Friday, January 4, 2008

New school?

school has officially strted.i am now an smk-ian.which just feels weird is my second day there.n i thnk its getting nicer.all of my classmates are talking to me(well,except the boys lol.they seem freakinly shy haha)and today they even asked me bout th rumusan thngy in bm!haha.i feel accepted n THT feels far i thnk schools been okay.but ystrday i dint feel so.ysterday was,by far the worst schooling day in my life.all the faces were unfamiliar n i feel stupid bcos yeah,im the new kid n all.pfft.i HATE tht feeling.evrybody just stares n u n then u smile n then they smile back n then they turn away.WEIRD huh?but one thng i really dont like bout this school is THE NUMBER OF STUDENTS here.they have like what?1000+ studs?AND EVRY SINGLE ONE OF EM IS CRAMMED IN THE CANTEEN EVERYTIME ITS RECESS so the canteen gets reallly reallyy unspacious n somehow,smelly.i only went there ystrday n upon dscovering the insanity tht surrounds the canteen evry recess,i backed away rather be hungry than fight my way to buy some kropok lekor or wthever.haha.stupid canteen.i thnk id have to bring bekals from now on,which just look soooo primary school-ish.eww.lets be hungry all day then.after all,i do get home by 1.15 lol.THTS the sweeeeeeeett part mann.i get to go home so early n laze myself till my tuition classes which strts at i have like 3 hours to eat,on9,sleep,basically just do anythng i want.HAHAHA.and it gives me moree time to study(poyo)!yayy!so back to the school thngy.ive finally made non-malay frens for THA FIRST TIME in my name a few,thres melissa,a chinese chick who is VERRRY happy go lucky.she's so bubbly n talks n laughs like shes been schooling here since form 1.mind yew,she strted schooling here the day i yeah melissa n me are the only new kids in class.haha.then thres aruna,loga n tamilarasi.all of them are supernice!they like,kept smiling at me n complaining how come im too quiet(they sooo do not know the real me YET.).those 4 are the only non-malays on my class.the boys are weirdly behaved.VERY EFFINGLY weird.they're like some sort of retarded baboons who likes to throw chalks n talk in SUPER loud voices and THATS annoying.but theyve been okay so far.n thres this dude in my class,an exchnge student from germany.his name is muslim n he is obviously a muslim lol.he's TOO peramah.haha.when i was left by syikin(she sits beside me) he came and sat next to me and strted asking me all sorts of questions.i just smiled n answered n smiled and feels very awkward as ive never in my life been THAT close to a boy.a CUTE boy.haha.he looks very matsaleh-ish.but his malay is PERFECT!surprisingly haha.he even invited me to his farewell party this sunday at nazrin(one of the baboons)'s dad's restaurant.its called spicy n i thnk its a very popular hangout fer the smkss10kd kids.the name makes me thnk of curry.haha.freakk.well today we got the books from the SPBT thngy.and THE BOOKS ARE SOO FREAKIN HEAVY.thnk god i didnt bring a lot of books today cos i thnk im gonna suffer a broken backbone if i did.we have to carry SEVENTEEN VERY HEAVY textbooks home.can u biliv tht?i soo disagree to that system!!plus u cant doodle on it!pfft.who cares gonna doodle as much as i like.haha.padan muke to anybody who gets my book nextyear!its gonna be FULL of doodles.HAHAHA(evil laugh).okay more about my classmates.thres nadrah,balqis,ainie,amalia, etc etc.n then thres sally her name is soo unique.hey it includes my name too.thts why its unique!hahaha.pasan jap.theyre nothng but nice nice n more nice!the top student in my class is farhana.people call her ana n she has THE INTELLIGENT look.she gave me chocolates ysterday.denmark mari.hahaha.idk wht to tell u about the boys cos i dnt kno much about em.but one thng tht makes me pissed off wth is them that they HAPPILY volunteered my name for the ktue kbrsihan position!AND NOW I HAVE TO MAKE THE FREAKIN DUTY ROOSTER!curse u fellow students!!and they keep calling my name n when i turn they face elsewhre and then they do it again n again n again.weirdos.
but well,boys will always be boys.the good thing about them is they didnt tease me or anythng.they just give comments like,"mann shes so tall" n "can she actually talk?"(cos im soo quiet.haha)which is a little bit irritating,but wayy better than KAMALA,KENCHANA,keling etc etc like the baboons in alamin calls me.shitheads.hasan,no offence.hahaha.well i thnk thts all i have to write bout my NEW SCHOOL,SMK seksyen 10 Kota Damansara.oh yeah n i REALLY REALLY miss my babes in aa.kolah,embam,gy,qla,sal,rai,dalila,qutu,ela,fara,raro,nana,afee,fana,yobb etc etc.godd i even cried ystrday cos i havent get used to not having them by my side.n believe me i cried A LOT.but i thnk im gonna get used to it as the day goes by.but one thng im sure is tht i'll NEVER FORGET u guys.never ever ever matter how many frends ive made.u guys will always be NUMBER 1.ouh im getting emosional before i cry in front of the pc,id better stop.hehe.tata people.

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