gain,
love after eagerly facing trouble."

She said, "Monsieur my concern is not the trouble,
but my jealousy of the birds in the air,
flying free with no worries to gain,
anything but plainly basking in the golden,
ray of the sun to the exceptionally clear,
melody of mating songs exhibiting love."

What is hard to gain is usually golden,
don't go finding trouble by giving your share of the air,
simply clear out your heart and learn that to accept is to love.

This type of poem is called a sestina. It is made up of 6 stanzas of sestet(6 lines) and a stanza of tercet(3 lines).

The sestina is said to be one of the hardest poem to write because if you hadn't noticed earlier, the end words of the first 6 stanzas are repeated throughout the poem in a particular order.

The first stanza : A B C D E F

The second stanza : F A E B D C

The third stanza : C F D A B E

The fourth stanza : E C B F A D

The fifth stanza : D E A C F B

The sixth stanza : B D F E C A

The tercet : F E

So there you have it, an unannounced lesson on poetry. Google if you wish to know more. Ha Ha.

Bonne nuit!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I don't think I'll be posting anything for the next few days. I'm still.. emotionally distressed. Over nothing in particular.


Dear awak,

First time saya tengok awak saya dah suka. Awak tak adalah hensem gila macam Aaron Johnson ke apa. Tapi awak segak satu macam sampai saya boleh suka at the first look. Muka awak pun macam orang educated. Mula-mula saya ingat awak ni ada rupa je. Tapi bila saya add awak dekat facebook saya tahu yang awak ni tak macam orang lain. Awak special. Awak tak pernah acknowledge saya pun dekat facebook. Saya komen gambar awak pun awak tak reply apa-apa.

Biasalah orang macam saya ni. Adalah terasa sikit. Tapi saya tak kisah sangat. Saya suka tengok awak update status. Status awak bagi kesan yang dalam dekat saya. Tapi awak taktahu tu. Sebab saya tak pernah like atau comment dekat status awak. Saya baca diam-diam je. Saya pun pura-pura buat tak tahu yang awak ada dalam friend list saya tapi sebenarnya saya taknak syok sendiri. Saya taknak jadi desperate.

Awak dahlah ada rupa, pandai, dari segi agama Alhamdulillah. Saya ni kalau nak compare dengan awak memang 1 sen pun tak guna. Sayalah manusia paling tak layak untuk awak dekat dunia ni. Saya tahu semua tu. Memang sejak saya mula suka awak lgi saya tahu kalau nak dipadankan memang tak padan langsung dari segi apa pun. Saya tak ada rupa, tak pandai, agama pun tak mantap macam awak. Nak solat awal waktu pun bertatih-tatih lagi. Saya sedar diri saya macamana.

Tapi saya degil. Saya tahu saya tak setanding langsung dengan awak tapi saya nak jugak simpan harapan dekat awak. Walaupun awak tak hiraukan langsung kewujudan saya dalam hidup awak sekarang, saya simpan harapan suatu hari nanti awak sedar saya ada kat sini. Saya akan tunggu hari tu. Saya taktahu apa yang saya rasa ni datang dari nafsu semata-mata atau dari sumber lain. Tapi memang lumrah manusia kan terasa macamni.

Bukan saya yang nak, betul. Tapi saya rasa macam tak boleh nak elak. Tak saya bukan stalker. Saya tak bukak page awak hari-hari, copy gambar awak masuk dalam laptop saya, buat wallpaper desktop saya. Tak. Saya bukak page awak kadang-kadang je. Sebab saya suka baca status awak bila awak update. Kalau awak ada add gambar baru saya tengok. Tapi saya tengok tak meleleh air liur pun. Sekadar nak tengok klau ada perubahan luaran awak. That's all.

Deep down saya macam boleh rasa yang awak takkan acknowledge saya sampai bila-bila sebab saya tahu awak suka orang lain. Dan saya tahu yang orang tu seratus ribu kali ganda lagi bagus dari saya dalam segala segi. Kalau nak bandingkan saya dengan orang yang awak suka tu memang dia yang paling padan dengan awak. Apalah sangat saya ni. Nak mantain pointer above 3.0 pun susah apatah lagi nak ada harapan to have a shot at you. Macam mustahil gila.

