Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sorry. I can't think of a title.

I went to One Utama with Lee and Bam today. Anyways (directed at Lee and Bam, but you can read it too like DUH of course you can read it) do you notice how our nicknames have only three letters in them? Lee, Bam, Koz. Oh and Amr's too. I used to say Amr with a very prominent R sound but then I heard how Lee pronounced it and I started pronouncing it as Am which doesn't sound as retarded at pronouncing it as Amr with a strong R. It usually ends up sounding like AMMER. HUMMER HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

Ok I really shouldn't make fun of Amrina's nickname ._.

So anyways (CAN SOMEBODY SUGGEST ANOTHER PARAGRAPH OPENING FOR ME? URRRGGHH) it's been quite a while since I saw Lee and Bam so it was very nice to get to spend the whole day with them. Lee was supposed to come and pick me up and 1030 but due to unavoidable (MEH) circumstances she arrived like an hour later ._.  They were calling me like every 5 minutes asking for directions and I THINK I guided them clearly enough through the phone but it turned out that my sense of direction sucks. Even on our way to One Utama with ME in the car and Lee driving around MY neighborhood we nearly made a few wrong turns. I have just realized that I have problems with my right and left side. When lee asked, "Right of left?" I had to show her the direction with my hand which pissed her off because she was driving and what the hell was I doing showing her the directions with my hands instead of just saying it out loud.

She kept screaming at me. It was frightening ._.

So after a lot of screaming and tarts being eaten(?) we reached our destination and parked the car and yada yada yada and walked and yada yada yada and ate at Johny's where the food is surprisingly quite cheap. Lee had green colored noodles wtf. I think they were called Spinach noodles. I forgot to ask her how were they. But she finished it. So either it tastes ok or Lee is a pig and eats every single thing in her way. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Ok I'm just kidding you're not a pig please don't scream at me.

Bam ate this weird rice and BBQ chicken thing which looks very boring and I had kuey tiaw soup which IS very boring because I didn't know what else to eat. I wanted to try the steamboat but it's too time consuming and it's not like we have until 11pm to stay out. My dad asked me just now "What time did you reach home?" and I answered, "About five pm" and he went, "SO LATE?" and I was like looking at him and going ._.

Dad, I love you and everything but you have to understand that I'm 20 years old already. Yes Dad, your youngest little girl has grown up into this young bitch lady and she can manage herself pretty well without you having to worry about her. I think I'm doing okay so far. So you don't have to worry about me. I promise I won't have unprotected sex before marriage and get impregnated by some random guy on the streets if that's what you're worried about It's all right to have a little trust in this young lady :)

Lol what the hell I sounded so grown up just now. But I really do think that 20 is a big number. I'm not a teenager anymore. I'M AN ADULT NOW BITCHES! And you could hear me saying that exact sentence in two months time when my birthday comes lol. I'm still nineteen right now. But feeling so twenty already wtf. I'll get married in five years time and then comes the baby :O

Ok let's not get THAT carried away.

So today was really fun. Lee acted like a drunkard on cough syrup all day long lol. It was secretly entertaining because seriously, how much close would you get to a drunkard act-a-like if not your awesome as hell friends? And I mean that in a nice okay DON'T SCREAM AT ME. God, I can still hear you voice ringing in my head I swear ._. I hope I don't have nightmares tonight. A nightmare which would comprise of Lee yelling and screaming and shrieking at me throughout our journey from Malaysia to Ice Land. By foot. Carrying Polar Bears.


Ok scratch the Polar Bear part that was just plain stupid wtf.

Oh and I bought a new pair of jeans today! I initially wanted to try another pair but they were too similar to a pair that I already own so when Lee found this really nice comfortable wide leg jeans I just HAD to beg her to let me have it. HAHA Ok so maybe I didn't beg her. She was all, "Meh. Judging by the long legs they'd probably suit you better anyways." So I tried them on and I was like SO IN LOVE WITH THE CUTTING AND THE FABRIC AND THE BUTTONS AND OHMYGOD IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I FELT SO MUCH LOVE FOR AN INANIMATE OBJECT I ALMOST WANTED TO RUN AROUND THE SHOP WITHOUT MY PANTS ON AND SCREAM IN DELIGHT.

But they were actually a bit too long so I'm gonna have to ask somebody to alter it so that it would fit ._.


And if you're wondering why isn't there any pictures it's because Lee hadn't put them up yet. One of the reasons why I love going out with her is that she will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS upload the pictures we've taken with her big camera on that day into a whole new album♥

Oh and I wore a skirt today for the second time this year. I think I'm starting to like it. It makes me feel In a good way. Don't ask me how gay in a good way is like I don't get what I myself am saying half of the time lol. So there you have it a motherfather long post because I felt guilty I hadn't updated this blog for quite sometime :(  Only 4 posts in January WTF is wrong with me. I must blog more often after this or I'll lose my innate writing skills whatever that's supposed to mean.

I'm going to end this post with a disturbing picture of me, Lee and Bam eating Subway because we're awesome shizz like that yo.