Thursday, January 31, 2008


dy reposted my bff survey.hip hip hurray! :D

"i repost balek from
;)love tka juga <33

1) What’s their name?

-atikah binti mohd ghazali.

2) Does he or she have a boyfriend/girlfriend??

-oh tidak.kami mahu belajar bersama demi future yang terang :)

3)Do you get along with this person all the time?


4) How old is the person?

-110308 nnt die tujuhbelas.

5) Has he/she ever cooked for you?

-ubi bibik die yg msk tu?hehe

6) Is this person older than you?

-"aku adikmu..dan engkau kakak.."-nad

7) Have you ever kissed this person?


9) Are you related to this person?

-we're sisters. ;)

10) Are you really close to him/her? da kene lekat ngn superglu.xle cabot da.kalo cabot nnt saket glegle.

11) Nickname?


13) How many times do you talk to this person in a week?

-jika berjumpa,non-stop :)

14) Do you think they will repost this?
-i'm reposting.

15) Could you live with this person?

-itu harapan kami.

16) Why is this person your number 1?

-dia jantungku,dia jiwaku,dia hatiku,dia nyawaku.

18) How long have you known this person??

-about 6 years.

19) Have you ever been to the mall with this person?

-kami perempuan.WAJEB gi mall.

20) Have you ever had a sleepover with this person?


21) If you ever moved away would you miss this person?

-oh teramat.

23) Have you ever done something really stupid or illegal with this person?

-haha.baikjahat kami berasamaa.

24) Do you know everything about this person?

-yes kot.yela.yea.

25) Would you date this person’s siblings?

-sape je?haha ;p

26) Have you ever made something with this person?

-something like?

29) Have you gone skinny dipping with this person?

-nnt2 la.

31) Is your #1 on drugs?

-budak baik oke.

33) Have you ever worn this person’s clothes?

-top beliau.

34) Have you and your #1 person made up a hand shake?

-yea.merindui shake itu.

35) If it was “freaky friday” would you switch bodies with this person?

-kalo tka nk jd gemok cm i.

36) Have you ever heard this person sing? music,no tka.

38) Do you and this person have a saying?

-"oke bebet."

39) Do you know this persons myspace password?

-zaman dolu2.

41) Have you and this person ever gotten into a fight that lasted more than 2 months?


44.) Have you and this person gone clubbing?

45) Do you know how to make this person feel happy? kot.

46) Do you and this person talk alot?

-kami BECOK.

47) Do you like this person?

-seluas galaksi<33

48) Has this person yelled at you?

-yelling is our way of communicating. xD

49) Have you and this person got into a fist fight?

-melampau latu.

50) Do you want to go out with this person??


51) Do you want to be friends with them forever?

-yes la.sampaibilabila.[i xkn jmp kwn ceni pny bes,xkn i nk carik laen kot?] "

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