Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cool laa wei.

looks at the rhymed words tht popped into of my mind while i was bored studying ysterday.

whenever u appear in my mind.something beats in my heart.is it a feeling?is it a dreading?oh,i realized,that im just missing.every breath i take,every move i make.i miss you i really do.u constantly appear on my mind.smiling,grinning as if you own the world.how i love that innocent look.how i long to see that smile again.how i dread not bing able to see you for so long.for never,forever.my heart belongs to you as it always does.but do u know?do u know?ive cried a tear or two deciding whether to tell you.but bcause im such a coward.i steadily choose not to.i fear rejection,i fear humiliation.i wonder if you feel the same way as i do.i wonder if your heart beats faster when we set eyes on each other.i miss you truly,deeply and painfully.although u wud have never known.about my feelings.about my missings.about my longing for you baby.for you,just for you.hearts will be broken.feelings will be torned.but i know deep down under that i only want to be wth you.in your arms.conquering ur mind.just us two.just us two.i desire you.

hebat tak saya cipta ayat2 cinta? :D
i dont know to whom am i writing ths.
but it just feels,uhh.right.hehe.

i dedicate to my frens oke lah.

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