Thursday, December 2, 2010

Right. Great.

So I finally discovered what my eczema is called. Eczemas have different species(?) too okay. No, shit I'm making it sound like I have living microbes on my palm. Disturbing.

So anyways, it's the pompholyx eczema. If you love me and you care about me, google it up because the pictures are too graphic to be put on display here :(

HAHA like I care. Well, I do really but the pictures aren't THAT graphic so it would be okay to put it up here. Heck, I've had a picture of poop up on here before, why not an eczema-infested hand?

Ok I seriously need to stop making my hand sound disturbing.

Remember I had this picture up in my eczema post before and joked about how my hand looked like this? Well, this is it. This is a severe case of the pompholyx eczema. Stupid, backstabbing joke. When you have this kind of eczema, you'll get blisters all over your hand and it'll hurt so bad that you won't be able to do anything with the infected hand. Tiyah had a fever a few days ago and when she recovered, blisters started sprouting(?) on her right hand. Her fingers look like the ones in this picture I KID YOU NOT. She even took a picture of it and I wanted to post it on here but she wouldn't allow me because it was too creepy :B So anyways my mom sort of freaked out and took her to see a doctor (mom rarely does that, TRUST ME) and she was given two courses of medicine. It's like you have to complete the first course of medicine before moving on the next. And not forgetting being aware of what you mustn't it so the blisters wouldn't come again.

Takboleh makan terung. sambal belacan, udang, sotong wtf wtf wtf udang dengan sotong takleh wtffffffff. But anyways, I'd say that I'm having a pretty minor case of pompholyx eczema because I only have a few blisters on my fingers and only one on my feet (yes, they can grow on your tapak kaki too) so I'm kind of limping everywhere right now because I can't let that stupid blister touch the floor or it would hurt. And my hands aren't infected that bad so I can still type. Tyah typed with one hand for like 3 days because the blisters won't go away. And she had to ask me to kupas her ikan and ayam for her masa makan please she can't eat using her hand. It was scary ._.

But mine is only a minor case so I'm still going to gobble down as much seafood and terung and belacan as I can because who knows, maybe one day my hand is going to resemble that creepy hand in the picture and all I can eat is porridge. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

I honestly hope that day wouldn't come.

Today, when I realized that I have the same type of eczema as my sister, I got a bit worried because I kept thinking what would happen it if got worse. I mean, WHO WOULD WANNA GET MARRIED TO A GIRL WITH A HANDFULL OF BLISTERS? HAHA LITERALLY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

But seriously. How am I supposed to cook, siang ikan, siang ayam (dear husband I hope you hate chicken),basuh sayur, bagi mandi anak WHEN I HAVE BLISTERS ON MY HAND ARRRGGGHHHH, Nobody's gonna want to be married to me. I'm gonna be forever alone. From the moment I saw that meme I KNEW it was trying to tell me something. This is such a tragic turn of events for me. I think I'm going to drown my sorrows in a rerun of the vampire diaries. Goodbye.


haha said...

LOL Seriously, kau buat aku rasa macam kena cari isteri yang tiada masalah kulit penyakit dan segalanya.

HAHAHHAHA. I bet all guys will agree on this one

Aika said...

DIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM. hu takpa at least i know that my husband would take me as i am walaupun aku ada penyakit kulit T_T if i ever get married that is. hohh

ceLy. said...

chill2, nnt mesti ad yg sggup masak ntok kaau punye laah. :3

Aika said...

bestnyaaa ._.

Kartika Azmi said...

kakak kau mcm aku lah.
i'm a girl with blisters.
both hands.
i HAVE to see doctor every months for the rest of my life.
i can't play with soaps so i don't do dishes but i am forced to,during shower and i swear it really hurts.
I have to eat using spoon and fork,even at home,everyday.
Sometimes kena suruh mak kupas kan ayam utk aku.
And i suffer a kind of phobia utk bersalaman dengan org lain.
And and tidur malam ku x lena kerana gatal huaaaaaa
and and banyak lagi warghh

So adakah aku terpaksa mengupah bibik utk melakukan kerja2 rumah suatu hari nanti?

So not gonna be a mak and isteri sejati wuuuuuuu :(

Aika said...

Omg kartika we're like eczema sisters! :O

Tapi serious doh kalau lepak biase2 dgn kau taknampak pun kau ada eczema. Huu aku nk makan steroids jugakla :(

Kartika Azmi said...

duhhh bahaye wey makan steroid.aku rasa ko takde la seteruk aku.better jgn makan