Tuesday, November 25, 2008



i blardy have nthg to do.*shrieks*

brr just let me bable mindlessly here then,

my legs are itchy.like rly30000000x itchy.
ninit moky n bolat !@#$% my !@# last week and since im not used to it YET(haha) ive been having itch attacks almost every minute of the day.
yes people,beauty IS pain.

and talking about beauty,

this is seriously one of the most beautiful pictures produced in atnm.
(besides caridee's lipstick ad ngehe)
I WANT THAT HAIR.like pronto.
her skin(idk if its airbrushed or smthng ok),her eyes,her nose,her lips.
she could easily be a heaven sent angel.
(drools in awesomeness)

& im still straight ppl.

moving on,
oh yeahh i almost forgot to tell
the choice of essays in the english paper was AWESOMAZING dood
thres even an essay on 'Your Perfect Future Husband/Wife."

of course lah i did tht one.(makes perverted face)
ok i know im vry de gatal and evrythng but tht topic is a must write laaaah.

glimpses of thngs tht i wrote;

my future husband has to be:-

-tall,dark and mysterious.(wtf)
-hellova good lookin.(HUNK BABY HUNK)
-financially supportive of my shopping disorder.(c est vry de importante)
-caring generous yaddaa yadaa yaddaaa

oh hot dude whom my name is metaphorically engraved on your forehead,
when will we meet?


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