Sunday, April 25, 2010


I went to see Kick-Ass yesterday at OU. I honestly thought it was something out of The Superhero Movie but unfortunately it wasn't. The only thing that kept my eyes glued on the screen WAS AARON JOHNSON YES HE IS IN THAT MOVIE PLEASE GO TO YOUR NEAREST CINEMA WITH YOUR SAME-SEX FRIENDS AND WATCH IT NOW.

This is the first movie that I didn't google before watching. Because Tyah and Lin initially wanted to watch When in Rome which I KNOW would be really cheesy and I'm definitely NOT in the mood for cheesy corny movies (honestly, WHEN IN ROME? HOW FRIGGIN UNINTERESTING CAN A TITLE GET?) and I wanted to watch something funny so somehow we ended up watching Kick-Ass instead. YAY ME! *kicks When In Rome to the curb*

When I looked at the movie poster outside the cinema i was like FTW AARON JOHNSON IS INNIT? AND NICHOLAS CAGE TOO?! FTWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

But the down part of the whole movies was that Aaron didn't speak with his sexeyh british accent in it. HE SPOKE AMERICAN. WHICH IS, NO OFFENSE OH AMERICAN PEOPLE, NOT SEXY AT ALL. I wanted to hear his smooth sounding purrfect british accent hu T_T

And to be honest, the first hour of the movie was total shitcrap. Sure there was a plot but it's like a, uh, static plot. I was like "WHERE IS THIS GOINGGGG?" throughout the first hour. Plus Aaron speaking american was sort of uninteresting -_-

AND he wasn't as hot as he was in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging WUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. He was the complete opposite of how he was in that Nickelodeon movie.

Allow me to juxtapose his two characters,

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

he's the one in the middle. *commits suicide*

He was a frickin nerd in Kick-Ass but nevertheless, cute in his own way. Ohh his emerald green eyes ♥

The one disturbing thing that bothered me during the one and a half hour period of this movie was his costume.

IT WAS A MUSHY GREEN TIGHT SPANDEX BODYSUIT WITH YELLOW LINES AND YELLOW MARYGOLDS AND YELLOW FUGLY BOOTS. And dammit, it was a really awkward costume. He doesn't even have a cape for cryin out loud! It becomes more awkward when he walks around the town WEARING THAT FRIGGIN COSTUME! It was just soo..offensive looking.

The last thirty minutes of the movie, however, made up for it's initial crappiness. THE FIGHTING SCENE WAS SO AWESOME MAAANN. Especially when Hit Girl was tryina save Big Daddy. SHE FOUGHT WITH GUSTO! (?) I'd say it was totally worth sitting throughout the first shitty hour and enjoying the last 30 minutes. Hit Girl was just awesome. You should totally check it (read:her) out!

Hit Girl is 11 btw.

p/s: I still haven't gotten over the image of Aaron Johnson wearing a green bodysuit :|


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when in rome pun best lahhh!
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