Tapi saya selalu dengar orang cakap tak salah berharap. It doesn't kill to have a little bit of hope. Saya masih berharap saya ada chance dengan awak. Dan saya rasa saya akan terus berharap sampai awak dah selamat diijabkabulkan dengan orang lain.

Tak salah kan berharap Awak? :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I don't feel 19 anymore.

So at the moment I only have two birthday presents -_-

One from Lin, the iTouch. And one from mak, the RM388 Elle Studio watch. (HAHA saja nak bongkak bagitau harga kat sini sekali-sekala rasa macam orang kaya hikhik)

I can feel myself getting lazier and lazier by the minute. I couldn't even bother to clean up the room. It looks like a..you don't really wanna know what it looks like. It's just a big mess.

Pastu lagi nak kawen. Huh.

I'm going to OU again tomorrow. I've been there three times already this week. Heh. The first time was on my birthday. Mak took me because she wanted to buy me a watch (I've been wearing a dead watch for god-knows-how-many-months) and I ended up getting a whole lot more. That's why I love going out with Mak. Just the two of us :D

I got that watch, a crystal bracelet, a pair of the cutest silver flats and..something else from Elle too. He He.

What it's not like I get that spoiled everyday okay. Only like once in every 2 or 3 years. I think.

Ah well anyways I MUST show you the watch. It's really thin with pink (YES, PINK) patterned leather and little diamonds connecting the tali and the watch punya body(?)


And Muaz should stop nagging me -_-

Friday, March 12, 2010

This is a 19 year old writing, EHEM.

So yesterday I got my final results. I really don't think that its THAT bad. But I know that I could do better. So tolonglah tolong next sem elok sikit semua.

And since tak ada orang yang amek SPM dalam family aku so aku pun macam tak heran sangatlah dengan result. But let me tell you this, tak SEMUA bergantung dekat result kau. Kadang-kadang tu result kau hampeh tap rezeki kau murah. So alhamdulillah kau apply kau dapat. Kadang-kadang result kau gempak tapi rezeki kau takda. So kau apply la semua tempat pun. Takda sapa nak pandang muka kau.

So sapa yang tak dapat result cantik tu don't fret lah. Doa banyak-banyak biar rezeki kau murah, nanti Allah tolong. Siapa tahu kau boleh sambung overseas with just 5 or 6As? I mean, nobody knows kan? So stop obsessing about your result lah no matter how good or how bad it is. You have to start seeing things in a different way now. You're not in school anymore. You're on the road of organizing your future. So buckle up, and take the first step of your much-anticipated journey.

Kau tak bawak ke kubur pun result SPM kau tu. Lagi 10 tahun tak ada dah orang tanya "Weh result SPM kau berapa?"

Sekarang fokus untuk life kau dekat universiti ke form 6 ke college ke mane-manelah yang kau apply. Tarok SPM dekat tepi. It's an already accomplished stage of your life :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Yourself.

This has to be one of the best birthdays ever :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bye bye 18 :(

Today is the last day of my youth(?) Ha Ha okay exaggerate gile.

Well I still don't feel any different than before. Just that my eczema is getting worse and my armpit is very..gatal. I DO WEAR DEODORANT OK. I just don't know how it got so..gatal.

I only have one wish for my birthday this wear. Getting unexpected presents from unexpected people :D Boy, that would really make my day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It'll be just another birthday wouldn't it?

Well as you're probably already aware, my birthday is in two days.

And I don't feel excited at all. It's just gonna be like last year won't it? Just a normal day. I'll wake up at twelve. Shower and then have lunch alone. Mak would probably say happy birthday or something. Ayah would probably forget it like he always does. Well I don't really blame him. He does have a lot more important things on his mind. My birthday is just an insignificant date that nobody would probably remember. Sigh.

Oh my friends would probably wish me throughout the day. And maybe someone would buy a cake for me. Secret recipe, either chocolate indulgence or blueberry cheesecake. It's the same thing happening all over again. The only thing that will differ is that I'm gonna be nineteen. Perhaps nobody would even bother buying me presents. I miss having birthdays when I was a little girl. Especially if my birthday is on school day. Everyone wishing me in the morning, giving me Happy Birthday cards. Surprising me with unexpected presents. Sigh.

