Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting help online.

I think my typing skills are becoming very shitty.

on first try i typed getiing hep oline instead of getting help online.

i am pathetic -_-

well today my parcel arrived.


a few days ago i saw a reaaaaaly cute burberry printed bf shirt that i would like to own.i think the website was

but anyways the name of the online shop was motte.sounds a bit like latte tho.eheh.

and when i opened the parcel,it..wasnt exactly like i had hoped was too short for mee T_T

the curse of being almost 170cm tall.pheeeeeeeeeeesshh.

i was so devastated besause i looked really awkward it in.i even tried to mix and match it with my other tops and make it a bf cardigan(what the hell) but it just looks so wrooong.

and its not refundable heeeeeessh.the cons of online shopping,i know.

and suddenly i remembered there was a site that selled goods that were bought online and never worn before,except for trying purposes that is.and so,my day is saved :D

thanks a lot shopping gazebo :)

and i hope someone WILL BUY EEET and sort of refund me the money back because i now have my eye on a long grey colored cardigan which only costs RM50!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.i saw one that looked exactly like that in topshop and it cost this is like a BIG bargain i dont a light grey cardi.i only have a dark grey one.and EVERYONE KNOWSS that a light grey cardi is a staple in your wardrobe.

so there :D


maryam said...

i have a grey cardi! :')
tadi pakai g kolej, kwn2 ckp ana nampak kuruuuss. walawey.

Aika said...

kalau nt yang fatass tu nmpk kurus apetah lagi ana.


i told you its a staple in every girl's wardrobe :D

btw i think u need to find new friends.theyre obviously lying to you bam.HAHAHA.u want frank comments,come and face meeee HAHA.

maryam said...

kalau ana yg fatass ni nmpk kurus nt tu nmpk macam sekeping papan la.
HAHAHHAHA take that! bluekk ;p

my friends adalah sangat jujur dalam berkata2 tentang anatomi (?) badan perempuan. HAHAHA. if you've got a cute ass, they'll tell it straight to ur face. one of them even took a picture of me wearing the cardi sbb jarang i nmpk kurus, you! hahaha.

okay dah mcm blog sendiri pulak kotak komen ni,

Aika said...

bam are ur friends chinese?if yes than that explains a lot xD

maryam said...

chinese, indians, punjabi juga adaaaa. MEMANG SATU MALAYSIA. HAHAHA! tp yg ckp tu indians okayy. yg chinese, hehe you know why they like to wear shorts takat tutup ass je :p jd kalau drg yg ckp tak heran ahh.

Aika said...

gile semangat muhibbah sunway!hahahhaa.

and ni yang short skirt tube wearing kind of indians ke?not the saree punjab wearing type kaaan?haa yang ni pun macam-macam chinese jugak.majuuu :D

tapi ana taktaula all the indians friends i have yang saree punjab wearing je.kalau chinese yeaaahhhh i know hehehehe.