Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why are you following me?

One more month till I get to go home. For a good 3 months ho ha ho. Dear finals please be over in a jiffy. Because since I enrolled in UIA I haven't had a solid period of a month or more of just staying at home doing nothing. I just..miss home.

and mak's cooking. Boy that is one of the things I miss the most. God why do I keep talking about things I miss at home here?

Oh yeah. I'm pathetic.

BEN's Annual Grand Dinner of thursday night. The theme is masquerade so we're supposed to wear those weird spooky masks and stuffs. But I and Mee are just coming to perform really. We haven't been in the right mood since THAT happened. Maybe next semester they'll organize a far bigger and better AGD for us since we'll be graduating next semester.

Well I should've graduated this semester but things went a bit awry so yeah. I'm gonna graduate next semester. But I am like so thankful for the core classes that I am in now. For the teachers and for the classmates. My classmates are possibly the best classmates you can ever imagine. They are the coolest people ever. And I know that things would probably be a tad different if I were to enroll for BEN at the beginning of the last semester. I wouldn't be in this particular group. I'd just be socializing with those people I detest so much. Don't ask me why though. I just do.

Just to show that everything happens for a reason. I wouldn't trade my classmates for any classes. I lalalove themmm. Haha okay sketlagi cheesy boleh jadi blog perempuan lemah lembut yang sangat gay.

Oh and wish me luck for finals. We haven't got our carry marks yet so I couldn't anticipate what my final marks would probably look like :|

Which is scary considering the promise I made to someone with regards to my CGPA. gulp.

I guess I had better work off a limb or whatever that saying is to ace everything.

Oh God I'm such a low plane. Too much noise, absence of action. I suck balls.

P/S: It's been almost two weeks since I saw my abang law burger. I've already forgotten what he looks like. and probably vice versa too :(

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ceLy. said...

my classmates jugak. :p