But for the past I-don't-know-how-many-years-it-has-been, I've been 'celebrating' my birthday at home. Most of which had been a very very low key affair. No parties. No having friends over. No present opening sessions. Heck, no presents. No nothing really. Sigh.

I guess it would be nice if someone organized a surprise birthday party at my own house. It would be really sweet :) But I'm not really setting high hopes on that one. Most of my friends will be in college, or school or they would just probably be really busy because the new semester at UIA will be starting very soon. They would probably make preparations for their new semester rather than organize some stupid surprise birthday party for me. Right now I wish there were no birthdays :( Sigh.

I don't know if this year will be any different from the years before. Maybe Mak will take me to OU and let me buy a little something for myself. Or maybe not (this one is very likely). Maybe it'll just be the same bloody situation it has been for what, 4 to 5 years in a row now? I'm not asking for much. It's just that it would be nice to have something different for a change. I hate being stuck in a rut. Like I am right now. The same thing, the same time, the same people day in and day out. I am secretly (not anymore) sick of it. I want some kind of change. Although I know it's not really possible :( Sigh

Well I guess I'll go ponder on how to end my boring rut right now.

Monday, March 8, 2010

3 more days O.O

Until I turn nineteen.

Ha Ha.

I've never actually imagined myself being nineteen. To me, nineteen is just like something you skip over from eighteen to become twenty. Meh.

But I doubt I'll undergo mental alterations with this birthday coming. I'll still be..me. Lazy, stupid and retarded. I might be more retarded though. Or stupider. Erk. I'm already as lazy as a donkey so I don;t think I can be any lazier than I currently am.

It's just seems like a big number.


p/s: and in case you thought I've forgotten, I DO want birthday presents from those whom I call FRIENDS ok. Blek :P

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am a cow

I have insecurity problems. I have mental issues. I have emotional problems. I am not always in my right mind. I often feel unloved. There has been a lot of times when I have felt like throwing everything I have now and start afresh.

I'm not always sane. Sometimes I just throw away what little sanity I have left and just do things as I like. I tend to not have deep thoughts about something. I don't see things that are buried deep under. I prefer to look at the surface. I am a wolf, not a hedgehog. I hate digging. I just like to wander.

I'm approaching nineteen and I'm feeling really unstable at the moment.

I think I need help.

The bedroom issue

I just realized how much I hate sharing a room. I don't mind dormmates or roomates that are the same age group as I am. BUT BUT BUT it's those wayy older kind of roommates (you MUST know what I'm talking about) that really bugs me.

The never ending nagging. The bossy attitude. The I-am-always-right-and-you-are-always-wrong issue that just seems to never stop. IT'S FREAKING ANNOYING. Sometimes I wish I can have my room all to myself. I'd like the privacy and I would certainly like having things done my way without anybody there to give destructive comments about my taste in decoration whatsoever.

It's not that I'm a loner. It's just that I don't like not having my own private space. I thought rooms are supposed to be like some kind of retreating place whenever you feel down and stuff like that. But I somehow just could not go into my room and cry my eyeballs out on my pillow or whatever when I feel down. Because there will be someone in that room that will say things that will further agitate me and piss me off like I've never been pissed before.

So THAT, is why I would prefer to have a room all to myself. But I can't since I live in a cosy little house with a limited number of rooms HENCE the room sharing. I just can't wait until the time when everybody gets married off and I'll be the only one at home. Ha Ha.

BUT BUT BUT. That doesn't mean that I would have issues sharing a bedroom with my husband to be. Because he's my husband duh. It would look totally wrong if we were to stay in separate rooms. Like in the Malay novels you know, when you get married to somebody against your and their will and then the guy doesn't like you and tells you to go and sleep in the guest room of something. So predictable tch tch tch.

So unless my marriage is going to be like in the Malay novels (nauzubillahiminzalikanfusina), I really won't mind sharing a bedroom with you dear husband to be. After all you ARE going to be my husband :D

Harini post dalam Bahasa Melayu

Kawan-kawan rapat aku mesti selalu dengar cita-cita dongeng aku untuk berkahwin dengan mamat hot yang hensem dan mempunyai anak-anak yang comel kerana ibunya pun cantikkan auwww.

