Wednesday, March 5, 2008

lobe lobe.

have i told u how much i LOVEE going to my physics tuition?ou yeah i havent.well,I LOVEEE GOING TO MY PHYSICS TUITION!!bcos thres a dude thre who looks 100% like my old crushh.and he's likee a tad CUTERRR than my old crush so like,evrytime i see him i practically drool.he could not be any hotter.grrrr.n the best part is,i ALWAYS sit beside him and he always looks at my note or my exercises bcos he's kinda lost evrytime we're doing exercises. O.O weirdd.ouh and he's basketball player,a soccer player an like,the athelete of the year or smethng.he even got like,these drool-producing biceps.omaigod he is soo my dream guy.eheh,i know im a vairy gatal crushes are like,scattered all over the world lmao.whatt?i get attracted to hot guys TOO EASILY lah.not my fault.its just my nature of having a mega-weakness against hotguys.*drools drools DROOOOLSS*

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