Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hate list

I suddenly realized that I have never made a hate list before. Just for the hell of it. Well, here goes ;

1. I hate it that I have accidentally updated my iTouch software (or something) to 4.1 and now I cant friggin jailbreak the damn thing because that is the latest software and no jailbreaking has been done to it so my iTouch is basically a dumb device without any use at all. No music, no games, and get this, NO FRICKIN WIFI!

2. I am just really annoyed with Apple right now for making jailbreaking so damn hard. IT'S LEGAL FOR GOD SAKE!

3. I hate it that people make fun of Twilight and Justin Bieber. Don't get it wrong here, I'm not a big fan of Twilight nor Justin Bieber. It's just that it's really mean to make fun of them like, what is your problem with them really? They're making more money than you are so you're the loser here really.

4. I hate it when there is nothing to eat in the refrigerator. Nothing to eat here means food that I don't have to fry, cook, put in microwave etc etc. Fruits are not included.

5. I hate it when I cannot download songs because the internet is shitty.

6. I hate shitty internet.

7. I hate it when I feel like I don't have anything to wear eventhough I know that my closet is full of stuffs I never do wear. I really really hate that.

8. I hate it when somebody uses my favorite mug.

9. I actually really really do not like (read: hate) it when Naqib drinks out of my water bottle. I have had that water bottle since I was five years old (somebody in some photo shop gave it to me as a free gift or something when I was in Autralia) and I was the only who had been drinking from it until he came along. I feel like my privacy is being invaded everytime I watch him drink from my water bottle. If Nazif starts drinking from it I swear I will hide my water bottle in the freezer.

10. I hate it when I feel like eating chocolate but there is no chocolate in the fridge.

11. I hate it when I get presents that I don't like and I have to act all appreciative in front of the person who gave it to me. I feel so bad because that person thinks that I actually like his/hers gift when I really really don't.

12. I hate it that nobody has never done anything sweet to me.

13. I hate it that I have never had a surprise birthday party. Even one birthday party for that matter.

14. I hate it that I don't have a lot of money and that I am always broke. I know that it's wrong to be wasteful and whatever but having a little bit more money would be really nice. HOW COME I DON'T HAVE A FRIGGIN ALLOWANCE LIKE EVERYBODY DOES?!

15. I hate it when people treat me insignificantly (read: like trash). As happy as I may look on the outside, you should know that I cry far more and far easier than your baby brother/baby sister/ whoever in your family that cries a lot.

16. I hate it when I feel like crap all day long because of how people treat me.

17. I hate looking at forever alone memes. They remind me of myself most of the times.

18. I hate it that the jeans that I have bought online always turned up shitty eg: does not fricking fit me, too big, too small, whatever.

19. I hate my hair, sometimes. I have always wanted Natalie Portman's shitshort hair but I know that there is no way I could pull off that look.

20. I hate it when I go into a restaurant feeling real hungry and then it turns out that I have ordered the shittiest tasting food in the restaurant. That makes me feel really really shitty.

21. I hate having to repeat myself more than 2 times.

22. I hate looking at how rich people live their lives buying this and that going here and there and doing everything I have always dreamt of doing. How come I don't get to live like that?

23. I hate it that I'm not filthy rich. (Don't say things like "at least you have a home!" or whatever. You think I don't know that?)

24. I hate it when people don't respond asap when I REALLY REALLY NEED them to respond asap. It's beyond annoying.

25. I hate it when people cancel plans last minute. Especially plans that I have really looked forward to. That sucks, bigtime.

26. I hate it when all my emotions are suddenly mixed up and all I wanna do is curl up and cry.

27. I hate it to the max when people invade my privacy. I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE THAT. I mean, I wouldn't mind if you wanna read my inbox or whatever. Just don't..overdo it, you know?

28. I hate it when I don't get ANY text messages for three whole days. I feel like my friends have abandoned me :(

29. I hate it when people don't get what I mean.

30. I hate it when I have mood swings. I treat people around me like shit. And I hate that.


32. I hate it when I get shitty marks because I don't study.

33. I hate it that I don't have good control over myself.

34. I hate it when I realized that nothing comes out when I have typed for about half a page it's so annoying I SWEAR.

35. I hate it when I forgot to do things which I am so not supposed to forget.

36. I hate it when people are emotional with me. It makes me wanna cry ._.

37. I hate it when people dwell about my skin color. It's not like my skin color is making your eyes sore or something. Piss off.

