Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ze Main Kampus

Wow it must've bee almost two weeks since my last post. So anyways, it's quite nice here in Gombak. Lots of places to eat, ok accomodation (although I do miss being in the same room as my dormmates ._.), and most importantly,  A LOT OF GUYS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. And I've kind of gotten the hang of where is where and how to get to that where so everything is pretty much okay.

But I'm still not used to walking that good what 200,300m to class? Dekat Nilai the classes are like 3 minutes from my room okay. So yes, although my Mahallah is the nearest one to my Kuliyyah, I still feel that it's a long walk. I'm just relieved that I tak sampai classes panting and gasping for air and being sweaty all over. I mean, people from Mahallah Sumayyah prolly would because their Mahallah is SO BLOODY FAR INSIDE. Most of my dormmates got accommodated there and I had spent a night in Sasa's room so yes, I would know lol.

And I'm taking only about 5 subjects this semester with 13.5 contact hours. People always tell me it's too sikit but I know my limit and how much I can carry so I'd say that 5 subjects are just fine for me. Plus I'm also taking the Halaqah I class and the Library Skill class and on my CRS it looks as if I'm taking 7 subjects lol.

My subjects are; Bahasa Melayu Lanjutan (wtf right kena learn BM all over again. I just hope KOMSAS is not included), Poetry, Linguistics, Intensive Writing and Intro to Mass Com. So far I've met all my lecturer except the one for Lingu because she's supposedly not in yet and classes will commence on the 20th which is next week.

My BM lecturer ROCKS I TELL YOU. He's in his 30s and likes to make faces and doesn't look garang at all. I've only spent an hour with him and I really really like him already :D And so is my poetry lecturer, Kak TJ. I think she's almost in her 40s but she insisted on us calling her Kak TJ WHICH IS REALLY COOL. She's half german so she looks really pretty and of course her english is gilbabs. Seriously, all my lecturer are awesomazing as far as I can tell. I asked a senior of mine from school about the lecturer choices I've made and she said they were all A-okay which is good news because I wouldn't wanna be stuck with somebody I can't really stand for 4 months.

So anyways everything is okay as I see it. Although lunch at Evoke is pretty expensive ._. I've eaten Nasik Bujang like 3 nights in a row now. It's just that, that is the only dish that comes to mine when I think of dinner every night. Plus they only cost me like RM1.80 which is cheap sebab nasik die tarok sumpah banyak gile.

Mee went home just now because she doesn't have to go to some stupid camp because her name didn't pop up during Taaruf Week's SLEU briefing but MY NAME FRICKIN DID. I MEAN, HOW UNFAIR IS THAT? There I was minding my own business while some lady promoted SLEU (it stands for student languange enhancement unit I think) on the stage and suddenly she got to the part where apparently, they had randomly selected 6 people from each kuliyyah for some camp in Port Dickson AND THERE MY NAME WAS, NUMBER 1 AS THE PERSON CHOSEN FROM THE KULIYYAH OF ISLAMIC REVEALED KNOWLEDGE AND HUMAN SCIENCES. How lucky can I get right.

So while everybody gets to go home this week, I have to go to this dumb camp because if not they're gonna send some kind of letter to my Kuliyyah saying whatever. STILL. Urghhhhhhhh. I'm just going because I don't have to pay for it, free food and because it was stated in the contract that they made me sign that there would be 'mixed gender' activites. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok tipu I'm not that desperate. But it would be nice to have a few more male acquintances around campus. As of now I only have like what, three? Syafiq, Hasif and budak-budak alamin that I say hi to when we bump into each other. Which makes it 5. Whatever. I suck at making guy friends ok. So sue me.

Ok I think I better stop now because I haven't showered yet. The water here is ICY COLD I swear on cookie crumbs it's like taking s cold shower on the top of Mount Everest. TAK TIPU. Now I know why people don;t shower during winter. CEH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok I'm off to my winter shower. See yeah.


ameerazman said...

its not a dumb camp okay. have fun :)
*winter shower eh? awesome :)

Aika said...

it is T_T

Syafiq said...


Aika said...

dinner with your senior roomate, perhaps? :DDDDDD

Syafiq said...

He's dining alone in his comprtment okayh !!!!!

Aika said...


ani arishah said...

sejuk kaaaaaaaan air sini?
oh btw kak TJ tu dulu kakak aku punya lecturer