Sunday, January 31, 2010

The pros and cons of having a boyfriend


1. If he has a car, you're a lucky bitch. Because he can take you to giant if you feel like buying groceries and then when you've finished you don't have to lumber all your buyings into a taxi after painstakingly walking to it with your lumbers(tambah-tambah lagi kalau beli air mineral yang debab tu) instead you can just fit it all into his car's boot and then naik kereta ada aircord lagi tu fuhfuh.

2. If you really desperataly need something and it's past 10(kat nilai tak boleh keluar lepas pukul sepuluh hina ke apa) you can just tell him to get that something for you and pass it through the gate.

boyfriends, would actually do that.

3. If it's really hot or raining outside and you don't feel like using an umbrella you cant just hop on his car and he can drive you to block C and then payungkan you sampai teduh like aaaawwwwww.

ke dalam fantasi aku je ni.

4. You would actually have a reason to be on the phone all day long and the free calls that celcom allows you to have for 7 days on your birthday would be usefull after all.

Instead of just randomly calling people and prank calling your sister telling her she bought a bicycle and whether she wants it to be sent to her house.

5. YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND! what more could you frigging ask for?


1. Your credit will be used up as fast as flowing water when you turn the tap on(?)

2. When tomorrow adalah exam paling penting and you found a tagged picture of him with some random girl you don't know on facebook and he's all like "she's just a friend" and blaming you for becoming jealous over it and you'll be crying all night and not study.

That is so uncool. Unless you know the level of your boyfriend's loyalty then that's a whole different story.

3. When he tolds you he wants to end it right when you needed him the most. Boy, that really sucks.

4. When he's being an ass hole. Honey, from saying I you as a whole I can turn to saying I love you asshole. So boyfriends who are completely clueless when it comes to unsaid needs are not a good buy. Dump em. Ha Ha.

5. When after marriage you finally discovered that husbands are so much cooler than boyfriends and you'll regret carelessly giving the virginity of hand holding, I love you-ing and your watching-movies-with-the-opposite-sex virginity to someone else whom you knew there's a chance that you would not end up on the altar with :)



Friday, January 29, 2010

What, what is it?

I don't really get the fact that I have 20+ followers. I mean, WHAT are you people following? My rambling craps? It's not like I blog about educational motivational conventional international(?) stuffs here.

I blog crap.

Or maybe that's the main attraction?


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why are you following me?

One more month till I get to go home. For a good 3 months ho ha ho. Dear finals please be over in a jiffy. Because since I enrolled in UIA I haven't had a solid period of a month or more of just staying at home doing nothing. I just..miss home.

and mak's cooking. Boy that is one of the things I miss the most. God why do I keep talking about things I miss at home here?

Oh yeah. I'm pathetic.

BEN's Annual Grand Dinner of thursday night. The theme is masquerade so we're supposed to wear those weird spooky masks and stuffs. But I and Mee are just coming to perform really. We haven't been in the right mood since THAT happened. Maybe next semester they'll organize a far bigger and better AGD for us since we'll be graduating next semester.

Well I should've graduated this semester but things went a bit awry so yeah. I'm gonna graduate next semester. But I am like so thankful for the core classes that I am in now. For the teachers and for the classmates. My classmates are possibly the best classmates you can ever imagine. They are the coolest people ever. And I know that things would probably be a tad different if I were to enroll for BEN at the beginning of the last semester. I wouldn't be in this particular group. I'd just be socializing with those people I detest so much. Don't ask me why though. I just do.

Just to show that everything happens for a reason. I wouldn't trade my classmates for any classes. I lalalove themmm. Haha okay sketlagi cheesy boleh jadi blog perempuan lemah lembut yang sangat gay.

Oh and wish me luck for finals. We haven't got our carry marks yet so I couldn't anticipate what my final marks would probably look like :|

Which is scary considering the promise I made to someone with regards to my CGPA. gulp.

