Friday, November 28, 2008


its 1pm and i just woke up.ngaha.see how bored i was?
i first woke up at nine and there i lay rolling around on my bed thinking,"if i wake up now what the hell am i going to do?" so yeah,i slept back for about 4 hours.

my hand is still aching from playing icehockey yesterday.
at first i played with ninit,damnn she was good.
then i played with amy and i WON!(makes proud face)
then i played with ainie again and i won!three cheers for sweet revenge baby.(makes prouder face)
and then i realized that my right hand is starting to limp lol.
so i stopped playing and went marayau-ing around that floor alone.
partly because im tired and sort of not in the mood and i feel sticky and sweaty since ive been wearing the school uniform from 10 yo.(it WAS the last day of school so we sort of vowed that we wont take our uniforms off until 12am lol)

so that sums up yesterday.

i need to fullfill my shopping needs.
but i dontkno when.
amyyyy lets go shoppeeenggg.
or lee,care to join me? :D

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