Sunday, November 30, 2008

*sucking noise*

eww im having THE flu.
the constant dripping of mucus from my nasal cavity is just so terribly horrifying and disgusting.
i have to have a tissue by my side at every time and if im so desperate ill just wipe em on my shirt(self hygiene,where have you gone?).
and my head is hot and spinning but still,im blogging.
now thts one true blogger eh?hehe.

a flu song(flu nursery rhyme?) by me:

flu flu go away
come back another day
this girl here wants to enjoy
she's very irritated and annoyed.

flu flu dont come back
or else she'll have her nasal stabbed
the constant dripping is just so gross
and tht makes this girl here very crossed.

muahaha.i soo have a flair for poetrehh xD

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