Monday, August 15, 2011

The 30 days photo challenge. I have succumbed to it.

I've always thought the word succumb sounds a bit like cucumber.


So anyways I decided to do this, um thing so that I'll have a reason to update my blog everyday. And I have to put in pictures too! yeay!

So yes, Day 1.

Day 01 - A recent picture of you.

K. I'm vain and i love camwhoring no matter how big the camera might or might not be. This was 2 days ago, when we were waiting for Fatim to get ready sebab nak pergi that bazaar muhibbah(?) nearby. The camera was in my hands, I was not thinking straight so I am not to be blamed. LOL so serious. But seriously, I'm vain. Even my mum says so. If I get my hands on a compact mirror I would have difficulties in letting it go. I like to look at every possible inch of myself and convince myself that I look good. But I'm definitely NOT self-obsessed.

Self-obsessed people have their photos plastered all over their blogs and facebook albums and twitter right? I don't. Well at least I don't think I do. Umm, right? .-. K so maybe I am a bit self-obsessed. I should get help. K.

So there you go. Day 1! Wow I'm looking forward to Day 2 already. Teeheehee.

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Kayheshyutaibah said...

helooooo buleeeh menguuuraaaat ? :D