Saturday, June 7, 2008


*screams and dies*

on another unrelated matter,i drank starbucks for the first time today and i feel like im getting a migrain dooh.SUNGGUH BANYAK KAFEIN.i only fnished half of my chocolate cream chip.pus i bot the large one.which really urges me to puke.amy's was the WORST.hazelnut smethng.the smell alone was EURGHHH.why is everyone like,practically worshipping starbucks?bcause its classe?SO NOT TRUE.okay maybe it is classy.but ima give 1/10 on the beverages.hahaa take tht starbucks worshippers!

i didnt kno today was agong's blardy brthday.SO THE STUPID TUITION CENTE WAS wtf nobody told me!nobody told US to be,amy,bqis,ainie and azer all came today being superbly rajen students lol.but azer went up and as i and amy were on our way to starbucks he shouted,

azer: woot!hrini xde tuition ke?
me: hah?asal xde?
azer: prfection ttop doh.
me: drg g lunch kot.
azer: gril pn ttop la.
me: hah?bia betek?
azer: ko g atas cek sndiri.
me: wehoo!amy kite bole lepak starbucks smpai 530!
amy: yeahhh!enjoyy.

well the convo went smtng like tht lah.icudnt rmmber the exact words.sungguh tidak baik sekali pusat tuition cud they not bloody tell us tht today IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY?stupid really doesnt live up to its name.sheeshh.

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