I guess I had better work off a limb or whatever that saying is to ace everything.

Oh God I'm such a low plane. Too much noise, absence of action. I suck balls.

P/S: It's been almost two weeks since I saw my abang law burger. I've already forgotten what he looks like. and probably vice versa too :(

Monday, January 25, 2010

I don't knoow if I could yell any louder

I am emotionally disturbed. I would rather not elaborate. I would like a big moist creamy chocolate cake all to myself. I always feel stupid. I don't think I would get married by 25. I still feel that small bit of inferiority cajoling within me at certain times. I am a sucker for food. I am still not satisfied with where I am at the moment. I would like to be somewhere to awe. I have minor difficulties when I type. I think Ursula is a hideous name. I vouch for forbidden love. I'm human, like you. I have feelings, like you. I'm not a saint, like you. I'm sinful, like you. But I know. I know. I'm very much aware of it. I don't continue to drown myself in it. I know where to stop. I know when to stomp my foot down. I know. I know it all.

So that makes me so much better than you are :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kau nak tau kenapa aku pilih kau?

Harini aku tak pergi kelas arab dari pukul 11 sampai pukul 1.

sebab aku kena compound.

sebab aku kena compound LIMA PULUH RINGGIT.

sebab aku tak pakai anak tudung hfgjergfsjkagerjgfefgkefr.

dekat facebook aku baru join group 'belia benci disaman fellow2 pakgad2 makgad uia'

dear uia,


kau tunggu la aku masuk main campus nanti.hari-hari aku lari bogel dari mahallah sampai kelas.


mulai harini setiap rabu aku akan ponteng kelas pagi. okay so maybe not. dahlah kelas arab. shit. sekarang dah sampai critical stages pulak tu. haram jadah aku nak pass arab ni.


uia kau baru tambah sorang lagi dalam list haters kau.

kalau kau tak mampu nak buat fest fest nak sewa khemah semua TAKPAYAH LA BUAT. kalau kau tak mampu nak sewa MPN hall tu untuk whatevershit pasal kau sewa dewan tu TAKPAYAH LA SEWA. dah sewa, takda duit, lepastu sebok buat mega spotcheck KONON LAH KONON nak bagi students disipilin.

kalau nak sangat duit mintakla derma. jujur je cakap takda duit dari kau berselindung belakang mega spotcheck ni. cmon la we're 19,20 year olds kat sini. you think we wouldn't know what the hell is going on?

Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia. You're really not living up to your name.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I should be at home. Sleeping my a shift44 off.

Indeed I could've gone back home on Wednesday since I won't be having any classes on Thursday and Friday since Thursday is a public holiday in Negeri Sembilan and God knows why it is.

But noooooooooooo.

Im stuck here in this rattle hole with nothing to do but homeworks homeworks and MORE homeworks which I lack of enthusiast to get it done with.


2 more months to go before I'm 19.

I wonder if my parents would give me an iTouch for my birthday if I asked for one? Since last year I didn't get anything like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt.

I miss home.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It'll always be so and so won't it?

I still don't feel the feeling of being in a whole new year. Nothing in my life has undergone major change to that's prolly why.

and I won't really bother to think of a hundred new year resolutions when I haven't even peaked last year's.

If I had resolutions last year, that it.

the only that has been bothering me is that I'll be nineteen this year. That's an awful lot of numbers isn't it? 19. Nineteen. Nainteeeeeeeeeen.

I still think of myself as a five year old, now trapped in the body of a nineteen year old. Maybe I'll start growing a mustache. Cool.

and then I'll buy a Mustang(?)

Two more years and I can gamble legally in America and go clubbing legally in Malaysia.

Okay so maybe I just wanna have ONE new year resolution.

come closer.



I wish for a boyfriend in the year 2010 ^^

haha okay tipu tak ada resolution.

Taktahu kenapa tapi aku rasa sangat disturbed di uia ni.