Friday, May 16, 2008

as i ponder my future.

WHY is it that evry single guy i have liked or have feelings for tend to have girlfriends?is it me or is it that im just a bad-lucker in these kind of things?susahlah mcm i even GOING to get married someday?maybe im destined to be gay and live happily ever after.YUCK.

i just found out that my HOT PHYSICS TUITION CRUSH HAS A GIRLFREND.that broke my heart BIGTIMEE.god i was soo into him.thnkgod lah i didnt fell in love wth him or deeply in love wth him already.but still,shucks lah.i thnk im destined to have bad luck in relationships.forever and ever and ever.eternally.ill never get married and live my golden ages with 44 cats.ill be the old lady who didnt get married bcos she was so naive and so to cover up her frustration she adopted 44 cats from the spca.what a sucky sucky life.

maybe its a sign tht i shud just give up on stuff like this.and maybe,just maybe when the right perosn comes along ill know how to appreciate him 100x more.maybe, just maybe.

god i still cant ditch the single taught that im gonna grow up to be a 60 year old virgin.
i wanna get marriedd.i wanna walk down the aisle.i wanna wear a wedding outfit thingy.i wanna hold a bouquet of flowers.i want the theme colour pinkk.i want to GET MARRIEDDD.

omg im getting obsessed.someone take my hand and pull me out from this shit?

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