Thursday, January 31, 2008


i have to wear,
HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT?seriously,ive been wanting to wear glasses since i was 7.cos they look cool.altho i know its very leceh n evrythng.but, as a fren puts it,WHTTAHECK. :D

the frames are like those thick rectangular ones.the outside is black n the inside is i lobeee pink.from the outside u can see glimpses of pink-ness.lovely lovely glasses!

hehe.well i kinda pestered daddy into bringing me to the optometrist fer an eye test.cos evrytime the teachers wrote smethng on the board,i have to like,squint my eyes so i can see it.and i thnk the cells in my eyes are TOO streched out,product from too much squinting.soo i thnk i need glasses.and the optometrist agrees.YAY MEEE!

wahh im being such a glasses-obsessed freak. O.O

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