Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kuwait's 49th Independance Day. Or something

Sorry for the delay in my posting. I was just..lazy. Like REALLY REALLY lazy. hehe.

So, let's start on the pictures!

Nazif with the why-am-I-being-left-all-alone-in-this-house look. HE IS JUST SO CUTE.

Oh yes and this was what I was wearing. Black jubah (courtesy of Mak Fatim's shop :D) jeans and my little slingbag.

OOh you should see what kind of shoes I was wearing.

Well these don't even qualify for the term shoes I think. They're just RM10 rubber sandals I bought from Jalan Masjid Jamek. But REALLY REALLY comfortable! WHAT I would look weird wearing my skechers with a jubah okay.


Ayah got fined because he made a U-turn where he wasn't supposed to make one. And he beat the redlight too. My Ayah is soo cool :D


"Dato', mintak lesen Dato.'" No the policeman seriously said that. So sekarang I anak Datok lah okay. You all shall address me as Aika Dato' M Gazzali. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BITCH. The policeman kept looking at me because I took like 10 pictures of him. Maybe he thinks I'm gonna put it on my anti-government blog and openly bitch about him. Haha as if -_-

I just think it was really cool when the police practically yelles thru the hailer( I don't know thw big thing that vmakes your voice sound bigger?) "KENDERAAN VOLVO WEA SILA BERHENTI SEKARANG. BERHENTI SEKARANG JUGA"

Mak and I were laughing our guts off in the car. But it was only RM100. So all's well that ends well(?)

That skinny policeman was kind of hot. It was a shame that he had to go and fine my father. Otherwise I would've winked at him. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.


And here we are! Sorry for the shaky picture the car was moving and I'm not really a professional photographer with a D90. I just have Lin's Olympus U Tough. Or at least that's what I think the model is.

The uberawesome humongous gigantic foyer. There were a lot of policeman because you know the ambassador is there blablabla.

When we entered the hall, we were greeted by a VERY BIG ice sculpture.

It was one of the most prettiest sight I have ever seen in my life. SOBS.

IS THIS NOT COOL? They even have colorful lights at the back of the sculptures so that it would seem like the sculptures were emitting colorful lights! And check out the cakes in front of the sculpture. There were at least 15 cakes from hotels and ambassadors of other countries. But it's unfortunate that they didn't give us even a slice of the cakes T_T

Ice sculpture and cakes from another angle. With a random man staring longingly at the cakes.

The salad bar(?) The salads served were really weird-looking middles eastern salad. But the waldorf salad and the chicken pasta were really nice!

THESE MUSHROOM QUICHES WERE REALLY REALLY DELICIOUS. I even considered bringing home some. Tapi macam darat gila kalau main tapau-tapau plak an. They were full of mushrooms! and all kinds of mushrooms too(?)
BAM CHECK OUT THE NASIK MANDI. The talam was so big weh! And I saw a total of three talams around the hall. And it was, of course, DELICIOUSA.

Even Naqib was on his best behavior! He was running around like a madman. Very uncivilized -_-

The waldorf salda and the chicken pasta! I can still imagine them going down my throat. YUMMY.

I..don't really know what these were. But I do know that they were stare shaped pastried with,uhm, fillings.

Those two cook spaghetti and carbonara on request. It was, as I've said a million times already, DELICIOUS.

Gift cake Number 1.

Gift cake Number 2.

Gift cake number 3. This was the biggest cake. Complete with a map and everything ftw.

Mak and Ayah♥ Although both look really funny here. HAHAHAHAHA


The stage(?) Oh I don't really know what it was. It was just..there.

But it was really nicely decorated!

DESSERT! The jellies are heaven-sent. No doubt. I accidentally dropped one on the carpeted floor. SHAME ON MEEEHHH. I really lack poise.

They're goin like hot cakes! The fruit tart was sent from the seventh heaven btw.

Oh and the really weird thing is that there waren't any chairs and tables like how dinners usually are. They're just place small tables randomly around the hall so that the guests can put their drinks while they eat, STANDING. Do you know how hard it is to eat roasted lamb WHILE standing?

And on each table they plave two wine glasses. In one glass they put 4 to 6 chessesticks( which Naqib really liked) and in the other glass they susun salads and put a little bowl of thousand island next to it. I LOVE CUCUMBER STICKS.

See the long potruding cheesticks? HA HA. And Naqib eying them hungrily ftw.

TAKBOLEH. The name of one of the salads.

and the prettiest picture for today,

A very awkwardly disturbing picture of me with the, uh, I don't know the prime minister of Kuwait?

I was holding Naqib's cheesesticks -_-

This picture was snapped in a very hurried manner. That's why it's a

Well that picture wraps up today's post. I have to go and pack its already 6 pm!

