Saturday, May 24, 2008

books books books

ten random reading facts about me:

  1. I only knew how to read when i was about 5 years old.
  2. Altho i was a late bloomer,i am now a speed reader.the only one in the family.*muka bangga dooohhh*
  3. i can finish a single page in less than 55 seconds.
  4. i can finish two 400-page novels in less than tow days.
  5. i finished harry potter's fifth book in 18 hours.
  6. i can read until 6 am the next day without feeling sleepy.
  7. i can read 5 novels,one after another without any time intervals.(see how crazy i am about books?)
  8. unbelievingly as it seems,i read pretty much every book that has come in contact with my hand however boring it may be.
  9. the thought of curling up in my bed and reading a new book excites me as shopping does.
  10. i read evrythng ranging from kid's 3 pages books to adult's 600 pages book.i am a book maniac.

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