Tuesday, April 22, 2008


seeing a lot of you today makes me smile like orang gila okay. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I know ive said that u shud never give up.but sometimes,when somethng is just not meant to be,it wud be better to just give up on that smethng and just move on wth ur live.my point being that its no use to keep hoping for the impossible.ur just gonna get disappointed over and over again.

Whose gonna suffer?


Who will feel miserable?


Who will feel stupid n betrayed?


He wont feel a thng.yeah,sad much.but thts just how life works.u like him,he doesn’t feel the same way.ur sad ur disappointed,he doesn’t even care.

What pure pain it is to be sitting beside someone while knowing u just cant have them.not now,not never.never forever.

I wish you knew how I was feeling.i wish you’d care.i wish for a lot of thngs.but none of them comes true.now i know why.bcos all the wishes are for you.about how id wish one day u wud look at me in a different way.not just a friend,not just a no one.but as a someone.someone who matters.will that day ever comes?i guees not.its obvious that we’re just not meant to be.

Another feeling.another disappointment.could life be any BETTER?


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cool laa wei.

looks at the rhymed words tht popped into of my mind while i was bored studying ysterday.

whenever u appear in my mind.something beats in my heart.is it a feeling?is it a dreading?oh,i realized,that im just missing.every breath i take,every move i make.i miss you i really do.u constantly appear on my mind.smiling,grinning as if you own the world.how i love that innocent look.how i long to see that smile again.how i dread not bing able to see you for so long.for never,forever.my heart belongs to you as it always does.but do u know?do u know?ive cried a tear or two deciding whether to tell you.but bcause im such a coward.i steadily choose not to.i fear rejection,i fear humiliation.i wonder if you feel the same way as i do.i wonder if your heart beats faster when we set eyes on each other.i miss you truly,deeply and painfully.although u wud have never known.about my feelings.about my missings.about my longing for you baby.for you,just for you.hearts will be broken.feelings will be torned.but i know deep down under that i only want to be wth you.in your arms.conquering ur mind.just us two.just us two.i desire you.

hebat tak saya cipta ayat2 cinta? :D
i dont know to whom am i writing ths.
but it just feels,uhh.right.hehe.

i dedicate to my frens oke lah.


when the world tells you stop,hope whisphers, "one more time.."
lets tie our pinkies together,
and be happy forever.
i love you. :)


Monday, April 14, 2008


DOOOD how long has it been since my last post?roarr.siklanag manyak malas mahu write di sini maa.now i actually have my own diary.yeah,the one tht you have to WRITE wth your hands,and BELIEVE ME when i say ur tangan gets lenguh real fast mann.hahaha.

okayy wht to type?
haa i got one.

*takes deep breath*
wimp im giving up on you.seriously i am.im tired of being thisway.im tired of saying okay.im tired of longing for you,when i know tht u dont feel tht way too.im tired of seeing you n feel my heart racing.im tired of talking to you while inside im really dying.so please just go away.cos i dont want you to stay.im trying to hate you rite now you know.cos all the pain you bot keeps me low.i hate you my mind boggler,i hate you my attention attracter.go away just go away.please.

now thts a nice rhymed speech isnt it?HAHA.seriously.im being serious.get out of my life.altho im certain tht u have no idea tht im silently launching an emotion attack on you.n maybe ud never know bout it.but here this,I DONT BLARDY CARE.as long as im satisfied,as long as im happy inside,i dont need youuuuuu.byebye stupid byebye frver n ever n EVER.
godd that feels GOOOOOOOOOOOODDD.

ok bye.