Oh and I'll be on a three day hiatus because I'll be going to Redang. Just thought I'd write you a nice long post before I go. Hehe. Till then :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For tonight

So I'm going to Kuwait's national day celebration(?) at J W Marriot tonight. This is the coolest thing about your father owning an Arabic newspaper company. He always gets invitations like this. I've always wanted to go but you know since I was formerly busy with school and now busy with college I didn't really have the chance to go. But since I started my 3 month holiday yesterday, WALLAH.

Usually mak was the one who accompanied ayah. But I knew that she would a million times prefer to stay home and eat plain rice with salted fish rather than the eat the weird dishes of the middle eastern. Ha Ha Ha.

I'll bring the camera if I can. See yah.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear husband to be,

Before our akad nikah ceremony, I would like to show you two pictures of me.

Taken 3 seconds after I had just woken up.

By seeing this suprafugly picture, I would be able to tell whether you are into me because of my looks(?) of whether it really is love after all.

The second picture I would like to show yo dear husband to be, is a picture of me after I just had my shower. Somehow, I personally think that I look more hideous after I had just showered compared to after I had just woken up.

But it's not up to me to judge which is uglier really, since you're the one who's going to be stuck with me until your dead.

So I thought I would for once, be sympathetic and make you aware of what nasty shit you're getting yourself into.

I hope you would still love me albeit the hideousness you would have to bear with for the rest of your frickin life.

Oh and if you even think, I repeat, THINK of marrying into other nasty shits I WILL CHOW YOU DOWN LIKE I CHOWED MY CHAR KUEW TIAU WHICH I HAD FOR DINNER THREE NIGHTS AGO.

Already loving you,

Your pretty wife.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Semalam, hari ini dan hari-hari seterusnya

Yesterday, I finally got to taste J.Co's frozen yogurt. There were three choices ; the single, the double and the triple. I don't really know what the choices represent though it wasn't like the yogurt was being scooped. You know, like one scoop two scoop three scoops? Ho Ho.

Well I used to think that frozen yogurt would taste, well to be honest I thought it would taste like sundae vanilla ice cream. Because when it's frozen and served like how it is, it kind of looks like vanilla ice cream with fruits and crushed almonds.

Which was a really inviting image mind you.


This is the single one. Mine, the double was double the size of that.

The fruits were really fresh and nice but the yogurt was too..masam.

Okay I know yogurts like are supposed to be masam and all but this was just a bit too much for me. Plus I'm not used to eating too much yogurt. Too much plain yogurt. My stomach agreed by making rumbling I'm-not-happy-with-what-you-dump-into-me sounds. I was lucky to not have puked.

On another note,

Tyah showered using my bathroom just now and she did some weird thing with the shower so that it shot little sprinkly showers instead of the usual ones.

My shower is so awesome.

And I really cannot wait for finals to be over. I would, without any doubts, enjoy sleeping and dozing off until midday for almost four whole months.

There goes my chance to find a decent man.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not a want, but a need

Pictures are interesting. So having pictures on your blog makes it more interesting. That means I have to put more pictures on my blog so that it will be interesting.

Penaakulan matematik. Or is it penaakulan mantik? What is mantik anyway?

I would really like to put more pictures in here but it's not like I have a camera that enables me to snap anything the whole time. just have my And it's so crappy you don't even get the satisfaction of camwhoring when you use it to camwhore. I need my own camera.

List of things that I REALLY need, not just want :

1. My very own camera of course. So I can express myself by taking awesome pictures. Or not so awesome ones. Well heck the point is I want my own camera so that I can camwhore period.

2. A new handphone.

My old phone is crappy and slow and just so..annoying. It's crappy. Whatmore reaons to buy a new phone do you want? Tapi sayang pulak nak trade bikus It's the most expensive thing I've bought with my own money. Well it's not THAT expensive like ribu ribu ke apa. But still, to me it did cost a lot of money. And I'm sort of emotionally attached to it. Hmm can't I just buy a new phone and not lose anything in the process?

3. An MP3. or an iPod. or better, an iTouch.

It's so boring during the journey back home on the KTM bikus everybody would be listening to their own music player and I would have nothing to listen to (reading books on a moving vehicle can give me unnecessary headaches) and thus that would result in me daydreaming while sucking in the scenery along the way.

Which can be very boring.

That's just about the three gadgets I want right now. I think this post would be very very long if I were to talk about what I need in terms of clothing and accessories.

I need to go shopping. Again.

I feel retarded

everytime I look at my default picture on facebook. It's not like I've never felt retarded before mind you. I've had that feeling since I can remember. But that doesn't mean I've been a retard all my life. Just at certain times.


So I didn't go to penang last week. But I didn't really feel bad about it because Ayah promised he would take me there during my coming 3 month vacation. Sigh I miss Ayah :|

oh and Mak too♥

So last night I looked at the pictures Lin just uploaded on her facebook.