38. I hate it when friends backstab each other without the other one knowing. I really really hate that.

39. I hate it when I see something I really like but I'm too broke to buy it.

40. I hate not having enough money for a meal. It makes me feel so poor and pathetic.

41. I hate it when somebody is mad at me because of my fault. It makes me feel so friggin guilty ._. especially if that person is really close to me.

42. I hate having to fight with people I love or when people I love have fights with each other.

43. I hate it when people lie to me and I know that they are actually lying. Am I not worth the truth? :|

44. I hate it when my shitty handphone gets stuck and shuts down by itself halfway through typing a frickin long message. I HATE THIS ONE SO BAAAAAAAAAAAD.

45. I hate not having anything to do when I'm bored out of my wits.

46. I hate it when I accidentally paint my fingers instead of my nails. AND I ABSOLUTELY HATE HAVING TO REMOVE IT WITH FULL FORCE BECAUSE IT REALLY HURTS.

47. I hate not having enough food supply in the locker. Especially when I'm hungry.

48. I hate it that I can't get married right now.

49. I hate it that my crush is sending mixed signals.

50. I just really hate not getting what I want when I want it.

And I really hate it when it's late at night and I can't friggin sleep.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My little secret ;)

I actually have had a tumblr account since April but I just kept my mouth shut about it until now because.. er, well god knows why really.

But know I've decided to publicize my tumblr for everyone to read.

Oh and btw, it's mainly about you :)

P/s: I should stop being so creepy.

Raya Ke-5

I have trouble differentiating arguments and discussions.

I mean, do you not argue when you discuss? This is weird.

Well anyways, it's the fifth raya today and here I am sitting at home, doing absolutely nothing raya-ish. Oh and dear friends, please note that my parents decided to postpone our open house to Raya Haji WTHHHH I know right so you don't need to worry about not coming to my house untuk beraya sekarang. You can come during raya haji :D I mean, it's still raya right? Hehehehehehehehehe.

And my duit raya count is nearing RM500 woots :DDD Selama 19 tahun aku dah hidup ni aku rasa tahun ni paling banyak, serious. Masa kecik-kecik dulu 100++ je dapat and the makin lama makin banyak makin banyak makin banyak and now BOOM! RM500 terus eheheheheheh.

I think I'm gonna use this money to buy books, books and MOARRR BOOOOOKKKSSSS! Because it's been 74656782876545367 years since I last read a new book. I always end up spending my money and clothes clothes pashminas shawls clothes clothes and it's not like I wear all of them either ._. Aaahh, I'll need to do a spring clean as soon as I start my two months of holiday. And sell them online and make more money woots! :D

God, I love money $$$$$$$$$$$

Ok that sounded very materialistically wrong.

But whatever.

Kawan-kawan takda sapa nak buat open house ke haku nak mati kejang dah duduk kat rumah tak ada buat apa ni .___.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Aku baca dalam blog kawan-kawan aku ramai yang kena kutuk kaw-kaw dengan relatives bila diorang cakap diorang amek BEN.

So adakah relatives aku cacat atau apa kerana tidak mengutuk?

Seriously, nobody kutuks me sejak mereka tahu yang aku ambek BEN. Dalam kalangan sepupu aku pun aku sorang jelah yang amek language setakat ni. Yang lain semua Accounting, Pharmacy, Medic, dengan IT. Kumpulan-kumpulan tu jelah. Ada uncle aku sorang ni siap cam amazed gila aku amek BEN (mungkin sebab dia pun suka language walaupun dia mengajar Math) so setiap kali berkumpul ramai-ramai dia akan mula bercakap Bahasa Inggeris dengan aku (which I'm not really comfortable with because I don't like speaking English with people who know Malay ._.) dan tanya things like "What have you been learning in this course?" "Is it a nice course?" "What do you learn, really?" or something like, "Have you read this book called blablabla? You should really read it because the author blablabla and the writing style is very blablablabla" and that can be very awkward seeing that before this I didn't really have lengthy conversations with him like he's trying to make now so, yeah. It can be very awkward with the obligatory sounds of  "Ohh."s and "Ehh."s.

So anyways, I feel really comfortable taking BEN because I personally think it's an awesome course because all my BEN friends are awesome ♥ and because I find it mentally and physically challenging. Pergh ayat dah macam apa ke.

