Thursday, April 17, 2008


I know ive said that u shud never give up.but sometimes,when somethng is just not meant to be,it wud be better to just give up on that smethng and just move on wth ur point being that its no use to keep hoping for the impossible.ur just gonna get disappointed over and over again.

Whose gonna suffer?


Who will feel miserable?


Who will feel stupid n betrayed?


He wont feel a thng.yeah,sad much.but thts just how life works.u like him,he doesn’t feel the same way.ur sad ur disappointed,he doesn’t even care.

What pure pain it is to be sitting beside someone while knowing u just cant have them.not now,not never.never forever.

I wish you knew how I was feeling.i wish you’d care.i wish for a lot of thngs.but none of them comes i know why.bcos all the wishes are for you.about how id wish one day u wud look at me in a different way.not just a friend,not just a no one.but as a someone.someone who matters.will that day ever comes?i guees not.its obvious that we’re just not meant to be.

Another feeling.another disappointment.could life be any BETTER?


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