Nazif looks so grown up T_T


Only 7 months old and is already a camwhore! Im so proud of my protege :D

Is he not the cutest little thing? ;) I can't wait for the day when he starts to walk and talk. Now it's just half cooing and half babbling. But he sounds cute already!

So gebuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! He's one of the reasons why I can't wait to get home :D

So there my gebu gebu. Three more days baby, three more days.

Monday, February 8, 2010

One tree down, five more to go

Well to be honest arabic wasn't that bad. It's just that I have my doubts on getting 39/40. But if I do happen to reach 39 I will treat myself to a set of Nandos. HAHA okay pehal gila pathetic sampai kena treat diri sendiri.

Today's Lessons :

1. Don't wear black jubah with black tudung and black shoes and pergi jalan dengan penuh konfiden tengah tengah matahari rembang tengahari yang jadah haram. YOU WILL SWEAT LIKE A PIG. and you will smell worse than a pig.

2. Dont wear black jubah with black tudung and black shoes and masuk the examination hall and duduk and buat your exam sebab bila electricity terputus you will be the only one yang tercungap cungap(?) kepanasan and you will smell worst than a pigsty. PERGHHHH.

3. Just don't bloody wear all black on a hot day. Only people with no common sense do it.


I hope I can cover linguistics in two days. Two days man. Two frickin days.

*telan air liur*

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I am serious

about applying for a JPA scholar to pursue my degree education in journalism (or tesl. Either one) because I'm very much interested in doing a degree overseas. I'm also very much hoping that JPA would grant me that scholarship when the time comes for me to go for an interview. IF I get shortlisted when I applied that is.

I just really really wanna do English overseas. To be honest, I'm not thrilled at all at the prospect of doing English in Malaysia. Not because I'm being prejudice of the education system that Malaysia (UIA in particular) practices. But I just WANT to do it elsewhere you know. I'm thinking of Australia. Edith Cowan University probably? Although I won't argue with Griffith University. Hikhik.

I just hope I get the place. God help me!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is what I do come 2 in the morning and I'm suffering from insomnia and I have only the laptop by my side

I hanged the 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the door knob that day. Just so that everyone knows I'd rather not be disturbed on whatever occasion or complications that may arise. I switched off the fan and looked around for the aircond's remote control only to end up reasoning with myself that it's probably somewhere under my little brother's stack of toys.

I switched the fan back on. After figuring why the hell it's still static even after almost 5 minutes of being switched on, I tried repeatedly switching it on and off again and again. The end result seemed pointless as I started to drench in my own salty sweat. I took off the sweater I was wearing, wondering why I had put it on minutes before. Deciding that the heat was too much for me, I grabbed the door knob and twisted it to the right.

"Locked?" I asked myself. I had since forever thought that my door can only be locked from the inside. By me. By only me. Now why do I find this particular situation unacceptable for a door like mine? I backed off and stared at my door. "Since when did I have a pink colored door with meticulous carvings on each four corners?" I wondered aloud. Not that anybody would hear me of course, since everybody is out for an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner at one of the local chinese deli.

But the fact that my door has undergone physical morphing within a matter of seconds bugs me more than the fact that I am at the moment, all alone in the house. I tried twisting it open again. but to no avail. I gave up and finally sat at the edge of my bed. That's when I noticed that my small single bed isn't my small single bed anymore. It is now a huge four poster bed with a ruby red cashmere comforter and almost 20 comfy-looking pillows all neatly stacked before the comforter. I gaped in awe at what my humble single one-pillowed bed with what was once a plain blanket had changed into.

"What on earth is happening to my room?" I questioned myself.

Almost as if carrying answers to my unanswered questions, I heard a loud creak on the floor similar to the sound that it regularly makes when somebody is walking up the stairs. I stumbled backwards, fearing for the worst. I silently tiptoed around the gigantic four poster bed trying to locate where my hand phone was. "The right thing to do now, is surely to call the police." I reassured myself. As soon as I saw my phone dangling at the end of the drawer beside the bed, I reached for it, almost staggering forward in the process. A look of dismay passed my face as I concocted a fable within me to ease the disappointment of the words 'NO SIGNAL' illustrated on the screen of my trusty hand phone.

By the minutes that have passed, I was able to silently calculate that the footsteps I had initially heard would most likely be 3 steps away from my now pink bedroom door. Almost as if hearing my thoughts, silence followed the last three steps. I know now that the anonymous footsteps had reached it's purpose of walking from the beginning. I scrunched behind the humongous bed, trying to conceal myself from the obscuring sounds that had lapsed into endless silence.

The emerging twist on my doorknob nearly made me jump as I braced myself for what is to come. The door swung forward, defeating the speed of light. The proprietor of the initially inexplicable footsteps was exposed.

And I did the only thing I could think of. I screamed.

I don't get it

Why should you?