Friday, March 21, 2008


how long has it been since i last posted somethangg?bahaha.sorry bloggie.the modem was being DUMBB.i got the feeling tht this is gonna be a FREAKING LONG POST.finally i can write in peace.teehee.

well well.whre shud i start?
ouh yeahh. fadhi gave me a big pcket of chipsmore todayy!since i merajok-ed wth him on monday cos he didnt wanna share his chipsmore,he bought me a BIG one!WOOTS! i seem to have an obsession wth cookies. O.O i pestered my ex into belanja-ing me famous amos cookies,and now im pestering fadhil to blnja me chipsmore.freakehh.hehehe.well,who cares laaah.

i wanna strt my tuituion todayy!not the much anticipated physics tuition *giggless*.but the tution centre am i tlking about.haha.well amy and ainie was over me saying "jomla msok prfection!jomla msok pfection!" n i was like, "tgklaa.tgklaa." hehe.patient lah u guyss. :P

i lost the peringkat daerah,no.WE lost.hehe.i was the first speaker yea.n i suddenly got seizured wth stage fright tht made me stammer n stutter n i actually READ the speech tht i HAD wtf.seriously i was so dissapointed wth myself.i didnt even offer any POI's. -.-" mel n tasya both did vairy good proud of you guyss. :)

my teacher somehow COULD NOT stop from picking me to enter english-related competitons. O.O she picked for the inter school public speaking competiton.and for another public speaking anjuran oxford-cambridge thngy.but i was so effin crazy abot collecting certificates so i was like, "yeah sure ill enter ALL of em."hehe.well doood.its my lAST year of school-ing.i thnk i shud make full use of it.right right? :D

ouh yeahh.ive gotten my march test results.and like,'s wht i got :
EST - 87%
AGAMA - 88%
MATH - 70%
BAHASA - ??%

yeah we didnt get our bahasa paper not setting high hopes on ths one.cos i know i crapped all the way thru the stupid karangan berpandu.hehehe.

ahh i almost english teacher also uhh,"motivated" me to participat in yet,ANOTHER essay writing competition.the title is 'Tomorrow's World."and dyu know whts the first prize?A TRIP TO DUBLIN,IRELAND.A FUCKING TRIP TO DUBLIN!!so OF COURSE i was so into written essay is currently 3 pages long.i havent finished yet.hehe.wht?ive been busy oge.(yeah rightee)

i went to ou wth dy and ELA last,wtf i didnt know ela was coming.i kinda have some ISSUES wth we warent talking to each other.but yeah,the whole thang WAS HER she was like apologizing to me and i was like,go stuck ur head in ur butt.bcos i was soo frickin pisseddd.but then,TADAAA!she was there.i seriously considered going back home.or satabbing dy to death bcos SHE ARRANGED THE WHOLE FUCKING thng.grrrr.but surprise,surprise.ela bough like,rm1500.n she told us like, "amekla ape korang nak.aku baya."
so me n dy were both gugugaga-ing in topshop,miss selfridge,dorothy perkings,forever 21,etc etc.but unfortunately,all the tops were somewhat, we didnt bought anythng in those shops.but then i went into cheetah to buy a pair of uh,yoga pants?the comfortable pants EVRYONE has nowadays.u know?well,nvrmind.and i saw this pair of gorgeouss elegant looking pants.and it cost i handed them to ela and she paid for it! first item.then we went into radioavtice and i bought more stuffs!a rm40 wallet(to match dy's which was also 'sponsored by ela),and a rm70 pwetty dress.yeahh baybee.then we went into romp and again,she blnja-ed me a rm70 cargo pants!i loveeee those kind of pants.wth lots n lots of pockets.white colorr.cos i dont have any white i was yeah,really happy on tht day. :D

and my brthday didnt turn out to be tht bad at all.mummy and daddy gave me $$$!haha.ima gold diggah.and my sister in law bought me the most gorgeouss striped BUM handbag.i am soo totally in love wth tht handbag.thnkyouu kak fzah. ;)

tyah lin and meme still havent got me anythng waiting

ahh i thnk this post is coming to an end.since i cant update often future posts are gonna be longgg i thnk.brace yourself for it!teehee.okayy my yummy plate of rcarbohydtare is calling me.tootiees. :D

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the so called birthday.

todays my brthday.and.i.dont.feel.i.bit.different.i thnk its quite a pathetic day bestfriend didnt wish me at 12am sharp like she always do. :| and so far,i havent gotten any present yet.WHT A LAME BIRTHDAY.zira was the only one who gave me a card.thnkyou ziraaa. :) doood.this unhappy brthday really kills my blogging mood.

Monday, March 10, 2008


i wanna get married like,PRONTO.dooh evrytime i go to weddings the urge to get married becomes more and moree.i wanna walk side by side down the aisle wth a HOTGUY aka my hubby.but thres like a 000000000000000.1% tht ill get married to a hot guy since,as inez puts it,theyre pupusing. xD and like,ALL the hot guys are either taken or gay.lucky me.ive met a LOT of hotguys who have the ability to make me drool recently,but evry single one of em is taken.i even see some wth their gf.dooood.but i dunno whether my hot physics tutition crushh is taken or not lol.should i ask him?erk.tht wud be TOO ill just keep quiet.muchh orang cakap,"kalau ada jodoh tak kemana." if god destined a hotguy(please please please do) to be my partner in life then,YEAH BAYBEE!*does the gatal face*

Sunday, March 9, 2008


im listening to leona lewis's song cos i feel tht im somehow connected to tht song.weirrd. O.O
i like the part, "I don't care wht they say,Im in love with you." bcos i dunno why.hehehe.
somebody said she looks like me.dooood im THAT pretty lmao.