Tapi deep down sebenarnya aku tak adalah kisah sangat pun semua tu. To be honest I would rather marry an average-looking guy who prays five times a day than a hot-looking one who doesn't. Kalau nak cari suami Ayah cakap iman tu yang penting. Kalau takda iman macamana kau nak hidup aman bahagia? Contohnya kalau suami kau solat tak cukup lima waktu. Susah Allah nak berkat tu. Anak-anak kau nanti macamana? Nak ikut bapak dia jugak? Dalam rumah tangga kan selalunya suami yang dominan. So paham-pahamlah.

Takguna jugak kalau ada suami hensem tapi tak reti jadi ayah yang baik. Nak raise anak tu kau ingat senang ke? Aku tabiklah cara Mak dengan Ayah aku raise kitorang. Walaupun adik beradik aku bukan semua betudung labuh and hafizah tapi kitorang ada pegangan. We know the rights from the wrong. Kalau tak tahu hukum hakam dengan detail pun at least we know the basic ones. Which is more than enough kalau nak compare dengan orang sekarang ni.

So berbalik kepada isu suami tadi. Kalau suami aku tak hensem pun aku takdelah kisah mane. Sebab aku pun bukannye macam Keira Knightley ke ape ke kan. Asal bagi aku hensem sudah. Asal sedap mate memandang dah la kan? Because I'm going to be the one who'll be living with him for the rest of my life InsyaAllah. So I wouldn't really give a fig about what people say about my husbang.

Pasal anak pulak tak cute macam Suri Cruise pun takpelah. Asalkan cukup sifat and sihat. Kalau cute sangat pun buat ape nanti orang culik anak aku. Ha Ha.

So marilah kita ketepikan sifat materialistik dalam diri dan terima sahajalah jodoh kita tak kira cantik ke sepang. Sebab yang tahu masa depan kau tu Allah. Bukan kau. So just accept whatever he blesses you with. He knows best :)

Dan kepada husband to be, saya tak mintak banyak dari awak. Saya cuma nak awak jaga solat (suaya awak boleh bimbing saya sebab saya pun selalu tersasar subuh dahtu ada satu macam habit suka lewatkan solat -_-) dan terima segala huduh keji saya (yang ni memang banyak so sorrylah ya) dan mempunyai pekerjaan yang halal. Kalau awak bagi saya makan makanan haram saya tendang awak buttfirst keluar rumah tahu? Ha Ha oke gurauan ganas disitu. Tapi serious la kan.

Saya tak kisah harta awak banyak mana. Saya tak heran awak bukan anak Dato' pun. Saya tak hengenlah nak kahwin dengan anak Dato' ke anak Tan Sri mana-mana ke. Sebab diorang semua tak pernah hidup susah. Saya bukan anak orang kaya tapi saya mengaku hidup saya memang senang dari kecik. Sejak saya lahir memang dah ada orang gaji so ada banyak kerja rumah yang saya tak tahu buat sebenarnya. Takat basuh pinggan tu pass lah. Tapi bab masak memang saya tahu goreng telur (tu pon kadang-kadang tak jadi :|) dan masak megi. Tu je. Masak nasik dalam periuk elektronik pun saya tak tahu. Apatah lagi nak basuh kain pakai washing machine. Memang macam awak suruh kucing buat akaun facebook. Jadah haram saya taktau.

Memang tak boleh buat bini kan T_T tapi tapi tapi. Taktau bukannya bermaksud I'll continue being ignorant. I'll try cooking and I'll learn how to operate the washing machine. Because I realize that I'm already nineteen years old. And with Allah's will it will be another 6 or 7 years until I get married and 6, 7 isn't such a long period of time. So I'll try my best and make do with what I can.

I GIVE YOU MY WORD THAT I WILL BE A FANTASTIC WIFE and I hope a good mother too :) InsyaAllah.

So you see dear husband to be, you have absolutely nothing to worry about sebab bercinta kerana Allah itu adalah sebaik-baik cinta ;)

p/s: boleh tahan skema post ni.

Friday, March 5, 2010


So these are the top three designs I found after painstakingly searching the internet.


Design No.1

Design No.2

Design No.3


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why I love the internet



I am the goddess of online shopping.

Is this not the most aweomazing bag ever?

