Sunday, January 31, 2010

The pros and cons of having a boyfriend


1. If he has a car, you're a lucky bitch. Because he can take you to giant if you feel like buying groceries and then when you've finished you don't have to lumber all your buyings into a taxi after painstakingly walking to it with your lumbers(tambah-tambah lagi kalau beli air mineral yang debab tu) instead you can just fit it all into his car's boot and then naik kereta ada aircord lagi tu fuhfuh.

2. If you really desperataly need something and it's past 10(kat nilai tak boleh keluar lepas pukul sepuluh hina ke apa) you can just tell him to get that something for you and pass it through the gate.

boyfriends, would actually do that.

3. If it's really hot or raining outside and you don't feel like using an umbrella you cant just hop on his car and he can drive you to block C and then payungkan you sampai teduh like aaaawwwwww.

ke dalam fantasi aku je ni.

4. You would actually have a reason to be on the phone all day long and the free calls that celcom allows you to have for 7 days on your birthday would be usefull after all.

Instead of just randomly calling people and prank calling your sister telling her she bought a bicycle and whether she wants it to be sent to her house.

5. YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND! what more could you frigging ask for?


1. Your credit will be used up as fast as flowing water when you turn the tap on(?)

2. When tomorrow adalah exam paling penting and you found a tagged picture of him with some random girl you don't know on facebook and he's all like "she's just a friend" and blaming you for becoming jealous over it and you'll be crying all night and not study.

That is so uncool. Unless you know the level of your boyfriend's loyalty then that's a whole different story.

3. When he tolds you he wants to end it right when you needed him the most. Boy, that really sucks.

4. When he's being an ass hole. Honey, from saying I you as a whole I can turn to saying I love you asshole. So boyfriends who are completely clueless when it comes to unsaid needs are not a good buy. Dump em. Ha Ha.

5. When after marriage you finally discovered that husbands are so much cooler than boyfriends and you'll regret carelessly giving the virginity of hand holding, I love you-ing and your watching-movies-with-the-opposite-sex virginity to someone else whom you knew there's a chance that you would not end up on the altar with :)




Asif said... expectd from BEN student.. cheers utk sngle laki xd?

Aika said...

oh lupa pola sebab majoriti pembaca perempuan kan.

three cheers for the single guys!

kiko kiki lala said...

im on da single ladies grup now.

ceLy. said...

cheers2. :D

Aika said...

kiko: EHEM before this jalan berduakah? :P

sel-sel badan:HOYEH.

Dr. H said...

Funny yet wise. Nice one!

Aika said...

haha thanks hasaaaaann.