Monday, January 21, 2008

Today was like,

i ran a surprising 5.5km today.uhh,i didnt do it bcus i suddenly wanted to okay.i did it bcus the stupid skul like,WAJEBKAN verybody lari 5.5km.pfft.i didnt actually run anyways.just walked lazily wth jehan,mira,faten n syazika.ahh i feel like ive covered the whole of msia.mann,evry nerve in my legs feel like its being teared apart or smethng.ahh,THE cum i always experience pain?how unfairr.ystrday my period cramps,today the joint pain(lol wtf).ahh idc anyway.mybe itll be gone in a few days.u know wths the pain like,its like when u ketuk-ketampi 50-60 times.den ur kaki feels smacam rite?n u wanna naek tgge so susah,like the urat2 in ur legs are mutated or so.THATS the pain im currently experiencing.stupid larian emas.stupid school fer making us run(walk.hehe) a frickin 5.5km!ahhh.well anyways today was quite nice if u counted the stupid larian out.haha.amy didnt comeee!ahh benci kauu amy!we agreed to jage the checkpoints together then suddenly she had fever.AND SO since she didnt came,i HAD TO RUN.ahh bdendam gile ngn amy. xD after ive reached skul i went lepak-ing wth syakira,sally n zira.siao ler.i wan jlan oso like sme1 whose paralyzed from knee cacated i tell yew.harhar.THEN,after dah pnat2 gile babeng lari.the teachers told us to gather around at the EFFINGLY HOT HOT HOTT field!we were all like,WHT THE FISH?this is sheer torture.its like a burning 60 degrees out thre n we HAVE to stand(i mean sit) in tha hotnesss BCOS the TEACHER told us to.whres the justice in this?!well 5minutes into sitting under the hot scorching sun,me zira n sally have had it.we went under the bicycle garage n stayed thre until alls finished.we told the teachers "ckgu,ktorg snang pengsan la klau kne panas." :D thnkgod she believed us.well,thts just about all tht happened today.ill wrtie again when i feel like it.till then peeps.bubye.

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