Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 07 - A Picture Of Your Shoes

Well this one is a bit peculiar. Why would anyone be interested in seeing a picture of my shoes ._. oh well.

Last week I bought a new pair of shoes because I had been wearing my old pair for almost a year and a half already so you can imagine how worn out they were. But that was my favorite pair of shoes T_T They were grey-colored jelly shoes and are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. They're really flat and you know how much I'm obsessed with flats because I'm gigantic I'm kind of tall and I don't really need heels so flats are the best option for me :)

I think I'm going to put a picture of my old pair of shoes as a tribute(?) to it for being a really awesome pair of shoes and my new one to mark the start of a new shoe-ship(??)

It surprises me how much sense I don't seem to make sometimes.

I've always liked this picture :) of course this was last year during the Terengganu trip at some jetty nearby Yunie's house. Such a nice place to take pictures. You can see my shoes here :D They still look nice in this picture. Now they look so worn out already :( But if I ever came across a similar pair I will definitely snatch it.

And these are my new pair of shoes! :D Quite comfortable because they're made of some soft fabric but still ada blisters jugaklah sebab new shoes kan. I bought them in this color so they would camouflage nicely with the color of my feet :3 But I've only worn them once so I can't really say whether they're a good buy or not ._.

So there you are. Day 7.

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