Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i get disgusted with people who have those big hugee cameras n say "photography has always been my passion" when in real life they dont even know how to take pctures wth the broing old so and so cameras.BIGTIME SICKHEADS.

hey im not insulting nor offending anybody okay.i know there are real ppl out there wth real passion for photography.but if ur only indulging in this field for the sake of looking glamorous and bcause u can afford to buy those larger than life cameras,then please go shoot urself wth an m16 lah,seriously.

in myspace i see a lot of ppl who claim that theyre profesional photographers and all tht shit but the only picture they take are boring-and-bloody-hell-dont-they-look-ordinary pictures.if u wanna be real photographers go masuk some course lah rather than randomly taking nature inspired craps which you call ART.

duh ppl,dont u have like,BRAINS?

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