Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 03 - A Photo Of You And Your Craziest Friend

I think I have to upload more than 1 picture for this one because most of my friends are crazy lol. But I have friends from different parts of my life so it's not possible to upload just one picture with all of us in it because there is no such picture ._. K so Imma upload two pictures then hehe.

The first one will be the picture of my school friends. They were the craziest people I have ever met back then. I got sent to the bilik disiplin a lot of times because I did things that I'm not supposed to do of course. Like play around with the fire extinguisher and having to pay for the damages done (although the boys opened it first they should totally be the ones who paid for it, not us -.-) or make the Science teacher scream at us and drag us out of the lab. Boy, those were the days.

13 is the craziest year I have lived so far. My maturity level dropped down to negatives. I didn't care about my studies, I didn't care about how my parents would feel if they knew what I did ; I just wanted to have fun with my gang. And as a result, 2004 was the most badass year of my life. I grew up a bit when I turned 14 so I wasn't any fun anymore lol. I stopped doing crazy things because of that. That's the horrible part about growing up. You tend to think that fun things are always immature and because you desperately want to show people how much you've grown into a matured, young lady you stopped having fun :\

Growing up sucks. But staying immature doesn't really do much help to yourself either. I think it's best to have a bit of both in yourself. Don't be too serious and don't be too immature. There are times when you need to be mature and rational and there will also be times when you need to act like a 5 year old. Do things accordingly for maximum satisfaction!

So this is a picture taken with my school friends, who have sticked with me through thick and thin, who have comforted me whenever I was teased and most importantly, who are still friends with me regardless of the crazy shit I put myself into sometimes.

I wanted to put a picture of the ten of us when we were 13 but I forgot to ask Lee to take a picture of it using her camera :\ Maigod, look Hasan is in here too! (although he looks totally disconnected from the crowd) That should be fair enough because as far as I'm concerned he's one of the craziest guy I've ever met lol.

And the next picture I'd like to put is of my UIA friends not because they're my closest friends but because they also happen to be not right at the mind :p Mainly Mee, Yunie, Kartika, Faie and Nurul. But I don't really have a picture of us together so I'll just put a picture of me, Mee, Yunie and Kartika when I went to Terengganu last year :3

K I purposely had this one up because Kartika looked super energetic in it HAHAHAHAHA. Lompat tak ikut time ftw! Love these guys to bits :)

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wany said...

okay.aku jadi rindu korang. tsk tsk T.T nanti jom kluar~ wee.haha..10 of us.gila assobiyah haha