PLUS, the material is furry! Sort of like the real cheetah fur :D

Uhh. At least I hope it's not real o_O Heck as if I'm gonna get a bag made with real leopard fur for RM25. Not that I want to if you know what I'm saying.

What an uncanny resemblance to my bag eh?


I love my leopard-print hobo. Sobs.

The unplaned ALWAYS turns out to be the best

Yesterday I met up with Fatim at Sunway Piramid. It's been such a loooong time since we last saw each other :|


But I don't really blame her. I know how parents can be -_-

And after meeting uo we were like, "Hey let's go to the theme park. It might be fun."

So we went :D

We rode on everything maaaan. Well, nearly everything. We didn't know that the park doesn't have an entrance fee for the amusement park ONLY. The cheapest was RM48 (after we used MyKad) and that was for both the amusement park and the wet park. So we sort of had no choice and we payed up while silently cursing the booth attendant.

My my how Sunway Lagoon has become really, uh, modern! They don't have the plastic tags that you have to wear around your wrist like they used to. Now they have some kind of rubber watch :O

You can guess which one is my hand -_- The watches were practical I guess. But they made my wrist sweat(?) like a pig. And I just realize that my skin color is actually brownish red. HAHA. NOT black :|

Lame attempt at posing with ugly wrist watch WINS. Fatim was really concerned if her lips were protruding at every single shot we took bikus she has metal teeth :D

This was when we went on that big bowl (cup?) thing. I never realized that it can spin so fast O.O So my picture turned out..spinning. And I suddenly have weird huge light colored eyeballs instead of my dark brown ones. Meh.

And of course, being who we are, it was compulsory for a camwhoring session. See how Fatim was trying to hide her metal teeth? xD

I TRIED to be sepet but I just couldn't :|

I have always been and will forever be poyo. It was BURRRNINGGG HOOOTTT btw.

Even the shape of my ice-cream was retarded ftw. Fatim really took her time eating the ice-cream. She ended up being sticky all over :D

Fatim took like 10 pictures of the tiger because it came reaaaaalllyyy reaaaalllyy close to the spectators. You can relate by looking at the distance between subject and the photographer. Ha Ha. But I'll just put up one tiger picture. Wouldn't wanna bore you with..tiger pictures.

So after riding a few rides and feeling all dizzy and nauseous we decided to walk around in Sunway Piramid instead.

Oh btw Fatim kept complaining of chest pain everytime we rode on an adrenaline-pumping ride. "Don't you feel it? Don't you feel the pain?" O.O

So we went into Sunway Piramid and decided to check out Asian Avenue because Fatim said it has nice shops.

The first shop we went into sell totally weird stuffs. Like masks and eyeballa and..you get the picture.

IT DOES NOT FIT. Although it doesn't look mismatched. Eh.

HAHA THIS ONE SO TOTALLY FITS. Cough, I suppose, cough.

So after that we went to Burger King and had lunch. Few more rounds and at 6 something we said goodbye :(

I wondered into World of Cartoon and bought Nazif a Winnie the Pooh T-shirt with shorts and a Ben10 stationary set for Naqib. I spoil my nephews baaaaaaaaad. Ha Ha.

Oh and I also bought this really uber nice cheetah printed selendang at Jusco! (althought instead of the original color it was black and grey. But it still looked really damn nice) Man I never knew jusco had really nice selendangs. Although it did cost me RM24.00 and that is a lot for a selendang okay. I usually buy mine for RM10 at Jalan TAR HAHAHA.

and besides the selendang Ialso bought a sequined shirt from Scarlet (RM10 and it was practically calling my name) and a long racerback tank from Forever 21. It was purple. And it was love at first sight. That one costs RM19. So I didn't spend that much. But I sort of regret paying for the entrance fee. Rm48 is quite a lot you know. I can buy like 3 racerback tanks in different colors with that! Or two nice selendangs at Jusco. Or 4 sequined shirts from Scarlet. Or 5 stationary sets for Naqib. Or 3 pairs of shirt and short for Nazif.


So that was yesterday. Today I'm spending the whole day at home. Probably gonna play badminton with Meme this evening if I FEEL like going out haha.

Oh and can't wait for Friday night! The whole family is going to Hadramawt for dinner :D

Dear Tyah please be home by then :| I haven't seen you in three weeks. Huu.