Monday, March 10, 2008


i wanna get married like,PRONTO.dooh evrytime i go to weddings the urge to get married becomes more and moree.i wanna walk side by side down the aisle wth a HOTGUY aka my hubby.but thres like a 000000000000000.1% tht ill get married to a hot guy since,as inez puts it,theyre pupusing. xD and like,ALL the hot guys are either taken or gay.lucky me.ive met a LOT of hotguys who have the ability to make me drool recently,but evry single one of em is taken.i even see some wth their gf.dooood.but i dunno whether my hot physics tutition crushh is taken or not lol.should i ask him?erk.tht wud be TOO ill just keep quiet.muchh orang cakap,"kalau ada jodoh tak kemana." if god destined a hotguy(please please please do) to be my partner in life then,YEAH BAYBEE!*does the gatal face*

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