But there's only this one thing that has been bothering me about budak-budak BEN ni. Orang selalu cop budak-budak BEN jeis budak-budak yang social, gedik, takmalu, suka tarik perhatian etc etc. You know lah, the kind of people yang mintak kaki. So if you mess up and kena saman ke ape and bila dia tanya course you answer BEN they'll automatically say, "Huh patutla. Budak BEN rupenye" it's like we were born to be trouble makers or something. Kalau ada gossip-gossip budak mengandung ke apa perangai syaiton ke mesti orang tanya dulu, "Budak BEN ke?" sebab konon kalau betul tu budak BEN it's like "Ohh no wonder la."

I really do not like that kind of mentality because hey, aku pun budak BEN jugak ok and sedikit sebanyak tempias jugak kena aku. Ni dah macam sebab nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. I mean, bukan semua budak BEN macamtu. Adalah certain few, tapi tak perlu langsung la nak stereotype kitorang sampai macamtu sekali.

Most people selalu look down dekat budak-budak BEN and have shitty thinking towards us and budak-budak BAR dengan IRK kena praise habis-habis . Aku bukan nak buat controversial statement ke apa but it's essential for you to really get to know somebody before you judge them. Kau tengok luar je tak cukup la, serious tak cukup. Melainkan kalau kau memang a judgmental tard semua orang kau nak judge ha tu memang takleh nak cakap ape la.

But seriously, bukan semua orang macam yang kau fikir sebelum kau betul-betul kenal orang tu. Kawan-kawan aku pernah cakap first time diorang tengok aku muka macam sombong tak friendly langsung. Tapi lepas kenal confirm lah perception tu berubah. Cuba kalau they didn't even make the effor to get to know me. They'll probably spend the rest of their lives thinking that I'm a stuck up arrogant looking bitch. You have to get to know people la before you pass judgments. Don't just simply make unwarranted assumptions sebelum kau kenal orang tu and then spread rumors based on your assumptions. Tu bangang namanya.

Peh jauh pulak aku membebel. Ha tu jelah aku nak vent pun. So in conclusion, BEN is an awesome course designed for awesome people :)


Hah habis happy la title aku harini. Tadi aku pergi round nak dekat satu KL beraya rumah sanak saudara ._. Kitorang keluar rumah pukul 1030 pagi sampai rumah nak dekat 11 malam jhfgwjekrgfrekjgejr RASA MACAM DAH BAU HAROM BETUL BADAN AKU NEY SATU HARI TAK MANDI JEHFGJEWRGFJERF. Rasa belengeh nak mampoih. Cit.

So anyway PICTURESSS! Post ni memang akan ada sangat banyak camwhoring punya pictures sebab aku yang pegang camera HEHEGEHGEHGEHEG dan jugak sebab takda orang nak amek gambar aku  so ameklah gamabr sendiri hihi. Ni ha aku dah bagi amaran awal-awal jangan nak meluat pulak tengok muka aku banyak-banyak nanti HOHOHO.

Oh sebelum tarok gambar raya kena tarok gambar dua rascal sebelum mereka bertolak ke Kelantan pada hari Selasa lalu. Esok diorang balik WOOTS!

Kengkadang rasa cam nak lempang budak ni sebab geram.

Abang yang agak cenge haritu. Ke die cenge dengan aku je hahahahagahgaha.

Ok dah cukup dua je gambar dorang sekarang gambar raya pulak woots!

Banyak betul aku cakap woots sekarang ni ._.

Ni dekat rumah Tok Mama malam 1st Raya. Semuaorang dah parah hahahahha.

DUIT RAYA TIIIIMMMMEEEEE! Faiz dah semangat nak bagi duit raya dekat cousin-cousin yang masih belum bekerja nampaknya HOHOHO.

Uncle Jai still looks parah ._.

Muka ini dipanggil muka barubanguntidurtakmanditakbasuhmukateruspakaitudungturunbawahmintakduitraya. You clear?

Ha ni untuk sudut yang lebih jelas. Behold, muka tak mandi dalam erti kata sebenar.

End of Raya, Day 1.

Start of Raya, Day 2!

CAMWHORINGGGGGG. Meme pandang cermin watapan.

Jika rasa tidak puas camwhoring di hadapan cermin, terbalikkanlah kamera ke arah anda dan tangkaplah gambar sendiri menggunakan tangan yang panjang.

Baju raya yang jarang T_T Tapi opkoslah aku pakai inner kat dalam kan kepahal nak pakai baju jarang-jarang pegi beraye rumah orang -.-

Meme berpiuh mencari kasut yang sesuai dengan baju. Perlula ampaian baju nak masuk skali ._.

Kasut yang dipakai 2,3 kali setahun. Bila Raya baru nak bawak keluar lap-lap bersihkan dari segala habuk. Isk.

