Monday, January 25, 2010

I don't knoow if I could yell any louder

I am emotionally disturbed. I would rather not elaborate. I would like a big moist creamy chocolate cake all to myself. I always feel stupid. I don't think I would get married by 25. I still feel that small bit of inferiority cajoling within me at certain times. I am a sucker for food. I am still not satisfied with where I am at the moment. I would like to be somewhere to awe. I have minor difficulties when I type. I think Ursula is a hideous name. I vouch for forbidden love. I'm human, like you. I have feelings, like you. I'm not a saint, like you. I'm sinful, like you. But I know. I know. I'm very much aware of it. I don't continue to drown myself in it. I know where to stop. I know when to stomp my foot down. I know. I know it all.

So that makes me so much better than you are :)