Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It'll always be so and so won't it?

I still don't feel the feeling of being in a whole new year. Nothing in my life has undergone major change to that's prolly why.

and I won't really bother to think of a hundred new year resolutions when I haven't even peaked last year's.

If I had resolutions last year, that it.

the only that has been bothering me is that I'll be nineteen this year. That's an awful lot of numbers isn't it? 19. Nineteen. Nainteeeeeeeeeen.

I still think of myself as a five year old, now trapped in the body of a nineteen year old. Maybe I'll start growing a mustache. Cool.

and then I'll buy a Mustang(?)

Two more years and I can gamble legally in America and go clubbing legally in Malaysia.

Okay so maybe I just wanna have ONE new year resolution.

come closer.



I wish for a boyfriend in the year 2010 ^^

haha okay tipu tak ada resolution.

Taktahu kenapa tapi aku rasa sangat disturbed di uia ni.


I'm the One said...

i think its becaause u left ur adek sekinii in PJ.
thats why u feel disturbed.
its just an opinion?
a boyfriend?
now that is a real resolution.

Aika said...

this is so luqman -_-

ceLy. said...

i thought u like being single ?

Aika said...

i want someone whom i can send cute teddy bear msgs to.(?)


tis week..kita asyik bertemu saje..apekah?

nilai tak besh ke weyh?