Meme mengalih kain takut kalau masa tengah beraya nanti tetiba hujan turun lalu baju basah semuanya.

Muka tension sebab tudung RM10 (yang matching dengan baju) yang dibeli di Giant semalam buat hal awning taknak jadi elok so kena pakai tudung pasar malam pergi beraya kat rumah orang HAHAGAHAHAGHAG.



All my male(?) cousins except Adam who is studying in Minnesota and has not been home for Raya since he went in 2008. So anyways Mugay is the only one staring at the camera which proves my point of how much of a gay he is. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. WE ♥ OUR MUGAY!

Up close and personal with..MUGAY! He never fails to deliver such idiotic expressions. Muahahahaha.

Bapa dan pakcik-pakcik.

Emak dan makcik-makcik.

Ini dekat rumah Auntie Kina btw. Suaminya, Uncle Go (adik beradik die punye nickname memang pelik-pelik. Go lah, Op lah, Chop lah, Ched la. Serious, tak tipu) adalah cousin bapak aku. Ya, bapak aku dengan cousin-cousin habis semue die rapat hahahahhahahaha.

Cousins and Lin menyebok kat tepi -_- Btw yang lelaki tiga orang ni semua adik beradik kecuali Mugay gay sesat takdak adik beradik lelaki HAHAGAHGAHGAHGAAGAHGA.


Hidangan utama di rumah Auntie Kina. Roast Chicken and Mash Poteto! Mat Saleh sungguh yall.

Lin nampaknya sungguh gembira akan menu hari itu! Meanwhile, Mugay sedang mengelentong Tyah di belakang.


Biskot cornflake yand sangat rangup dan sedap sampai perlu bawak bekal masuk dalam kereta hegehgehge.

Kereta yang didalamnya terdapat anak-anak teruna.

So lepas Auntie Kina punye rumah we proceeded to lagi sorang cousin Ayah punye rumah around that area jugakla. I think. This auntie is called Aunti Shahrin (er, kan?)



Okeh, proceed.

Lepastu sebab toilet sangat cantik kena amik gambar camwhoring nampak gigi satu kasi puas hati. YEAH.

Adakah ada cili di celah gigi aku ._.

Menunggu hidangan juadah raya OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOOOMMMM.

Lepastu tetiba Faiz datang buat gaya terbang soh orang amek gambaq -_-

eh, gambar. tersasul pulak HIKHIKHIKSSS.

Adik yang osem dan kakak oren yang selepat.


"Tyah, hang tangkap gambaq muke hang slalu camni kan?"

"Dis is how you do it ya'll"

Daddy peachy bak kate Tyah -_-

Daddy peachy with daughter peachy(?)

Uncle Jai osem. Hahahahahaha. Ni adalah uncle yang paling suka getu, eh cubit ups tersasul lagi HAHAGHAGAHGA GEDIK BETOL HAKU NEY anak-anak sedara dia. Uncle Jai juga merupakan bapa kepada MUGAAAAAAYYYY YEAH!


btw tudung aku time ni aku dah tukar jadi style ketulan cirit sebab panas ah nak lilit-lilit dua kali. Dah ah baju gua jarang kat dalam tu nak kena pakai inner so panas adalah 2x ganda dari orang lain isk isk isk.

Habis candid ah gambar ni.


Camwhoring dekat cermin kereta adalah sangat perlu kalau tidak tak layak dipanggil professional camwhorer YEAH.

Yang ni pulak dekat rumah, errr, rumah..OH HA rumah Auntie Ani!

Ini muka "Anda tidak mahu bermain-main dengan saya. Anda tidak mahu" Mugay pula dalam cubaan mempedajal gua.

L untuk Loser. Loser untuk Mugay! We've been giving him that sign all day long lol.

Tyah dengan muka "Gimme siku gimme kaki gimme tumit yall gimme gimme gimme!"

Adik beradik selepet tet sebab dah petang smue dah maleh nak mantain muka elok macam mase kluaq rumah tadi bukti adalah tudung ketulan cirit dan muka Meme yang parah killew ew eww.

Sesi membuli Inaz atas dasar tidak berpuas hati tanpa sebab kepada abangnya Si Mugay.

Berdamai lalu camwhore bersama ♥


Dua ekoq lonjong tak tentu hala dengan muka depa yang mintak kaki.



Penat gila nak tunggu gambar upload satu-satu dari tenghari tadi aku start pukul 1 pagi baru habis -.-

So yeah, enjoy!