Monday, April 14, 2008


DOOOD how long has it been since my last post?roarr.siklanag manyak malas mahu write di sini i actually have my own diary.yeah,the one tht you have to WRITE wth your hands,and BELIEVE ME when i say ur tangan gets lenguh real fast mann.hahaha.

okayy wht to type?
haa i got one.

*takes deep breath*
wimp im giving up on you.seriously i tired of being tired of saying tired of longing for you,when i know tht u dont feel tht way tired of seeing you n feel my heart tired of talking to you while inside im really please just go away.cos i dont want you to trying to hate you rite now you know.cos all the pain you bot keeps me low.i hate you my mind boggler,i hate you my attention attracter.go away just go away.please.

now thts a nice rhymed speech isnt it? being serious.get out of my life.altho im certain tht u have no idea tht im silently launching an emotion attack on you.n maybe ud never know bout it.but here this,I DONT BLARDY long as im satisfied,as long as im happy inside,i dont need youuuuuu.byebye stupid byebye frver n ever n EVER.
godd that feels GOOOOOOOOOOOODDD.

ok bye.

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