Saturday, November 29, 2008

of birthdays

woahh so tried liao.i just came back from the park.
we were supposed to do it in tht nice scenery-ed ttdi park.
but then there were like so damn many ppl lah.
so we cancelled and went to sksyen 9's park instead.

unbelievably i woke up at 6 today.
and spent half an hour calling padel to wake him up since he wud be the one who was gonna drive us around.i thnk i made about 40 misscalls when he finally picked up the phone.


simple,yet effective.he was in front of my house in 5minutes flat lmao.
both of us were the only ones who havent showered yet.
moky,ninit,boy,nek n meor were vry well,uh,groomoed.
i thnk i cud not make it more obvious tht i was forced out of bed lol.
with the khakis and the hoodies n the ive-just-woke-up-and-i-havent-washed-my-face-yet-laahh look.well,yeah.

ninit made sandwiches,moky baked brownies(delicous ones too),boy bought the cake,padel's in chrge of the beverage n i was in chrge of the cutleries since evrybody know tht i cant even go near the kitchen.alergies :D

n then we played 'baling-baling tepung'!
and the boys ended up looking like old men bcause of the white hair.
i didnt wana get involved at first.
but the padel ran after me and smoothered me in flour.swt -.-"
and this legacy was continued by meor,boy and nek.
i looked..lunatic.
we all did lol.thnk god there wasnt many ppl at the park.
after the flour craze we lighted some firecrackers!
but they were all uh,silent firecrackers so we warent much of a nuisance to the public.hehehe.

and after a very tiring morning we headed home.
but it was worth it yo,seeing tht everlasting smile on meor's face makes us happy tht our planning efforts and money warent wasted.
ill update pictures later if i get them from nek.he's so picture stingy lol.

and one last shout out,

i know you wont be reading this but happy brthday anyway xD

the next tepung attack event:NINIT'S BITHDAY!
looking forward to it alreadehh.hehe

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