Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh

Dude, I really wanna tell you I love you and stuff. But the problem is I've never even met you so it might be really creepy and stalker-ish. And I don't even think you know my name. Okay well maybe you do. But you obviously don't stalk me as bad as I do you. Or do you :O

Well the point is, I WANNA TELL IT TO YOU SOO MUCCHHHH. Mainly because then you would fine me creepy and prolly delete me from your friend list so I can finally stop stalking you and giving myself false hope about the us :| But then it would be really awkward in our, uh, circle of friends. And I'll definitely delete my facebook account if I ever did that.

But of course you don't know who are. I know you'll be reading this so, I LOVE YOU AWSUM!

Awsum isn't a tacky nickname isn't it? o_O


Mukhlis said...

omagod, bukan kite kawan biasa je keeee??? haha

Aika said...


ameerazman said...

tic, tell me lahhhhhhhhhh.

Aika said...

shhhh. it's a secreeetttt.