Saturday, January 19, 2008

ouh.the PAIN.

i am currently having effing period cramps.(dont worry i dont thnk any dude knows my blog url so i can say it out loude here)I HAVE PERIOD CRAMPS.n mann doesnt it suckk.i wonder if this is how contractions will be like.u know,when ur gving birth and evrythng.perghh.just the tought of giving birth makes me shiverr.can i have my baby born another way?selain the natural way n c-section?IS thre any other way?uhh.i once saw a video of a woman giving birth and i was like..OMG.THAT IS SO MESSY AND SCARY AND FREAKY AND I SOOO DO NOT WANNA DO THAT.she was like screaming hysterically n wailing helplessly and looking soo,umm, unflattering.hehe.okay i know u cant be pretty when ur delivering.but do u HAVE to look so sweaty and all used up as if uve just did a 10km run?haha great now im being discriminative against women giving weirdow.ahh i thnk im going sleepsleep abdomen feels like its being squeezed tightly and repeteadly.sakit siaoooo.huhh.bubai fer now.

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