Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Father.

Today,my father made history when he gave his EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD daughter a CURFEW.

cmon daaaaaaaaaaaad.eighteen year olds dont have curfews -_-

this was because he saw me on the computer at 1 in the morning two nights ago.ONE O'CLOCK IS NOTHING MAAAAN.i guess it would be too much to tell him that i rarely sleep at night dekat uia.

dekat uia,1 pagi macam still pukul 8 malam okay.meriah dengan tapak-tapak kaki yang menapak ke godknows where.dekat rumah pukul 9 dan gelap gelita.sungguh tak ada life orang-orang di rumah.hahaha.

so yeah.aku boleh online sampai pukul sebelas je sekarang.GO AND HAVE FUN ON FACEBOOK WITHOUT ME.heeeeeeeeeeeeesshh.

you should've saw the look on his face when he caught me on the computer at 5 in the morning when i was fifteen.his eyes were as big as volleyballs :D

dont worry daddy,youre still my number one man.hehe.


syazana zahidah said...

hahaha!!comel gila still ade curfew!

Aika said...

nana please dont -_-

ceLy. said...

man, u still being curfews?
auww. how i miss that kind of thingy.

Aika said...