MY BIRTHDAY IS TWO DAYS AWAY!the only day ive looked forward to since i remembered.mummy agreed to gimme $$$.like,YEAH BAYBEE!i can go shopping my buntut.andd she gave me permission to go ou oso!of course wth u know how hard it is to get her permission to go out this year?cos im having spm n all.first time i asked her she was like,"NO,NO AND NO!!" den i made my famous 50sen face den she said, "finee.u can go out wth your frens.but the limit is klcc or timesquare or the other nonsense."we WERE planning to go to ou so of course i was like,"okay mummy." and normalize my face back from its 50sen state.hehe.i hope jat doesnt BUY me anythng for ths years bday.cos i wan monehh.he's been gving me rm50 fer my bday since i was i got used to the tradition and i dont thnk i wanna chnge it to jat knows wht id like for my brthday anyways. xD tht day he asked me wht i want fer my brthday.den i said, "i thnk i want a laptop.u wanna give me ah?" then he goes, "ill give you a laptop allright..on your 40th brthday!" swt. -.-"

well,enuf about brthdays.hehe.lets talk about,uhh,my march test!i thnk i did okay.not TOO bad n not TOO good.okayla seriousleh i thnk i did above average.hehe.physics was like,so DANGG easy leh.only waves masuk in tht test n the teacher copied like,ALL the questions from an exercise book tht i just HAPPEN to be doing n reading before the yeah,hopefully ill get an A fer physics. :D biology was okay bcos i was werking my brains to it limits on the weekends trying to understand whtever there is to be understnded.lymphocytes,monocytes,basophil n blablabla.chemistry was,DOOOOD no komen.i cudnt rmmber anythng from the f5's topic.I.AM.SO.DEAD. bahhh.puan tang please help me acee my chemistryy. *hopeful*

doood im so bored.i HATE holidays.i wanna go to school.and PHYSICS TUITUION.yeah its 2 days awayy.ouh hariz hazim, im counting the days until the day we will meet again.(wtf im obsessed) xD

andd i went to see JUMPER on friday!wth lin of course.she belanja-ed me as usual. teehee.damn man the movie was FABB.the david dude was hot when he was a teen as well as when he's an adult.max theriot and hayden christensen I FAKING ADORE YOU GUYSS.would you PLEASE PLEASE marry me?both oso caaan. xD but seriousleh,i cudnt take my eyes off the screen even for a millisecond cos he's sooo addictive to the eyes,to the mind n to the heart(lLMFAO).i wish i have a boyf whos a jumper cos thtd be sooo cool.we can get married in venice,have our honeymoon in the bahamas,and go world touring in less than one day.DOOOOD THT ROCKSS.But unfortunately,jumpers dont exist.sobss. :| i guees ill have to settle down wth a normal future hubby please dont read this ah.hehe.

i am boredd.i am so boredd.i am so freakin boredd.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

lobe lobe.

have i told u how much i LOVEE going to my physics tuition?ou yeah i havent.well,I LOVEEE GOING TO MY PHYSICS TUITION!!bcos thres a dude thre who looks 100% like my old crushh.and he's likee a tad CUTERRR than my old crush so like,evrytime i see him i practically drool.he could not be any hotter.grrrr.n the best part is,i ALWAYS sit beside him and he always looks at my note or my exercises bcos he's kinda lost evrytime we're doing exercises. O.O weirdd.ouh and he's basketball player,a soccer player an like,the athelete of the year or smethng.he even got like,these drool-producing biceps.omaigod he is soo my dream guy.eheh,i know im a vairy gatal crushes are like,scattered all over the world lmao.whatt?i get attracted to hot guys TOO EASILY lah.not my fault.its just my nature of having a mega-weakness against hotguys.*drools drools DROOOOLSS*

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


i have never fucking met someone who has an attitude like you fucking are so fucking annoying and irritating you stupid fucking asshole.i could not fucking hate you anymore than i fucking do right now.fuck you lah you BIG FUCKING JERK.if u fucking thnk tht i still fucking like you then,THINK AGAIN FUCKA.bcos i soo do not fucking like you my fucking eyes,you are no more fucking worth than a fucking piece of sampah di tepi fucking jalan.please lah u fucking think that deleting me was a fucking good idea eh?you could never be soo fucking wrong.ur gonna fucking crawl back to me like u always fucking do u piece of fucking dogpoop.if you fucking thnk that i am fucking jealous of your fucking oh-so-pretty gf,then FUCKING THINK AGAIN.u fucking clearly havent fucking done much fucking thinking wth your fucking shallow mind have you,you fucking fuckerr?i fucking wish that i could fucking send you to fucking hell and get you fucking ROASTEDDD BURNEDDD and GRILLEDDD.ouh fucking wait,YOU ALREADY FUCKING ARE!you fucking think youre soo fucking good looking tht like,EVERY fucking girl in this fucking world wants to fucking date you ah?fucking puhleasee lah wei.i feel very fucking sorry for that girl you know?she really doesnt fucking know what she's fucking getting into.if you ever need some fucking advice about this asshole girly,come see me and fucking serious.because only the two of us knew HOW MUCH OF A FUCKING JERK HE IS.HOW MUCH OF A PAIN IN THE FUCKING ASS HE IS.AND HOW MUCH HEARTBROKEN YOU WILL FUCKING BE ONCE HE'S FINISHED WITH YOU.dont fucking think im joking or crapping or playing around bcos i am CLEARLY FUCKING NOT.i hope ur already fucked up life will be MORE fucked up after this you bastard.i really fuckingly seriously hope so.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


am i scaring you away?is it wrong to feel this way?is it my fault i felt for you?wud you love me if i say i love you?