Friday, May 16, 2008

wah hah!

exam lagi dua tiga hari habis WEHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
godd im so tired of sleeping at 2am evry night n waking up at 5 and going to school n sitting for the stupid exam im tired im tired IM TIREDD OF IT ALL.
im gonna be mentally ill.i knew it.

today got sjarah n math 1.dood sjarah rockss!the essay part was fried peanut HAHA.wee of course la.bcos i was cheating mcm org gila wth amy n bqis.bqis was SO obviously cheating!she bought in a full length note pad paper wth history notes ALL OVER IT.about the renaissance shit n evrythng.n we passed it between us three since we were sitting vair close to each other.and another of our banyak tactics was passing small folded notes thru pens.we folded a small sized paper as small as it cud get n we selt-ed it on the pen.see how tacticfull we are? :D

and yesterday lagi gila weii.bqis n amy actually SMS-ED EACH OTHER during agama exam!like wtfreak u guys gile hebat dooooh.the three of us were snickering n giggling like half mad bcos of what we were doing.mann its so easy to cheat lah.the teachers dont even look at yew.theyre too busy marking papers at the back.tch tch tch!now thts a profitable mistake.hehe.

next week got summore papers.ADDMATH.i know im dead.why the effing hell is +math so blarrdy hard?is it mean to be torturous?i feel genuinely stupid when i was answering paper two.i looked at amy n she mouthed,"CKGU NAK BUNUH KITA KAAA?"shes NOT exaggerating cos it was damnn hard.ahh well,im not gonna see anymore of it nextyear.BYEBYE ADDMATHS BYEBYE SCHOOL LIFEE IMA GROWN UP GIRL NOWW HAHAHA.okay tht didnt sound so grown up.teehee.

i didnt talk to her today.godd she's ticking me off wth her attitude.vair similiar to a sonofabitch.gelii dohh.i dont thnk i wanna talk to her anymore.go away lah u.kacau hidup gua saja.huh.

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