Wednesday, May 14, 2008


after almost one month of no posts,HERE'S ONE TODAYY!

hehh today is one of the fabbest day ive had this year bcoss,MY HOT PHYSICS TUTION CRUSH TALKED TO MEEE.well,we didnt actually had a conversation.okay heres how it went,
its already 530 and our tuition was i was busy packing my stuff in the bag when sara suddenly asked me,"hey are u going to the mppj public speaking next month?" and soo i was so busy talking to sara and packing my things(MULTITASKING BABEHH) when i accidently reached for HIS calculator(he sits beside me evry single week tahu kaaaan) and i was putting it in my bag when i heard him say"calculator i..." AND THE WAY HE SAID WAS AS IF HE WAS ABOUT TO CRYY.OMG SOO BLARDYY COMEL MACAM GILE NAK MATI TAHU TAKKKK.wth his expression n evrythng.i grinned stupidly n said,"eh,sory soryyyy!" and that was it.hehe.i know lah he said like just two words to me,but its a start ritee.hehe.kecoh gila.but i was so happy i smiled all the way back i didnt actually did the happy happy smile.i just grinned stupidly as i did before.heckk what a greatt day babehh!

okay now wan cakap apa lagi?

godd i wanna ctalk abotu so much thngs but WHY OH WHY doesnt anythng come out when i start typing.pfftt.

haa,i just finished reading a malay novel.WAHSEY BEST MACAM NAK MAMPUS.its titled ungu karmila by ramlee awang murshid.damnn his novels are seriously A-rated.simply the best in msia.the plot,the storyline(storyline n plot sama la?) and the evrythngg just kept me glued to the novel altho i was having my chemistry n bio exam the next day.hehe.selambalaahh.

now talk about exam far i thnk okay lah.maybe bcos i actually studied insanely this year.last year masa periksa satu hapak pun wa tarak paham.and consequently i failedd evry single single so not joking oge.during my 1st sem exam last year,i had 9 G9's.i FREAKIN FAILED 9 subjects out of the 11 subjects.ini budak banyak pandai ooo.hehe.

but that was then.lets look ahead shall we?
ahh superb life.
when will you be here.

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