Monday, April 19, 2010

Langkap 2010

I went back to Langkap 2 days ago. In case you haven't hear of Langkap (and I'm sure that 95% of you haven't. The other 5% will be my siblings who occasionally read my blog -_-) it's a ,uh, small daerah(?)somewhere in Teluk Intan (if you haven't heard of Teluk Intan you must be REALLY screwed).

It's Mak's side of the kampung. Ayah's side is in Penang (obviously) but the house was sold when my Tok Bapak died and Tok Mama came to Kl to live with one of my aunts. But in Langkap, the house is till there. The dusun, the chicken coop, the well (yes my kampung has a well. Jealous much? HAHA) and everything else was where it was when Tok and Tok Wan were still alive :)

But they're both dead now. Tok Wan died in 1998 and Tok in 2004 :( Sigh. I kind of really miss having them when I go balik Langkap. And the house looked like it dies with them too. After Tok's death my Andak used to take care of the house. She lives in Ipoh but she would take a bus to Langkap once a week and clean up the house.

But then she was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to do dialysis three times a week. Her health slowly deteriorated and she became really sick. She walks with a cane now :| So obviously she couldn't go to Langkap and take care of the house like she used to. Hence, the abandoned look the house greeted us with when we came back two days ago. The last time I went back to Langkap was last year. It's like a yearly ritual(?) for our family.

It's just so sad seeing the house that was once so alive with scattering chickens and cats of all shapes and sizes and all the fruity tress becoming an old abandoned haunted-looking house. My grandfather, Tok Wan really loved cats. Before he died he had this one favorite cat. I forgot what it was called. Well anyways, a few days after he died the cat looked so lost and disheveled without him and it died too :|

I wish I had a picture of how the house was when I was a little girl. I have a cousin with the same age as mine, living nearby my grandparents' house and everytime I balik kampung we used to play all kinds of game. We would petik petai belalang from the big petai belalang tree in front of the house and eat it until we got full. We used to go into the dusun and explore stuffs. But we never got far because the dusun was too deep and it used to really freak us out with all the mysterious insect sounds and stuff. And then we would have Mak or Tok kupas some tebu for us and we would chew on those tebus until our mouths are sore from chewing too much.

I've always liked going back to Langkap because there's just so much thing to do, so many places to explore. But after Tok passed away, I just don't feel like going back to Langkap anymore. Besides the abandoned looking house, the lawn looks so..devastating. Like with the death of my grandparents, the house and all of it's inside and outside died along with them. I hate seeing it like that. I hate seeing my childhood playground become like it is now. That's why I didn't want to go back to Langkap anymore. But I did anyway, for old time sake. Because then I could look at the places and relive my childhood memories within the house.

Here are some pictures we took,

Naqib looks twice his age here. This is the living room. It was so friggin hot in the house and we discovered that there was only one functional fan :| So all 11 of us huddled in the living room in hopes that the fan would provide enough uh, wind for all eleven people.

This is the beranda. Dalam English veranda kot? I used to play hide and seek and masak-masak here with my cousins. And sometimes we would even take our pillows up here and have an afternoon nap together :)But now it looks very..dirty. And the termites have probably eaten through thhe wood structure and everything. I think if I even land one foot on the veranda It would collapse. Sigh.

Nazif having his bath in the sink. So gebu!

This is the kitchen. Looks so old school right. I used to run through the kitchen with my other cousins and piss the adults because they would be cooking and we were like a distraction of something. Good times, good times.

This is the stairs leading to upstairs(?) The door used to be open all the time. The steps were a bit steep though. I didn't go upstairs that day. It just seems a bit eerie now that no on looks after the house. Mak did went upstairs to find a towel for Ayah but she said she had to tiptoe all the way to the room because of the thickening dust :|

My brother looking oddly..short. And fat.

The house dari depan. It's prolly the biggest house in that area or something. Please don't mind all the attention whores in this picture. Haha.


The right side of the house. You can see the unkeptness(?) at the back :|

Mak always like to harvest the plants that tumbuh wildly around the house whenever we go back to Langkap. This this it's lemongrass and pineapples.

Naqib enjoying fresh ubi rebus. Lin pulled the ubis out from the tree (well technically, she pulled the tree off of the ground to get the ubis) and we skinned the ubis and Mak boiled them. They were so surprisingly sweet :O

Pucuk ubi from the ubi tree that Lin pulled out. Sedapnya kalau masak sambal *drools*


Ayah looks annoyed XD

The annoying people I live with.

Mummy Chula and Papi Chulu ♥

Still nibbling on ubi rebus -_-

Tyah with her super gedik pose. HAHA.

Tyah looking uncertain. Kak Fizah doing what she does best, enterframing -_-

A family of camwhorers.

Lin in front of Mak long's house. Yes I do have a Mak Long hahahaha.

Camwhoring some more -.-

Ayah comei, anak cantik. HAHAHAHAHA

Had dinner at Mi Rebus Ramli. Their Mee Rebus was exquisite :O

So that'll be it for now. I'll post more Langkap pictures when I go there next year hahahaah.


ceLy. said...

wahh. so ipohh look. da mcm kampung di batu gajaah. :)

Kartika Azmi said...

i am SO SO SO familiar with langkap.that's my mom's kampung lahh.


Aika said...

salwa:bukan alor gaah ke yg dekat perak? o.O

HAHAHA KARTIKA SERIOUSSSS AAARRRRR? which part dekat langkap is ur kampung at? :D

ceLy. said...

batu gajah ade la. tp pekan kcik je.
kpg ak kott.

ko da teluk intan ke sane nunn. jauh2. -_-

Kartika Azmi said...

kg attaduri.heeee

Aika said...

kampung kite dekat gile kott dgn attaduri! kubo atok dgn nenek kite kat situ. hehehehehe.